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Ready to boost your Italian skills with some online Italian lessons?

  • Fully certified, native Italian speaking teachers
  • Schedules to fit all timezones
  • Choose from 4 / 10 hours per week
  • 24/7 support from our worldwide team

We’ve hired the very best team of Italian teachers to get you reaching your language goals in next to no time.

Online Italian classes get no more comprehensive than ours. You can choose between 4 or 10 hours of study per week.

You can take these classes during weekdays or weekends, whichever fits your schedule best. 

BONUS | If you need more flexibility and wish to study at any time, then why not check out our Italian Flexi Classes here.

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Online Italian Classes For You

Average of 2 People – Classes are small for a reason
Speaking is Imperative – You won’t be sat listening
Fun For All – Our team of top class teachers are the best
Experts – We’ve been teaching online for over 15 years

A Top Team That Cares

Qualified Teachers – Certified and experienced with degrees
No One Does It Better – So you reach your goals fast
LTL Community – Students, staff and teachers as one
Proven Success – We’ve assisted many to fluency

Language Experts

100% Accredited – We’ve plenty of awards to back that up
Always Online – We’re super active on social media
Winners – A brand you can really trust from the get-go
5 Star – Check out our reviews and testimonies online

With You All The Way

Here For You – Need help? Just ask us
Make Friends – It’s easier than you think
Embrace The Journey – We know you’ll absolutely love it
International Team – We speak over 20 languages


Our online Italian lessons are really easy to sign up for. We can get you into a virtual classroom before you know it.

First though, you need to pick the schedule that suits you best.

Here’s a summary of the online Italian lessons available to you. There are three types, each fit to three different time zones (the Americas, Europe and Asia/Australia).

All of our classes take place via Zoom.



Since the beginning (all the way back in 2007) our mission has always been clear.

Get students speaking and immersed as quickly as possible.

There is no substitute for these experiences. Making mistakes is imperative when learning not just Italian, but any language.

From the moment we receive your first email, we’ll be by your side and supporting you from the get-go. That’s why we are so well reviewed online.

Don’t believe us? Google “LTL Language School” you’ll quickly see these aren’t just false words.

Our students love studying with us!

We build communities from afar and we want YOU to become a part of it. We are real people, with a genuine passion for languages, and we want you to succeed!


  1. SELECT YOUR PREFERRED SCHEDULE – Which suits you best?
  2. PICK YOUR COURSE – Click CHOOSE SCHEDULE on the table above.
  1. FILL IN THE FORM – The form above is really quick and easy to complete and just allows us to understand you better.
  2. FINISHED! – Click PAY NOW and that’s it, you are done! We’ll be in touch with further details right away.

We accept credit cards. You can also pay via the Stripe payment platform.



How can I sign up for classes?

On this page there is a payment table where you can pick the program you want to follow.

Simply choose the course that suits you best, fill in the form, and get signed up.

We’ll be in touch within a couple of working days with the next steps.

Do you use Zoom for online Italian lessons?

We do yes.

You can download it here. if you don’t have it on your computer.

Can I get fluent in Italian with online study?

You absolutely can and we have proof!

The quality of our online Italian classes is unrivalled and whilst it doesn’t match going to Italy to study, this is the best way to learn outside of the country.

This is a statement that even we wouldn’t have believed pre-2020.

A great case study of ours – a student named Emma passed the HSK6 for Mandarin (the highest level of proficiency) after just 14 months of study, 12 of those with LTL online.

It can be done and just requires determination and a will to succeed, something which our students boast in abundance.

Do you offer Flexi Classes for Italian too?


If you are after more flexibility you can take online Italian lessons using our brand new Flexi Class system here.

Flexi Classes will allow you to study Italian 24/7.

Do you provide individual Italian classes online?

Yes if you wish for more tailored tutelage, we can provide this.

With our individual classes you can also choose the content of the course, meaning you have complete control over what you learn.

Can my kids learn Italian with LTL too?

Yes of course.

We have dedicated Italian courses for kids as teaching children is a different challenge altogether!

I have more questions, who should I contact?

Feel free to drop us a message.

You can do this using our contact form, or using the live chat below.

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