Learn Mandarin online with our award winning set of Online Chinese Tutors who will guide you on the road to fluency.

Taught by the best Chinese language tutors China has to offer, there is no faster way to learn Mandarin than with the immersion specialists, LTL!

Online learning is a very efficient, fast and effective way of studying Mandarin and despite the belief you have to be in China to learn Chinese, we are proving that wrong, one happy student at a time!

All our classes take place via Zoom which you will need to download before starting your course.

FOR KIDS – check out our 1-on-1 Chinese classes for kids here.

The Best Online Chinese Tutors

Certified – LTL teachers are fully certified Mandarin instructors
Professional – Structured, well prepared and organized
Fun – Enjoy your Chinese lessons every day
Experienced – Teachers have 1000’s of hours of experience

Fastest Progress

Learn fast – Your Mandarin studies will progress very quickly
Individual – A private 1-on-1 Chinese teacher
Effective – LTL students have a 94% HSK exam pass rate
Speak – You get to speak and practice during class

The Best School

Established – The world’s premier Chinese language school
In The Know – We’ve helped thousands achieve their goals
Size – We have 8 schools in China, Taiwan and Singapore
Personal – Your personal LTL Online Study Advisor

Always Online

Software – The world’s fastest online teaching software
Tech enabled – Interactive white boards, chat, videos etc.
Homework – Review your recorded classes any time
Simple – You just need an internet connection


We believe that we need to utilise the best and most up to date technology available to us to teach Mandarin to our students.

We are very proud to be at the forefront of technology and online education in the Mandarin teaching world, and have been teaching Chinese online for more than a decade now.

Learning Chinese online means that you will be able to practice your tones, review your homework, go through tasks with your teacher and prepare for tests with a real teacher 1-on-1 without having to leave your home.

You also have access to the world’s best Chinese language teachers at prices that are much more affordable than what a high quality course like this would cost at a school.


It’s all very simple.

Check out the courses on this page, we have six in total which cater to all schedules.

Once happy purchase your course on this page by selecting the BUY NOW button, you can pay with credit card through Stripe.

If you are not sure which course to purchase and need some advice from us no problem.

Drop us an email. You will have a reply from your Online Study Advisor within less than 24 hours during work hours.

Your Online Study Advisor will then help you to organize the course, payment, teacher and scheduling.


We have a total of SIX Chinese tutor packages which range from 25 hours to 200 hours. If you are interested in online group classes, have a look at our fixed group courses or our online university style Mandarin courses.

ONLINE CLASSES (<100 lessons)

Mini – 25 lessons, 2 months

This is to get you started and with a quick boost for your Chinese. It is the smallest package we offer and is good if you want to work on a specific problem like improving your tones or try out if online classes are the right thing for you.

You can buy more classes later, though it costs a bit more when you buy them in smaller packages as there are discounts for the bigger programs.

Standard – 50 lessons, 3 months

These are the most popular Chinese online Chinese classes we have at LTL. In 50 hours of 1-on-1 class you will be able to make significant progress. When taken together this program corresponds to two and a half weeks of full time study.

One Level (Sprint) – 75 lessons, 4 months

Shoot up one full HSK level with this program. To go up a full HSK level with 75 hours is challenging but absolutely possible. Let us take you to the next level quickly.

Note: the more compact timeframe you take your classes the faster you will progress. Studying 75 hours within a month will get you much further than if you do it in three.

ONLINE CLASSES (100+ lessons)

One Level (Thorough) – 100 lessons, 5 months

With 100 hours of online lessons you will definitely be moving up a full HSK level and with a pretty good score too. You can hold us to that!

A great package if you are planning on bumping up your HSK level within half a year.

Two Levels (Sprint) – 150 lessons, 6 months

Challenge and surprise yourself with how far you can improve your Chinese in such little time.

With the “Two Levels Sprint” program you will shoot two HSK levels up within one program.

Two Levels (Thorough) 200 lessons, 12 months

Make it up two HSK levels within one program.

This is especially suitable if you are busy with work or studies and cannot schedule your classes very intensively, and might be only taking them over an extended period of time.

It also is the cheapest program we offer with the lowest hourly price you can get for an hour of class with an LTL Chinese teacher.

Meet our teachers, we are real people who care and want you to WIN at Chinese. Below we meet Evelyn and Jason but there are plenty more videos you can watch through our YouTube channel.

Meet Teacher Evelyn

Meet Teacher Jason


We’ve been around for many years, since 2007 in fact!

We know that trust is key with brands. You want to feel comfortable with us, and that’s what we aim to do.

We’ve made thousands of students around the world happy which you can see with our online reviews and rating.

A Google search for “LTL Mandarin School Reviews” hopefully tells you everything you need to know.

We were also rated China’s #1 Mandarin School in 2019 and have a host of other accreditations also.

We’ve spent years building up the best set of Chinese tutors, and now you can profit from all that work by learning from the very best.


Online 1-on-1 Classes


Want to study Mandarin with a friend?

If your answer to the above is yes, great!

We also provide 2-on-1 Mandarin lessons.

Prices for these programs are listed here in this table (prices are shown in US Dollars).

Please contact [email protected] if you want to discover more information.

Hours in TotalPrice (in USD)
25558 USD
501,116 USD
751,522 USD
1001,903 USD
1502,780 USD
2003,707 USD

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How do you know my level?

All Online Chinese Tutor programs include a free Pre-Course Talk with our Director of Studies. During the Pre-Course Talk we will determine your level and decide on your class schedule together with you.

Everyone is different and different teachers, teaching methods and teaching materials fit different people.

Our Director of Studies will then choose a suitable teacher, teaching materials and teaching strategy to fit your situation and learning aims.

