Booking and taking Cantonese lessons online has never been easier with our fantastic, flashy new Flexi Class system.

You have complete flexibility to book your Cantonese classes at whatever time you want, with whatever teacher you want, and study whatever topic you want.

Say goodbye to fixed group classes and enjoy the most flexible way of learning Cantonese online.

The Online Experts

Wired Up – Always ready with a speedy connection
Here to Help – Need support? Just let us know
Live on Zoom – All classes take place on Zoom
No Distractions – It’s all about you and the teacher

The Finest Teaching Team

Experienced – Bags of experience, established in 2007
Cantonese Experts – We’ve been teaching Cantonese for years
Here For You – Our teachers answer any questions you have
Engaging, Exciting – No two classes are the same


When studying languages online we discovered students would come across the same problems:

  • Classes were fixed times not suited to them
  • Individual classes were too expensive
  • Teachers were not of a high enough quality.

Our Flexi class system solves all these problems.

Never before have you been able to study with fully qualified teachers, at a time of your choosing, in small groups with a curriculum completely created from scratch by our teachers.

You can be absolutely certain that when signing up to our Flexi class system you are in the finest hands to succeed. Taking Cantonese classes and lessons online has never been easier than this.


When it comes to teaching dialects of Chinese, there is no online school equipped better than us.

Starting out as a Mandarin school in 2007, we’ve broadened our horizons over the years, understanding there are thousands of people out there wanting to study not just Mandarin, but Cantonese, Shanghainese, Hokkien and many more dialects of Chinese.

Since 2007, we’ve made some incredible friends, achieved some even more amazing results, and become a leading name when teaching languages

We care not just about Mandarin, but all those dialects that make east Asia the diverse place it is. Chinese is about so much more than Mandarin, and we understand that.


Our Flexi Class system is incredibly easy to use.

Sign up and choose the subscription package for you (more on that below).

Once you are logged in, you can go to BOOK CLASS and find the perfect one for you.

Use the filters which allow you to choose day, time and level, along with some other useful filters.

Check out four of our Flexi lessons to get a better idea of how the classes work. You can keep these PDFs for your personal studies!


LTL Flexi Classes is a monthly subscription-based model where you purchase credits (which are essentially classes). You can subscribe using the table below depending on how many hours you wish to study.

You can study from just a few hours a week or every day depending on your schedule. After you sign up you will immediately have your credits ready in your account and can start booking classes straight away. 

For more information about Flexi Classes credits check out this page.

Discover Flexi Classes


Can I also study Cantonese with a fixed schedule?

Yes of course.

We have fixed schedules, all starting at different time zones so there should be something for everyone.

Fixed group classes run the same as Flexi classes in the sense that groups never exceed 6 students and are taught by our expert teachers.

The key difference is you cannot choose the start time or the days of study.

Can I cancel a class?

Yes you can, for no cost.

Cancelling a class is quite literally a couple of clicks.

Be sure to cancel 72 hours in advance though otherwise the credits are not refunded to your account.

Are all ages welcome?

Absolutely – the great thing about LTL is the diverse set of students we boast.

From young kids to retirees and everyone else in between.

Everyone is treated the same at LTL.

Can I study Cantonese individually?

You can indeed.

Learn Cantonese 1-on-1 either through our Flexi class system or by booking a fixed number of hours over a certain time period.

You can discover more about these individual Cantonese classes by clicking the link.

Can I study multiple languages at once?

Of course, this is entirely up to you!

I’m an advanced Cantonese speaker, what should I do?

For advanced speakers, 1-on-1 courses are best because you are at a stage where classes need to be tailored to your exact needs, and not a fixed curriculum.

Check out our 1-on-1 Cantonese courses here.