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There is no quicker way to learn Japanese than with your very own online Japanese tutor.

1-on-1 classes are the ultimate way to speed up your language learning, and we have an abundance of superb, fully qualified and certified Japanese tutors waiting for you.

We have spent hours building and putting together the best set of online Japanese tutors that is unrivalled by anyone else.

With our 1-on-1 Japanese tutors you have complete freedom to choose exactly what you want to study.

This is a unique and undeniably awesome opportunity to become fluent in a language that is growing in popularity year after year.

We are here to help you pick up a valuable and useful skill.

Why Learn Japanese?

  • Become part of a unique and fascinating culture
  • Gain a shiny new skill few others can boast
  • Get speaking to over 130 million native speakers
  • Make your life in Japan much easier
  • Discover potentially amazing job opportunities
  • Dig deeper into the fascinating Anime and Manga culture

Why Study with LTL?

  • Choose the entire content of your course
  • The ultimate team of online Japanese tutors
  • Become part of a huge, worldwide community
  • Over a decade of success stories to our name
  • Thousands of happy students
  • We specialise in languages of the Far East


As we’ve stated before, the most important factor in all of this is getting you the right online Japanese tutor. That’s where we come in.

Studying intermittently allows you to progress, but to see genuinely fast progress on the road to fluency, you need a schedule that pushes you in the right direction. These six packages below allow our teachers to create just that.

ProgramNumber of HoursCourse DurationDescription
Mini252 MonthsGet started with Japanese with 25 hours of lessons over 2 months. This is the perfect kick-starter you’ll need to get on the right path to success.
Standard502 MonthsOur most popular individual package for studying Japanese. This programs gives you 50 hours of Japanese over a 2 month period.
Sprint (One Level)754 MonthsPush your Japanese to the next level with our Sprint package. Cover 75 hours of Japanese with your tutor and get comfortable using Japanese daily.
Thorough (One Level)1005 MonthsYour online Japanese tutor will put you through your paces here with 100 hours of Japanese classes over a 5 month period.
Sprint (Two Levels)1506 MonthsIn just half a year we’ll get your Japanese soaring to levels you never thought possible. 150 hours of classes with our teachers will see huge results.
Thorough (Two Levels)20012 MonthsOur most comprehensive Japanese study package which lasts a year in total. This program also works out the cheapest per hour.

You can sign up for any of these programs using the table below, and pay in a number of different currencies. Upon signing up, we will get in touch with you to get an idea of your goals over the given time period.

We’ll then create the perfect study plan to get you exactly where you want to be. Any questions in the meantime, please do contact us.


Select your preferred program below, you can pay in six different currencies.

Upon selecting, you will be taken to the payment platform Stripe, to complete your purchase, before being re-directed back to our website.

Online Japanese Courses


Got a friend who also wants to study Japanese as well? Then we might just have something you’ll both really enjoy!

We can arrange a 2-on-1 Japanese program for you which also comes in cheaper than the above courses!

You can see the prices in the table shown here (in USD). You are welcome to pay in any currency of course.

Please contact [email protected] if you want to find out more.

Hours in TotalPrice (in USD)
25507 USD
501,014 USD
751,384 USD
1001,730 USD
1502,527 USD
2003,369 USD


Can I cancel a class if something comes up?

Yes, you can cancel up to 30% of your classes up to six hours beforehand at no cost.

PLEASE NOTE – This needs to be done during mainland Chinese working hours (9am – 6pm, Mon-Fri).

Can I also study Japanese in small groups?

Yes absolutely.

Here is a link to our small group fixed courses for Japanese.

If you need more flexibility, our Flexi Classes allow you to choose exactly when you wish to study.

Is Japanese hard to learn?

A broad question that has some many potential answers in truth!

For westerners Japanese can be considered hard for a number of reasons but the obvious are of course the written script which differ from any western alphabet along with the pronunciation and sounds.

However, a cool factor about Japanese is around 18% of its words are actually loanwords from other languages so you may well already know a fair number of words in Japanese you never realised.

If you read some Chinese also, this helps considerably with the Kanji alphabet as the meanings cross over with Chinese.

Check out our top tips for learning Japanese here.

I don’t want to commit to 25 hours, can I book 10 hours?

Unfortunately our smallest package for individual classes is 25 hours but with good reason.

Too short, for example 10 hours, and you’ll not reach your potential. 

Creating the perfect program takes time and effort for our Japanese tutors.

Therefore, to see genuine results you’ll need to study for at least 25 hours.

Can I choose the content of my course?

Yes you can and this is the beauty of having your own Japanese tutor.

With group classes this is not possible because we of course follow a curriculum to suit all students.

You can choose the topic of the lesson and our teachers will prepare everything for you.

How long is a class?

In theory you can decide on this with your teacher.

Typically classes to last between 1.5 to 2 hours per class.

A number of our Japanese students also take intensive sessions anything between two and four hours, especially on weekends.

How many alphabets does Japanese have?

Japanese has 3 alphabets in total!

Sounds confusing but upon learning the differences it makes more sense.

Katakana and Hiragana both have physical alphabets to learn.

Kanji is essentially the adopted logographic Chinese characters that are used in the Japanese writing system. This means if you can read Chinese, Kanji will become much easier for you at the earlier stages!

Can I study Japanese online with my friend?

Yes and we offer a small discount if you do so!

Contact us to find out more about our 2-on-1 packages.

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