Learn Cantonese Online with fully qualified, native Cantonese speakers at LTL.

Cantonese, is the language/dialect spoken in Hong Kong and southern parts of China which include Guangdong province.

Our lessons are taught by genuine native Cantonese speakers who know how to get foreigners ahead fast.

It’s worth noting, when speaking, Cantonese and Mandarin differ greatly, at times bearing little resemblance to each other.

Cantonese is the national language of Hong Kong, you will hear little Mandarin spoken there.

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Why Learn Cantonese

  • Experience the real Hong Kong
  • Helps improve your Mandarin and vice-versa
  • Few foreigners speak Cantonese, it’s a great skill
  • Connect with locals like never before

Why Learn with LTL

  • Native, fully-certified Cantonese teachers
  • China’s #1 Rated School for 2019-20
  • A history of making students succeed
  • A name you can trust, with over 10 years experience

Get to Know Cantonese

Comparing basics of Mandarin with Cantonese
An extensive look at how Mandarin and Cantonese differ

Mandarin vs Cantonese – Key Differences

By watching the videos you will get a good idea of how they differ. Chinese is not one language, but a series of many dialects (Mandarin and Cantonese being two of the most popular).

The key things to note are:

Learn Cantonese Online – Courses with LTL

We’ve been teaching students online for over 10 years now and have become the leading name in learning Chinese – whether it be Mandarin, Shanghainese or Cantonese.

The difference? We’ve got the world’s best teachers and that is no exaggeration.

All teachers who work for LTL go through a strict hiring process.

Experience is imperative, degrees are necessary and strong student engagement online to make sure the classes are fun, engaging and informative.

We’ve received hundreds of wonderful reviews online from happy students and have also been lucky to achieved a number of awards online which you can see here.

What are you waiting for, come and join us and start your Learn Cantonese Online adventure.

LTL Mandarin School
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How to Sign up and Learn Cantonese Online?

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2 – Select BUY NOW, tell us when you want to start and any further details. The more we know the better (such as your daily schedule, your current level and your timezone.

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Online Cantonese Courses


Are your teachers native Cantonese speakers?

Absolutely, all our Cantonese teachers grew up speaking Cantonese.

Can I also learn other Chinese dialects?

You can indeed, we also offer Shanghainese Online Courses, and in future we’ll be starting up a number of others too!

Do you also offer Mandarin classes?

Absolutely, teaching Mandarin is how we made our name!

You can study Mandarin online with us individually, or in small online classes.

Can I purchase a package less than 25 hours?

No, and the reason for this is to make genuine progress, and for us to make a proper study plan, is that you need a set amount of time that allows you to improve.

Too short, for example 10 hours, and you’ll not reach your potential. For less than 25 hours of instruction it is simply not worth the preparation time.

How long should each “class” be?

We recommend to classes to last between 1.5 to 2 hours per class.

A number of our online students take intensive sessions anything between two and four hours, especially on weekends.

Can I also learn with LTL in person?

Absolutely! We are currently based in 8 cities throughout Asia, that includes Singapore and Taipei, so drop us an email and we can get something booked up quickly for you.

Other Specialist Programs

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