Learn Japanese Online like never before with the LTL Flexi Classes that allow you to book lessons easily in just a few of clicks.

You can book, cancel and re-book classes whenever you want and have complete freedom to study Japanese online.

Our expert Japanese teachers are based all over the world meaning awkward time zones and fixed start class times are a thing of the past.

Learning Japanese online has never been easier.

Flexi Classes with LTL

Learn Japanese Online 24/7 – You’re in the driving seat
Flexi – Book, cancel & re-book at your leisure
Sign Up in Seconds – It only takes a few clicks to get going

A School You Can Trust

2007 – It all began well over a decade ago
Regular Successes – We strive for success, and achieve it
Love to Learn – Our passion for learning is infectious

A Team You Can Trust

We are International – Our team speaks over 20 languages
Established – We’ve been looking after students for years
Support – We are always here to listen. Speak with us

Teachers You Can Trust

Top Team – There is no better team of Japanese teachers
Experts of the Far East – No other school does it like we do
Here to Stay – We take huge pride in having a team that sticks


Flexi Classes is a subscription based service that allows you to learn Japanese online at any hour of the day.

  • You can choose your time, your teacher and your topic at complete leisure
  • There are zero fixed class times to follow. You have complete control when you study
  • Every Japanese teacher we hire is certified and boasts bags of experience

This is a completely new way to learn languages online. Nowhere else do you have access to top-class, qualified teachers at your own free will.

You can study at any time, meaning fixed schedules are now a thing of the past. You can study anywhere, meaning you can learn Japanese online from anywhere you wish, and the icing on the cake, you can choose exactly what you study!

The great thing about Flexi Classes is all class material is available to download before your lesson starts.

Each and every PDF has been written by our expert team, for the modern day. We teach useful phrases, but also words commonly used in 21st century Japan.

Check out four of our classes below. You are welcome to keep the PDF and use for your own personal study 🤩

BONUS | What about studying Japanese in Japan instead? Our Japanese courses in Tokyo can either be taken in small groups of no more than 5 students or individually for a more tailored experience.

We even offer incredible homestay experiences in Tokyo as well.
Discover how to make the most out of Flexi Classes with Andreas
See how you can learn Hiragana in a weekend with Flexi Classes


LTL Flexi Classes are a monthly subscription-based model where you purchase credits (which are essentially classes). 

You can subscribe using the table below depending on how many hours you wish to study.

You can study from a few hours a week or every day depending on your schedule. After you sign up you will immediately have your credits ready in your account and can start booking classes straight away. 

For more information about Flexi Classes credits check out this page.


How long is one Japanese class?

Flexi classes are always an hour.

If you wish you can book back-to-back classes and study for longer than this if you decide to.

Can I also study 1-on-1 with Flexi Classes?

Yes, the Flexi class system allows for small group classes but also tailored, individual lessons.

Individual classes cost 3 credits whereas small groups cost just 1.

Are all levels welcome to join Flexi Classes?

Yes of course!

We teach absolute beginners through to very advanced speakers who just want to keep improving!

How many people speak Japanese?

There are around 130 million native Japanese speakers!

This number mainly includes native speakers though. Of course there are many more who speak Japanese as a 2nd language also.

Is Japanese popular?

Japanese is indeed a really popular language with foreigners.

The popularity of Manga and Anime plays a big role in this.

The growing popularity of Japanese culture has led many foreigners down the path of learning Japanese online, and also in Japan itself.

Do my Flexi Credits have an expiration date?

All credits are valid for a full month (31 days) from the day you purchased them.

However, it’s important to understand you can book a class as far in advance as you want, as long as it’s booked within 31 days of purchase.

Do you provide materials I can use after class?

We do indeed.

Our curriculum is written from scratch by our expert team.

For every Japanese class you take part in, there will be downloadable materials such as PDFs.

Do you also provide fixed-time classes for Japanese?

Yes, we do.

Some people prefer to study to a fixed schedule and of course we cater for that too.

Again, you can decide if you study in a group, or individually.