Are Online Chinese classes tailored to my needs?

Absolutely yes they are. Everyone is different and your classes will be exactly tailored to your needs and study aims.

Before you start your course you will tell us which areas you want to focus on, where you struggle and which aims you want to achieve and we will prepare classes accordingly.

At the same time we remain flexible, and during the course you and your teacher might decide together to adjust the class content according to how things are going.

Why study Chinese online?

In today’s wired world, being connected to each other has become essential.

Mandarin is the world’s largest or 2nd largest internet language, depending on the statistics you believe.

There is no doubt that English and Mandarin are the two languages that dominate the internet, and that shows no signs of changing.

An online Chinese tutor allows you to get the world’s best Chinese teachers without having to travel to China and pay a much lower rate than you would for the same quality, if the teacher was in Europe or the US.

You get the same teaching quality at a lower price, and with the convenience of learning from home. There really is no better way to study.

How long should I study for each session?

We recommend to study between 1.5 to 2 hours per class, as it takes time to get your brain into “Chinese learning mode”, however it is also possible to study for only one hour at a time.

Many students take intensive sessions of two to four hours, especially on weekends.

Are the prices cheap?

This depends on what you compare it to.

Compared it with a non-certified teacher you find through some website where any person can sign up as a teacher, and with no quality control except online reviews, then the costs are definitely higher.

No professional and certified teacher would work under these conditions.

However, compared to a face to face class with a professional, certified and experienced Chinese language teacher, studying online with LTL is a lot cheaper.

This is because not only do you not have to travel to the school, but your teacher also does not. Also, instead of living in an expensive place like Shanghai or Singapore, where people go to study Mandarin, online Mandarin instructors can teach from their home towns which are usually much more affordable to live in, either permanently or for a while when they are back home.

However, at the same time the quality we offer is exactly the same as you would get a real physical LTL school.

All our online teachers proved themselves first teaching at our schools for years, and all went through a rigorous interviewing, testing and application process.

Regular performance reviews, teacher trainings and incentive schemes for outstanding results happen exactly the same for online and offline teachers. In fact many LTL online teachers also still teach at an LTL school in addition to teaching online classes.

Why don’t you have smaller programs?

An efficient study program needs to be planned, organised and scheduled and this is a lot of work.

For less than 25 hours of instruction it is simply not worth to spend all that time preparing for a course.

Also we have a brand name to protect so we would not offer programs where not sufficient time for preparation is available.

You will feel the difference in quality once you started your LTL program.

Will there be homework?

There will be plenty of practice and exercises during your class, but your teacher will also give you assignments you can finish after the lecture.

After each period finishes your teacher will let you know what you should prepare for the next class.

How much homework is given will depend on your personal situation and time availability.

That is the great advantages of 1-on-1 online classes: the course is fully focused on you and your needs, and takes your time availability into account.

How do you teach an online class?

Tutoring Mandarin online is in many ways very similar to normal face to face teaching, however there are some important differences.

The interactive white board allows writing together in real time.It is very easy to write characters and examples in chat and share the links for videos or other studying materials too.

At the same time your teacher cannot as easily look into your book or any printed out materials you might have, so it is important to use special teaching materials suitable for online teaching.

This is what we do, so please do not worry and we will take you through the process.

That is the advantage of working with a professional Chinese instructor.

One of the greatest advantages of online Mandarin classes is that you can record all classes and review them any time afterwards.

All files are of course password protected and you can also delete recordings if you do not want to see yourself saying that second tone wrong again for the five hundredth time ☺ though in our experience it can be very interesting to go back to your past classes later.

You will be amazed by the progress you can make.

What is taught during an online lecture?

Your online lectures are completely tailored towards your needs.

If it is practicing your Chinese character reading skills, drilling for an HSK exam, practicing your tones or going through university assignments your teacher is 100% there for you.

How long are my classes valid for?

Each online package has a different validity, depending on how many hours are included.

We want fast Chinese language progress and aim to get our students to reach their aim as fast as possible.

However, if you cannot finish your online classes within the time frame, this is no problem and you can extend them for up to two years.

Online Tutor vs. Flexi Classes?

With an online tutor you will always study with the same teacher at the same times of the week according to a fixed schedule. Your teacher will know you and you will be able to build a strong relationship. You will have some room to cancel and re-arrange classes, however this is limited as it depends on the schedule of your tutor. Nobody is available 24/7. You will purchase packages of hours, ranging from 25 to 200 hours. Larger packages are cheaper. Before you start your course our Director of Studies will have a Pre-Course Talk with you to decide with you together on the right teacher, studying times and study materials for you.

With Flexi Classes you can flexibly take classes at any time of the day or night. You do not need to follow any kind of schedule. You can cancel or re-schedule classes as often as you want with just a mouse click. You can switch between group and 1on1 classes as you like. You can even switch between different languages.

Classes will be taught by the LTL Flexi teaching team, which means you might have different teachers for different classes. You choose your level yourself and can change it at any time. You will purchase a subscription from 5 to 60 classes per month or packages from 25 to 200 hours.

With Fixed Group Classes you will be following a fixed class schedule and always be taught by the same teacher. We have hundreds of ongoing fixed group classes and dozens new ones starting every week. You can join an existing group or start from the beginning of a course. Like Flexi Classes you can cancel or re-schedule classes with complete flexibility. Re-scheduled classes however might be taught by a different teacher. You choose your course level yourself and can change it at any time.

Can I study other Chinese dialects with LTL?

Absolutely. We take great pride in the fact we are the only language school who go above and beyond to keep these dialects very much at the forefront of peoples mind.

Here at LTL we have native speaking teachers who also offer:




… with more in the pipeline also!