There is no better way to learn Russian than with an online Russian tutor who can provide you with personalised 1-to-1 content.

Individual study is the only option that allows YOU to choose the content of the course.

Russian is a language spoken throughout many parts of the world with over 150 million speakers worldwide.

We have spent hours on end building the best team of online Russian tutors there is. Everything is in place for you to make rapid progress with your Russian studies.

All of our online Russian tutors are fully certified and hold degrees in teaching Russian to foreigners.

Why Study Online with LTL?

Why Learn Russian?

  • Widely spoken across many countries in Europe and Asia
  • Russians don’t speak a huge amount of English in general
  • Develop a brilliant skill for your CV
  • It’s a challenge – but a hugely rewarding one
  • It’s a beautiful language that opens many new doors


It’s super simple to get started with your very own certified online Russian Tutor.

We have a total of six packages you can choose from below (ranging from 25 to 200 hours in total). To be truly successful when learning Russian, you need a proper study plan and teacher.

Creating a schedule and goals are so important. This defines the casual students from the ones who make real progress.

Simply put, if you want to see real, genuine results, you need a goal to work towards.

ProgramTotal HoursDuration of CourseInformation About Course
Mini252 MonthsThis is the perfect package for beginners of Russian.
Standard502 MonthsOur most popular Online Russian Tutor package which consists of 50 hours study.
(One Level)
754 MonthsGet comfortable using Russian day-to-day with 75 hours of lessons over 4 months.
(One Level)
1005 MonthsIdeal if you want to make some serious progress within half a year.
(Two Levels)
1506 MonthsHalf a year with an Online Russian tutor will yield excellent results.
(Two Levels)
20012 MonthsOur most comprehensive online Russian tutor package, a year of lessons in total.

You can sign up for any one of these programs using the table below. You can also pay in a number of different currencies. After signing up, we will speak to you and get an idea of your goals over the given time period.

We will create the perfect study plan for you after chatting with you. You can then arrange the best schedule between yourself and your Russian tutor.

Feel free to ask us any questions in the meantime – contact us here.


Online Russian Tutor


Got a friend who also wants to learn Russian with you? Why not both benefit from an excellent discount?

At LTL we teach two-on-one classes as well. These are cheaper than the above prices.

The prices are shown in the table here are US Dollars (USD). You are welcome to pay in any currency.

Please contact [email protected] if you want to find out more.

Hours in TotalPrice (in USD)
25507 USD
501,014 USD
751,384 USD
1001,730 USD
1502,527 USD
2003,369 USD


Can I study Russian in small groups instead of 1-on-1?

You can indeed.

Find out more about our small group fixed courses for Russian here.

We also offer 24/7 flexible Russian classes here.

How long is a Russian class?

You can discuss this with your teacher.

Generally people prefer 1-2 hour slots but you’ll find a balance.

The choice is ultimately yours.

Can I cancel my Russian classes?

You can cancel up to 30% of your classes up to six hours beforehand at no cost.

Please be aware this needs to be done during mainland Chinese working hours (9am – 6pm, Mon-Fri).

Can I choose the content of my course?

Yes you can and this is the big benefit of studying 1-on-1.

In group classes you follow our curriculum, however, with individual Russian classes comes the ability to tell the teacher exactly what YOU want to study.

Why can’t I purchase a small package like 10 hours?

In our experience of teaching languages, 10 hours is not enough time to make the progress you’ll need.

25 hours is the absolute minimum to see any form of result, but generally speaking, it’s no surprise our most popular package is the 50 hour package.

Sometimes people prefer to commit to a small amount though, so purchase 25 hours, and then another 25 on top after enjoying the first few hours.

Speak to us if you have any concerns.

Can I learn other languages with LTL?

Of course!

We specialise in teaching languages so if you wish you can also study a number of other languages simultaneously such as:





and many more…!