Want to solely learn spoken Chinese online? Here’s the course for you.

Learn Chinese without characters by focusing on studying spoken Mandarin only.

The “Spoken Chinese Only” program teaches pinyin but not Chinese characters to ensure students speak and understand Mandarin as fast as possible.

Chinese characters are useful and a great system, but learning them does take a lot of time.

With Spoken Chinese Only 100% of your time will be focused on learning how to speak and listen Mandarin, not how to read and write it. Students study Pinyin, tones and pronunciation, but not reading and writing.

Spoken Chinese Only is part of the Flexi Class system. All classes are taught live by our LTL teaching team, group and 1-on-1 classes are offered 24/7 online and students can decide to take classes whenever they want day and night.

As with all Flexi Classes, it is possible to book, cancel or re-schedule classes at any time with just a mouse click.

You can change your mind at any time. If you decide you want to start studying Chinese characters, you can switch from Spoken Chinese Only to Chinese character classes with just a mouse click. All your credits, study history and class materials will be transferred automatically.

Learn Spoken Chinese Online

Fast: Learn how to speak quickly
Efficient: Focus on speaking and listening
No Characters: No need to learn how to write
Fun: Be able to communicate quickly

Top Team of Teachers

Professional: The best Chinese language online teachers
Experienced: Thousands of hours of teaching experience
Practice: Speak, ask & practice Chinese during class
Fun: Enjoy studying with your teacher and class mates

100% Flexible

24/7: Flexi Classes can be taken day and night
Cancel: Cancel your classes at any time
Re-schedule: Change your study times at any time
Book: Booking a class takes only a mouse click

100% Online

Anywhere: Study Chinese wherever you are
Zoom: Classes are taught via Zoom
Choose: Both 1on1 and group classes available 24/7
Tech: Fast connections, good quality


Chinese characters are a great system full of culture and essential for reaching Chinese texts.

However the fastest way to learn spoken Chinese is to learn it without Chinese characters and focus on speaking only.

When studying spoken Mandarin, students learn Pinyin – the Romanized version of Chinese – only instead of Chinese characters.

This allows more time to practice speaking and listening.

Students can master Chinese pronunciation and tones faster when they do not also have to learn Hanzi at the same time.

You will quickly learn to express yourself in Mandarin, understand Chinese conversations and be able to communicate with Chinese friends and colleagues.


When studying Mandarin without Chinese characters the focus is 100% on verbal communication: speaking, listening, practice and pronunciation classes.

All spoken Chinese online classes are taught in the Flexi Class system, which means that all lessons are taught live by professional LTL Chinese language teachers.

Each class lasts 60 minutes and both small group and 1-on-1 classes are available 24/7 at any time of the day or night.

Students are completely free in choosing when to study and can cancel or re-schedule classes at any time.

Small groups have an average of two students per class and never more than six.

Flexi Classes are a subscription model. You can choose a subscription that gives you a monthly number of credits you can use to book small group or 1-on-1 classes. You have the power to cancel, pause or change your subscription at any time.

It is possible to purchase additional individual credits at any time, but usually the subscription credits are cheaper.

One small group class takes one credit and a 1-on-1 class three credits.


You can choose group or individual classes with your Spoken Chinese subscription. Here are the prices below listed in US Dollars and Euro’s.

Group Classes

1 Group Class Per Week3/4 Group Classes Per Week1 Group Class Per Day
69 USD
59 EUR
163 USD
139 EUR
279 USD
239 EUR
💡 Cheapest 💡❤️ Most Booked ❤️💵 #1 Value 💵
5 Credits15 Credits30 Credits
12 EUR per class9 EUR per class8 EUR per class

1-on-1 Classes

1 Individual Class Per Week3/4 Individual Classes Per Week1 Individual Class Per Day
163 USD
139 EUR
385 USD
329 EUR
701 USD
599 EUR
💡 Cheapest 💡❤️ Most Booked ❤️💵 #1 Value 💵
15 Credits45 Credits90 Credits
28 EUR per class22 EUR per class20 EUR per class


Register your account by clicks the BOOK button just above.

