When is the very best time to learn a language?

The answer is when you are young. Kids and Teens brains are essentially like a sponge meaning absorbing new languages comes much easier younger.

This means if you want to get your kid ahead with Shanghainese, there is no better time!

Our Shanghainese for Kids courses are taught by our expert, certified native Shanghainese speakers who live to teach.

Exciting & Engaging

Top Teachers – We keep it interactive & enjoyable
Masters of the Art – You’re child will certainly never get bored
Experienced – Our teachers have been around for years
Diverse – Lessons are never the same, and always fun

The Real Deal

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – The web is littered with amazing reviews of us
Established – Teaching for well over a decade, online and offline
Worldwide – Students from all four corners of the planet
Proven – Thousands have huge success with us

Why Choose LTL?

So why would you pick LTL over another school?

Good question, but there are many reasons.

The first and most important is we care, for your child but also the language. There are no other schools out there who teach like we do.

Sure, Mandarin is a big focus of ours, but we care for local dialects as well, because we love China. We live and breathe it every single day.

Shanghainese is a language on the decline, but we want to help preserve it, and with our wonderful and exceptional team of teachers, you can rest assured we’ll get your child ahead faster than you ever thought possible.

There are some great benefits to studying Shanghainese, and we are the only school who’ll help you unlock that potential.

What is Shanghainese?

So what exactly is Shanghainese?

In short, it’s essentially a dialect of Chinese.

It is also known as Shànghǎihuà and is spoken in Shanghai. It is a part of the Wu dialect family and is not in any way similar to Mandarin.

Learning Shanghainese is a great skill to build on because it opens up a whole new world of possibilities with not just people in Shanghai, but people around the world from that region.

Learning Shanghainese is not by any means easy, so the ability to pick this language up will impress the locals and make building relationships even easier. In some traditional parts of Shanghai, people will only speak Shanghainese in fact.

Shanghainese for Kids courses are incredibly fun, which will teach your child far more than just the language.


We offer Shanghainese for Kids and Shanghainese for Teens packages. For each age bracket we offer six courses. Kids are classified as younger than 12; teens are from 12-18 years old.

The programs are listed below, and if you wish to purchase one, you can do so using the table below.

Mini : Kids / Teens – 25 lessons, 2 months

This is our starter package to get your child going.

It is ideal for complete beginners or someone who needs to get to grips with studying Shanghainese.

Standard : Kids / Teens – 50 lessons, 3 months

This is the most popular kids package.

50 hours of Shanghainese over a period of 3 months will see your child make excellent progress.

Comprehensive : Kids / Teens – 75 lessons, 4 months

75 lessons of Shanghainese over a period of 4 months.

This is an intensive study program that should push your child firmly in the direction of feeling confident when using the language.

Kids / Teens 100 – 100 lessons, 5 months

Our 100 hour package is for the more serious student.

This is ideal if you wish for your child to study Shanghainese more intensively, over a five month period.

Intensive : Kids / Teens – 150 lessons, 6 months

Want to edge your child closer to fluency in Shanghainese?

Studying 150 lessons with our native Shanghainese teachers over half a year is a great way to do so.

Maximum : Kids / Teens – 200 lessons, 12 months

Our most extensive package of all. 200 Shanghainese lessons.

Taken over the duration of a whole year, this is our cheapest package lesson-by-lesson.

DISCOUNT ALERT: When two children take Shanghainese classes together, there is a 20% discount for each child!


Our Online Shanghainese for Kids courses are available to purchase below. Select the course you wish to purchase, click BUY NOW, fill out the form and then simply pop your payment details in.

Super quick, super simple sign-up! If you have questions, drop us a message to the email [email protected].

Kids Prices

Teens Prices

Shanghainese for Kids


  • Certified Shanghainese Teacher
  • Study materials
  • Personalised plan for your child
  • Free online learning kit

Additional Costs: Zero

Pricing with us is always transparent. Some online schools charge registrations fees, we do not.


Where do classes take place?

All classes take place on Zoom.

What age bracket are kids prices?

Kids are classified as younger than 12; teens are from 12-18 years old.

Should I accompany my child during class?

For younger kids this might be more essential yes.

It certainly does no harm to be around to make sure things run smoothly with the teacher and the technology.

Things like problems with sound, video etc, can be solved faster by you but might waste time if you are not present.

After a few classes, routine tends to set in and it’s not so important for you to be nearby.

Are classes 1-on-1 or groups?

They are individual (but of course if you have 2 children they can study together).

1-on-1 classes are important at this age because kids study at very different speeds.

It’s important to follow a study plan created by us rather than a standard curriculum.

Keeping your child engaged is absolutely essential.

You can find out more about our Shanghainese group classes here.

Can I speak to someone before signing up?


Parents tend to have a number of questions which we are more than happy to answer.

Drop us a message here.

Can I speak to other parents who have classes with LTL?

Of course.

Just ask us and we can put you in touch with some other parents and kids who’d be more than willing to share their experiences.