One of the best parts about learning a new language is to meet other students, make friends and share the joys and challenges of studying.

However, when studying Mandarin online it is easy to feel a bit lonely, as most people do not have a lot of other Chinese language students around.

That is why group classes are great, as students can learn from each other and tackle problems together in a team.

However during class everything is about studying Chinese and there is not much time to exchange contact details or just have a casual chat about non-Chinese learning related topics.

LTL Online School


At its heart LTL is not a company, website or language learning system, but first and foremost a language school.

We are a community of Chinese language learners and teachers that all have the same aim: to help others to achieve Mandarin fluency.

If you have a question about studying Mandarin, need some advice on studying strategies or just feel stuck and are struggling, we are here to help.

Our support team is all fluent Mandarin speakers who started out just like everyone, with zero knowledge but a big dream of Chinese fluency.

Whatever you are going through, we have been there. It can be pretty tough at times. We know that.

If you need anything, just send us an email on [email protected] and we will get back to your straight away.

We might look like a website and company from the outside, but inside we are just a bunch of people who really want to help other people to learn Chinese.

If you need advice, support or suggestions, just let us help, we have all been there.


  • Cost: FREE
  • Time: Weekends
  • Rooms: “Chinese Only”, “English & Chinese” and “Chinese Study Tips”
  • Participants: LTL Online School Students (both Fixed and Flexi), LTL teachers and LTL staff

We encourage all our students to join our socials. Although it never quite feels the same online, we’ve had some great success in our early socials.

We want to continue to grow that community, with you being at the heart of it!

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