Study Chinese in small groups from anywhere in the world with our fantastic team of teachers at LTL. Our online Chinese classes are a brilliant way to get your mouth moving which is imperative when wanting to achieve fluency in Chinese.

Your online Chinese classes will always be small in size (never bigger than 6 students, and a current average of just 2), meaning everyone gets the chance to improve, and improve fast!

Packages come in 4 hours or 10 hours per week – These can be taken on weekdays or weekends, to suit your schedule.

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There is no need to worry about time zones either! We cater to time zones all around the world meaning no one misses out.

Online Courses Classes

Always Small – Average of two students per class
Speak Up – You don’t just listen, we get you talking
Engaging – Our teachers are experts at keeping it fun
We Know How to Succeed – Online works, trust us

Top Team

Qualified – Fully certified and qualified in teaching Mandarin
Pro’s – We make sure we only hire the best at LTL
Community – Our teachers stay with LTL for years
Experience – We’ve taught thousands of hours online

A Brand You Can Trust

Accredited – We are an fully accredited Mandarin school
Flexible – Cancel your classes up to 72hrs in advance
Choice – More than 160 ongoing online group courses
Proven – Students have passed HSK 6 after a single year with us

Here to Help

Support – Reach out to us and we’ll always be here to help
Make Friends – We have regular student e-meet ups
Feel at Home – Talk to us about anything
Expert Team – We are international, we know how to succeed


Classes are taught via Zoom.

In their student portal students can do a number of things which includes logging into their classes, tracking their progress, preview teaching PDFs, leave feedback, rate classes, download their graduation certificates, cancel classes or book make up classes.

It is possible to cancel any class up to 72 hours in advance and book a make up class instead at no additional cost.


Want to try it out first? We offer a 7 day free trial.

After signing up, choose “Full Courses”, pick the course you want to study and take the first three classes as a free trial.

There are seven different levels available: Intro (10 topics), HSK 1 (40 topics), HSK 2 (50 topics), HSK 3 (50 topics), HSK 3+ (50 topics), HSK 4 (50 topics) and HSK 4+ (50 topics). Once you finish a level your course will automatically continue with the next level.



The great thing with the LTL fixed schedule online Chinese lessons is that you can start at almost any time you want. We open three new courses for each of our five levels – complete beginner, HSK 1 to HSK 6 – every week.

This means that we have on average about 160 different courses running at any time.

Whatever your level, course preference or time zone, there is a suitable course happening right now that you can join. If you want to join a course from the beginning, for 80% of our students there is a course available to join next week and you are guaranteed to never have to wait for more than three weeks.

If you want to check the exact starting time available, send us a message via the contact box above with your level, time zone and preferred course option.

You will have an exact schedule in your inbox within less than 24 hours during working times.


Each class is taught using a teaching PDF designed especially for it.

Students can access all teaching PDFs through their student login before and after the class.

At the end of each class the teacher shares an annotated version of the PDF that will include additional vocabulary and examples that were taught during the class.


We’ve been around the block many, many times. Trust is key with brands and we aim to gain your trust in a matter of minutes.

We want you to feel at home with LTL.

That’s why we are so well reviewed online. A quick Google search hopefully tells you everything you need to know. We are experienced and we know how to make you succeed, fast.

We build communities from afar and we want YOU to become a part of it.

Want to meet our teachers? We are real people, who care and want you to WIN at Chinese, as quickly as possible. Below we meet Alwin and Fiona but there are plenty more videos you can watch through our YouTube channel of our team in action.

Meet Teacher Alwin

Meet Teacher Fiona



Can I have a trial lesson before signing up?

Yes, you can.

Sign up for a free trial class here.

Make sure you choose the “Small Group with a schedule” option.

Why should I study Chinese Online?

Learning Chinese online allows you to get the best Mandarin teachers without having to travel to China and you pay a much lower rate.

The quality of teaching and classes is just as high as it would be if you were here with us in China, and the cost is much lower.

It also allows you to live your day to day life and study Mandarin around you.

What software do you use for Online classes?

All our classes take place via Zoom.

Can I purchase these courses online?

Yes, you can by using the pricing table above.

What HSK Level am I?

If you are not sure of your current HSK level check out our HSK levels page which will give you an idea of where you are at.

You can also take a free HSK vocabulary test for each level which you can find here.

Which books to you use?

Traditional Chinese learning text books are not suitable for online classes.

That is why all Online classes are taught according to the award winning LTL online curriculum.

The LTL online curriculum has been especially developed for online Chinese language teaching.

It includes teaching PDFs, audio files and links to additional resources for review. You will notice the difference.

If you scroll back up you can download some sample teaching PDFs we use.

Will I have the same teacher?

Yes you will.

Fixed online group classes are always taught by the same teacher throughout.

Can I book additional classes?

Yes you can buy and book additional classes at any time.

We offer special review, free speaking and “Games & Chinese” classes that you can book in addition to your fixed group classes.

Can I change programs and/or levels?

Yes, it is possible to switch between different programs at any time.

You can switch between the standard (4h/week) and intensive (10h/week) programs whenever you want.

You can also change the time slots (weekday/weekend) you are studying at as well as your time zone preferences.

It is also possible to change to a higher or lower level course if you feel your current course is not enough / too challenging without problems.

Just let us know 72 hours in advance and you can switch into another group at any time.

Can I study Chinese individually instead?
Can I choose what I want to study?

With our 1-on-1 courses yes you can, but with group classes we follow a set curriculum because of course there will be other class members with you.

How long are classes?

Classes are 120 minutes in the week and 4 hours during the weekend, again dependant on the package you buy.

Can I pay by Credit Card?

You can indeed pay with Credit card or the Stripe payment platform.

Can I see your team of teachers?

Absolutely, check out our team page here or visit our YouTube channel and get to know us better.

What is the average class size?

Online teaching works well, however only in small groups so each student gets the opportunity to speak a lot.

That is why on average our online small group classes have about two students.

What if I am in a different time zone?

All our group classes are taught according to the three main time zones our students are in:

Eastern Standard (New York)

Central Europe (Paris/Rome)

China (Beijing/Hong Kong)

However it is of course no problem to join a fixed time group if you are in a different time zone.

The classes will just be at a bit different time for you than the other students.

Due to us offering about 160 different courses at any time, there is always going to be a group course that fits you.

Can I cancel my classes?

Yes you can.

It is possible to cancel your classes at any time.

As long as you do so at least 72 hours in advance you can book another make up class instead.

If you cancel less than 72 hours ahead, we will send you the teaching materials and you have to review the class yourself

When can I start?

You can start your class next week.

With more than 160 ongoing Chinese online courses we always offer every course option, which you can join straight away.

If you want to join a new course from the beginning you will have to wait no more than three weeks to join a new course.

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