Practice Chinese online while having fun and gain confidence in speaking Mandarin.

You will practice your Mandarin free speaking abilities with your teacher together, play games and get to speak Mandarin with real people.

No Apps, no videos, no computer games only real Chinese language practice with a qualified Mandarin teacher and your class mates in a small group setting.

There is no better way to improve your spoken Mandarin than by using and practicing it in real life situations.

Our Fun & Practice online classes are all about that: Use your Mandarin, gain confidence, have fun and enjoy speaking Mandarin in real life situations.

Practice Chinese

Use it: Use the vocab you studied before
Try it: Try it out – your teacher will help you
Learn it: Teacher gives you the vocab you need
Remember it: You will remember it, because it’s fun

The Dream Team

Professional: Certified Chinese language teachers
Love to Teach: We love teaching the Fun & Practice classes
Speak: You speak freely with support always available
Confident: Your speaking confidence improves fast

Have Fun Learning

Games: Play word games with other students
Discuss: Free speaking classes are all about talking
Enjoy: Have fun and enjoy speaking Mandarin
Fun: Not your usual class – learn through fun & games

Get Fluent Fast

Fluent: Fluency is achieved by frequent practice
Progress: Fun & Games classes get you ahead fast
Memory: Vocab we forget, but fun we remember
Pronunciation: Improves very fast when you speak


Why It’s The Way To Go

Applying, using and practicing what you learned is the key to Chinese language fluency.

Homework, self-study, vocab review etc. are all helpful, but in the end we learn a language by using it.

During class we practice dialogues in a structured environment which is great to start out, however real life does not work like this.

In day to day life, any combinations of words, sentences or vocab could come your way and this can be intimidating.

There is no machine, AI or computer game that can accurately simulate real life (yet?).

Practice these situations with your class mates, guided by a professional language teacher.

Speak freely, have fun, try and always know there is a teacher there to help out with vocab you might need, support and encourage you.

Check Out Our Free Culture Classes

In the Fun & Practice Flexi Class level we offer three different kinds of classes. All Fun & Practice classes can be booked both as group or 1-on-1 classes and are available for students of all Chinese levels.

Free Speaking

You will practice speaking freely with your teacher and class mates.

Each class has a different topic that you will discuss with your teacher and class mates.

Topics are chosen according to the student’s level, so do not worry, it will be challenging but you will be able to master it.

Your teacher will support and manage the conversation, but students always speak freely. You will be talking a lot while receiving feedback, suggestions and new vocab as needed from your teacher.

At the end of the class you will get a list of all the new words you learned to use during the class.

The progress in speaking ability and confidence through these classes is astounding.

Chinese & Games

Studying Chinese is a great thing, however it is also very challenging, sometimes exhausting.

That’s why it is essential to not only practice but also enjoy using this beautiful language.

Relax, take a step back and let’s play some games in Mandarin. Use your vocabulary, try out some grammar and just have fun playing with the language.

We laugh a lot, have fun and enjoy the class however while doing so you will be constantly practicing your Mandarin.

You will be speaking a lot and always have a teacher available to support you with a word you do not know yet or a sentence structure.

At the end of the class you will receive a summary of all the new vocab and sentence structures that came up during the class.

Tone Practice

Chinese tones are one of the main challenges of studying Mandarin.

When native speakers do not understand what we are trying to say, this can drive us crazy.

We know the vocabulary, we learned the grammar, we are 100% sure what we need to say, yet a native speaker could just look at us and not understand a thing.

Tones are an integral part of Mandarin and it is essential to learn them.

The key to learning how to pronounce tones correctly is good teaching and practice.

The teacher practices tones with students, listens to pronunciation, helps to improve and corrects and explains things like tongue position and tonal charts if needed.


Fun & Practice classes are taught in the Flexi Class system and any Flexi Class student can book Fun & Practice classes at any time.

Classes are offered all week at different times of the day.

Like all other Flexi Classes a small group class with an average of two students costs one credit and a 1-on-1 class costs three credits.


How many classes should I take?

This is completely up to you, however most of our students regularly take Fun & Practice classes throughout their Flexi Classes Chinese learning journey.

Tone Practice classes make sense to take until you feel confident in saying tones correctly but once you do, there is no real need to take any more of those.

Free Speaking however is something that students continuously get better at. From being able to have the first simple conversation in Mandarin to making a speech about Chinese contemporary art, Free Speaking classes continuously help you to get further ahead step by step.

So usually Free Speaking and Chinese & Games classes are taken at all levels, whereas Tonal Practice classes students only study until they mastered the tones.

How long is one class?

All Flexi Classes last for 60 minutes.

How can I sign up?

Register your Flexi Class account here and book a Fun & Practice class right now.

What is “Immediate Cancel”?

Additionally to normal cancelations, you can also always cancel any class you booked within 30 minutes of booking it and receive your full credits back.

This is called “immediate cancel” and is always available just in case you pressed a wrong button or something came up that won’t allow you to take the class.

Can I learn Chinese Slang?

Absolutely yes you can.

These classes are all about learning how to speak in real life and slang is an important part of this. We practice speaking like natives in the streets of Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei.

This is often quite different to what you might have learned in a text book.

It is also usually very colourful and pretty fun too.

How can I speak Mandarin like a native?

Practice, practice, practice!

You can learn vocabulary, Chinese characters, Pinyin etc. during class, with books and videos, Apps or any way you like, to speak like a native you need to practice and apply what you learned.

Use your text book Chinese in real life situations, take the risk to be overwhelmed, to not understand, to be misunderstood, to not get what you want and plunge into real life.

Do not fear: we have all been there, got through it and so will you.

Can I cancel classes?

Yes of course you can.

Like all Flexi Classes you can cancel Fun & Practice classes. Your full credits are returned as long as you do so 72 hours before the class and during your credits validity.

Who are the teachers?

Like all Flexi Classes, the Fun & Practice classes are taught by professional LTL Chinese language teachers.

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