Want to discover the very best Chinese Classes for Kids? You’re in luck, you’ve found them here!

Children learn Mandarin very fast. However to really utilize the advantages of young age, a professional teacher who not only shows them how to use Chinese, but also makes learning the language interesting and fun is essential.

It is especially true with children’s education where teaching quality really matters.

A good teacher can make the difference between Mandarin being just something else your kid needs to study or a life-long passion full of curiosity, thirst for learning and discovery.

Online Chinese classes for kids are an incredibly fast, convenient and efficient way for your child to learn Mandarin. The classes can be organized according to your family’s availability.

Your son or daughter will be able to study Chinese before or after school, during weekends, holidays or whenever is best suitable.

When studying Mandarin via the internet you get the best of both worlds:

  • The world’s best Chinese language tutors teaching directly from China.
  • The convenience of your child studying from home.
  • The ability to work around your time-zone.

Whats not to like?!

Our Classes

Curriculum – Our online curriculum is just for kids
Prepared – Online classes are prepared in advanced
Efficient – Your child will learn Mandarin quickly
Engaging – Practice, speak, use, and enjoy Mandarin

A School You Can Trust

Educational excellence – 100,000+ hours taught
Established – 8 LTL schools in Singapore, Taiwan & China
International – Teaching kids from 100+ countries
Personal – Individual course and support for you

Great Online Experience

Availability – Class times according to your schedule
School – Support for your child’s Chinese school classes
Stand alone – A Chinese program for your kid
High Tech – interactive white boards, chats, videos etc.

Top Teachers for Kids

Specialized – Focused on teaching kids online
Professional – Fully certified and qualified
Experienced – Years of online teaching experience
Fun – Classes are interactive, fun and engaging

Chinese Classes for Kids

For children it is especially important to have a stable teacher whom they can get used to and build a relationship with.

For that reason your child will have a dedicated private tutor to help him or her not only to practice tones, grammar and Chinese characters, but also to get used to speaking and enjoying Mandarin.

Our Online Teachers

We have a very competent dedicated online teaching team that develops teaching materials, lesson plans, inter-active online teaching tools and class schedules for children to study Mandarin online.

However, the most important part of any Chinese online program is the teacher.

LTL Chinese teachers are the best to be found on the internet. While our prices are very attractive, we do not aim to be the cheapest online class provider, but we certainly make sure we are the best.

Our instructors not only teach Chinese for kids online professionally, but are carefully selected, trained and supervised. Our online teachers receive regular training, are well compensated and long term LTL team members.

The average LTL teacher works for us for at least six years and many much longer, often their whole teaching careers. It is a combination of strict selection criteria, training, management and a lot of work that have built the amazing LTL online teaching team that we have today and the results do show.

Chinese Classes for Kids – Our Programs

At LTL one hour counts as one lesson and it is of course possible to take multiple lessons together in one session.

For the online programs below, kids are children below the age of 12 and teenagers (teens) are from 12 to 18 years old.

Mini Kids / Teens

25 lessons, 2 months

This is the starter package to start studying Mandarin online. The 25 lessons can be taken individually or combined into longer study session as kids need a bit of time to get into “Chinese learning mode”.

Standard Kids / Teens

50 lessons, 3 months

This program already comes at a discount compared to the Mini and will give your child a great boost with their Mandarin. It is especially effective if you want your child to improve quickly in a specific area.

Comprehensive Kids / Teens

75 lessons, 4 months

This is a very solid educational program that will move your child’s Chinese ability up by a whole HSK level. If you want your child to study Mandarin seriously, this program is the best way to start.

Kids / Teens 100

100 lessons, 5 months

This program again offers an even bigger discount compared to shorter programs and reduces the hourly cost even further. Within five months you will see a huge improvement in your child’s abilities.

Intensive Kids / Teens

150 lessons, 6 months

The intensive educational program will move your child up by two HSK levels within half a year. For families who want to have a fluent Mandarin speaker in their team.

Maximum Kids / Teens

200 lessons, 12 months

This program gives your child up to a whole year to study 200 hours of Chinese classes. It offers the cheapest hourly price possible and is designed to get your child to speak fluently Mandarin as fast as possible.


Our Online Chinese Kids Courses are available to purchase from the tables below. Select the course you wish to purchase, click BUY NOW, fill out the form and is all that’s left is to enter your payment details.

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Kids Prices

Teens Prices

Online Chinese For Kids


Can my child have 45 minute lessons?

Yes of course. Especially for younger children a whole hour of class is too much.

The teacher will spend an additional 15 minutes to prepare activities for the young student before class and then only teach 45 minutes per lesson.

Do you also teach reading?

Yes of course, we also teach reading and writing Chinese characters.

However, it is important to remember that hand writing in today’s world is not used very much anymore. Therefore if you want your child to be able to use Mandarin as fast as possible, we will focus on reading comprehension and typing Chinese characters through Pinyin and not hand writing.