When signing up, pick the “Spoken Chinese Only” option, choose your preferred subscription, enter your credit card details, confirm and that’s it.

Your credits will be immediately added to your account and you can start booking and taking classes straight away.

As classes are offered 24/7 you can join a spoken Mandarin class right after registering and start studying spoken Mandarin today.


Can I preview the study materials?

Yes you can.

Inside the Flexi Class system every class contains a description of what you will learn during that lesson, the study aims and links to additional learning resources.

You can also download the PDF that will be used for teaching the class there too.

How do I know my Chinese level?

We have seven different levels: Intro, HSK 1, HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5 and HSK 6.

Small group classes are offered for Intro, HSK 1, HSK 2, HSK 3 and HSK 4.

1-on-1 classes are offered for all levels.

Intro is for complete beginners and the other levels for students who already studied some Chinese previously.

If you are not sure which level you are, take a free HSK vocab test here to find out.

You will be asked to enter your level when registering for the course, however you can easily change this later in your settings at any time.

Will I get to speak Chinese during class?

Yes you will and a lot of it.

Flexi Classes are all about getting students to speak, practice and use their Chinese during class.

You will practice speaking with your teacher and class mates, be able to ask questions and will get a lot of speaking and listening practice.

Due to the small class sizes each student gets a lot of speaking time.

How to learn spoken Chinese online?

All classes and teaching materials have Pinyin so you will be able to follow all classes without the need to learn Chinese characters.

With the Spoken Only Chinese course you will learn spoken Mandarin, without Chinese characters.

Learning spoken Chinese online is the fastest and most efficient way to quickly be able to talk and communicate with native Chinese speakers.

You can later learn Chinese characters if you want to, but you do not have to do so.

Why should I learn not only Spoken Chinese?

Once you reach a higher level, not knowing Chinese characters can become a burden.

Chinese words are very short and many are written the same in Pinyin.

At the beginning when you only know a few words this is not a problem.

However, as you get more advanced you will know more and more words that are all written exactly the same in Pinyin however have completely different meanings, which becomes very confusing.

These words are different, but happen to be pronounced the same so they look the same in Pinyin.

When you look at the Chinese character you immediately know that this is a different word, however when only looking at the Pinyin it seems as if they were the same.

This is why many students who only studied spoken Chinese online later decide to also learn Chinese characters.

The good thing is that today it is not necessary to learn how to handwrite Chinese characters anymore. Being able to recognize and read them is enough for 99% of our lives.

If your aim is to become fluent we recommend to study Chinese characters from the beginning, because you will need them later.

Can I cancel or change my class?

Yes, you can cancel everything and anything at any time you want.

You can cancel or change your subscription at any time, you can cancel or re-schedule your classes and you can stop your course whenever you want.

Every month, a week before your subscription renews you will receive a reminder email, just in case you might want to change or cancel it.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes you will. After completing each level students receive a graduation certificate from LTL Online School.

You will also receive participation certificates for all classes you took.

For Spoken Chinese Only students you only need to finish the classes about spoken Mandarin to complete a level.

Can I view my progress?

Yes you can.

Under “My Level” you will be able to see how you are progressing in your level, which topics you already studied and which ones you have not yet.

You can also skip topics there or see which ones you might want to study again.

What if I want to learn Chinese characters later?

It is no problem to start studying Chinese characters later.

Just switch from Spoken Chinese Only to the normal classes under settings and you will be able to book classes for studying Chinese characters.

This is the great thing with Spoken Chinese Only: you will learn spoken Chinese, however you can switch to include reading and writing later at any time.

Why learn Chinese without characters?

Studying Mandarin can be overwhelming. Tones, pronunciation, grammar and vocab are all very challenging.

To learn Chinese characters while having to master all the other challenges at the beginning can be too much.

It also slows down student’s progress when learning spoken Mandarin.

This is why many students choose to first learn spoken Mandarin online.

Once students reach intermediate level knowing Chinese characters is very beneficial for improving spoken Mandarin though, so many students start to learn Chinese characters then too.

This is easily possible when studying spoken Mandarin in the Flexi Class system. Just change your settings and you will be able to book the Chinese character classes you need to catch up straight away.

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