Learn Chinese Online and get fluent fast with our revolutionary new system, the LTL Flexi Classes.

Why are Flexi Classes such a great way to Learn Chinese Online?

  • Study 24/7, anytime, anywhere in small groups with real, certified teachers
  • Complete flexibility to book, re-book and cancel classes
  • Sign-up in seconds with our super simple system

The LTL Flexi Class system has been a huge hit with students since our launch back in late 2020. No more awkward time zones to deal with, no more having to adhere to fixed class schedules – it’s all in your hands!


LTL Flexi Classes are taught in small groups which are never bigger than 6 students. The average size of each Flexi Class is in fact just 2 students.

You have the ability to book classes at the click of a button, and if your schedule changes, you can cancel and re-book classes at no extra cost.

All LTL lessons are taught by a professional, certified team of teachers, a team which we have spent years building and perfecting, meaning you get the best online experience possible.

Since launching Flexi Classes in 2020, we’ve had some incredible feedback. This is the single best way to learn Chinese online!


Feel free to download some of our Flexi Class materials below. We’ve provided a variety of levels to give you a good idea of how a class runs.

We have written the curriculum from scratch. This took months and months on end, but with a super smart team putting it all together, we believe we’ve made something incredibly special. Something which you can all benefit from immensely!




Ready to learn Chinese online with LTL’s Flexi Classes? Great, it’s so easy to get started:

  • Hit SIGN UP below, enter your name, email and Chinese level
  • Choose your preferred subscription
  • Complete the online payment in a matter of seconds
  • Book your first class and you are set and good to go

If you are in need of any support during the booking process, please do contact us, we are here 24/7 to help.

You can do this by sending us an email if you have any questions and we’ll be in touch within one working day.


The LTL Flexi Classes is a monthly subscription-based model. You can subscribe to any of the packages below depending on how many hours you wish to study.

You can study from just a few hours a week or every day depending on your schedule. After you sign up you will immediately have your credits ready in your account and can start booking classes straight away. 

As always with Flexi Classes this can be at any time of the day 24/7. Subscriptions can be changed or cancelled at any time, very easily, with just a few clicks.

Group Class Packages (Per Month)

5 x Group Classes a Month15 x Group Classes a Month30 x Group Classes a Month
69 USD
59 EUR
163 USD
139 EUR
279 USD
239 EUR
CheapestMost Booked#1 Value
5 Credits15 Credits30 Credits
12 EUR a class9 EUR a class8 EUR a class
You can cancel, change or pause your subscription at any time. Average group class size is two students, all classes are live and last 1 hour.

1-on-1 Packages (Per Month)

5 x 1-on-1 Classes a Month15 x 1-on-1 Classes a Month30 x 1-on-1 Classes a Month
163 USD
139 EUR
385 USD
329 EUR
701 USD
599 EUR
CheapestMost Booked#1 Value
15 Credits45 Credits90 Credits
28 EUR a class22 EUR a class20 EUR a class
Don’t want a subscription? Just sign up, get the credits, cancel the subscription with one click and never be charged again.

LanguageSmall Group Class
Average 2 Students / Class
1-on-1 Class
Mandarin1 Credit / Class3 Credits / Class
All Flexi Classes last 60 minutes and are live taught by certified LTL Mandarin teachers.

For more information about Flexi Classes credits and how the system works, check out this page.



If you’d rather purchase a one-off Flexi package rather than a subscription you can do this also.

We have six packages in total, from 25 hours through to 200 hours.

For each package you have a time frame to use your classes. The more hours your purchase, the bigger the discount!

Buy Your Flexi Package


How can I sign up to learn Chinese online?

Head over to our register page, fill in the quick form and select your package.

It’s that quick and that simple.

Can I also study individually?

Yes you can.

We have a page dedicated to individual Mandarin classes here.

Can I cancel classes myself?

Yes you can and it’s really simple.

Click CANCEL CLASS under the MY CLASSES tab.

Do note that you will receive full credits back for all cancellations that are made more than 72 hours before the class time.

For cancellations less than 72 hours in advance, credits are not refunded.

How long are my Flexi credits valid for?

All credits are valid for the duration of a whole month (31 days) from when you purchased.

Although credits expire after a month, you can book classes as far in advance as you wish.

This means you can book a class 60 days in advance, and it is still valid.

Are Flexi Classes for kids?

No, Flexi Classes are designed for adult learners. We have specialized programs for kids and teenagers which are very popular and work great for younger learners.

It is very rare to happen, but teenagers age 14 or older can join Flexi Classes, subject to mature behavior in the class room. Flexi Classes is a learning system for adults and we will not tolerate immature or childish behavior during class.

Can I choose what classes I attend?

Absolutely. You have complete flexibility to choose whatever you want to learn. These include:

Sounds & Tones

Using Apps in China

Going to the market

and many more!

How long is one Flexi Class?

Flexi Classes are always one hour long.

It is worth noting you can also study back to back hours if you so wish.

What software is used for Flexi Classes?

We use Zoom for all our online classes.

Do you have a blog where I can read more?

We do indeed.

We spend a lot of time building our blog with excellent content.

You can find it here.

What Our Students Say

Alf Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Maddie was extremely well prepared. She took into consideration my requests and tailored the class specially for me. Despite the late hour for her, she was full of energy.

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Soraya Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Evelyn is a wonderful teacher. She really put us at ease and push us to practice more our speaking (which i need a lot) more by asking us some common questions.

Read More

Joshua Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Wow. Tina just goes above and beyond. She’s so encouraging, so patient, so thoughtful. This was one of the best class I’ve ever had with any Chinese teacher. 11/10.

Read More

Trad Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Connie did a great job making the whole class very engaging. The learning material was a great way to keep the class structured and to provide a great learning experience.

Read More

Taylor Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I have had a few classes with Kisha and she is such a great teacher! She is always enthusiastic about teaching and very patient. Looking forward to the next class!

Read More

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