Are there also quizzes and exams?

Depending on the course structure, duration and student motivation we do sometimes include quizzes or small exams to both measure our young student’s progress and also give them something to study for.

HSK exams are also a good way to structure an online course, however exam availability varies widely depending on where you live. Therefore HSK exams might be part of the curriculum but not necessarily. Also of course nobody knows a child better than his or her parents so please feel free to let your teacher know any suggestions you might have.

What kind of tasks will there be during class?

What exactly is taught during a class will depend on the program you chose, your child’s individual situation, age and study aims.

Before the program starts we will do an individual study assessment (free of charge of course) for your child and create an individual online study program based on this. As the online classes progress we will keep adjusting the study plan based on parents and students feedback.

How fast will my child’s Mandarin progress?

There are many factors however one of the most important is class intensity.

Mandarin is a very different language to English and it is easy to forget vocabulary and sentence structures between classes, especially if there are not that many other opportunities to practice Mandarin.

This is why learning speed greatly improves when classes are studied closer together and preferably for longer individual sessions.

100 hours of studying Chinese within a few months will get your child much faster ahead than the same number of hours studied but spread out over a longer time period.

How long will it take for my child to learn Mandarin?

For students who come to China and study Mandarin intensively and are immersed into a Chinese language environment we know we can reach HSK 5 to 6 within less than a year.

However, for online classes there are several other factors to be considered.

How long it takes a child to learn Mandarin online will depend on a variety of factors, however it will always be a process and a combination of approaches.

The more intense and less spaced out classes are the faster the progress will be. A combination with non-online classes for example a Mandarin summer camp in China or a Chinese language course during the year can also be very helpful.

Do girls or boys learn Chinese faster?

We have been teaching thousands of students Mandarin and can say that so far we have not seen any major difference in the learning speed of girls and boys.

The teaching quality, intensity of classes, homework, teacher / student relationship, motivation etc. are all very important determinants of how fast a student learns Mandarin, however gender is not.

Can two children study together?

Yes, absolutely they can and it can be a lot of fun to study Chinese together.

There is also a 20% discount for each kid.

If a brother or a sister want to study together with another sibling, please let us know their age, Mandarin level and a bit more about their personalities. We will then design classes accordingly.

Will there be homework?

The amount of homework will depend on your child’s individual situation.

A study plan is individually designed for each child or teenager and the homework load will be adjusted accordingly. Feedback from you as a parent is very helpful for us there, so please feel free to let the teacher know if you think your child’s homework situation should be adjusted.

How long does one teaching period last?

This very much depends on the student. For teenagers studying for 1.5 or 2 hours together is often very beneficial as they need a bit of time to get into Mandarin and once they are in the learning flow, it is best to try to stay there.

Being a bit tired after a Chinese class is absolutely ok – this is hard work for the brain.

However especially for younger students, one hour per period is the maximum they can remain productively focused though. For very young kids it is possible to also just teach 45 minutes per lesson. So how long each study session lasts will depend on your child’s individual situation and will be discussed between you and your child’s online study advisor.

How does the class work?

An online class in many ways works similarly to a face to face offline class.

This is also the case for class preparation. Please make sure that your child is ready for class on time, dressed properly and aware that now class will start.

Your kid should be in a quiet environment without distractions, sitting on a proper chair in front of a PC with enabled webcam and microphone.

Make sure that bluetooth and other software that might block your computer’s webcam or microphone are switched off. Just like in the “real world” online classes start and finish on time.

Can you help me coach my child?

Yes, absolutely we can.

Parents are not required to get involved, however parents support definitely helps with children’s Chinese learning progress. Please speak to your kid’s teacher, we have a lot of ideas.

What is LTL’s HSK Exam pass rate?

LTL students today have a 95% HSK exam pass rate, which of course is far above the international average of about 58%. Investment into quality education does lead to results.

At what age should my child start to study Mandarin?

A student can neither be too young nor too old to start learning Chinese.

It is possible to achieve Mandarin fluency as a toddler, infant, small child or teenager.

Online classes can make sense from the age of four for some students and for pretty much all kids from the age of seven. Youth and being young help when learning a language, so starting early is definitely an advantage, but it is possible to learn Mandarin as a retiree, so being a teenager is definitely not too late to start.

Can I extend my child’s class validity?

Yes of course you can.

If your child cannot finish the purchased hours within the given time frame you can simply extend the hours free of charge for up to two years.

Do you have programs smaller than the Mini?

No there are not. At LTL we do not just “teach an hour of Chinese”.

We prepare individual study plans, organize suitable teachers and invest a lot of time and effort into making sure that the course is fun, effective and suitable for our young student’s needs.

For this all to be worth it, we also need the student to commit to a meaningful program. Currently this is only 25 hours of class which is of course only a first step towards Mandarin fluency.