Want you very own Shanghainese Tutor to propel your language skills forward as fast as possible?

Then you’ve come to the right place because we are the experts of teaching China’s local dialects.

Shanghainese, which is the Shanghai dialect or can be known as the Hu language, is actually a dialect of Wu Chinese.

We specialise in teaching the dialect of Shanghainese with our expert group of local, and certified teachers.

Whereas Mandarin is the #1 language in China, we take a great sense of pride in China’s local languages, hence why we want to offer you courses that no one else does.

Why Learn Shanghainese?

  • Gain a stronger understanding of Mandarin
  • Build a stronger understanding with the locals in Shanghai
  • Build friendships with locals using the language
  • Few foreigners can speak Shanghainese, it’s a unique skill
  • Make your life in Shanghai even easier

Why Learn with LTL?

  • The best Shanghainese teachers, period
  • China’s #1 ranked school in 2020
  • Over a decade of experience teaching Chinese to foreigners
  • Join a community of students from around the globe
  • Over 5,000 happy students

An Introduction to Shanghainese



Shanghainese is actually written using Chinese characters.

Sometimes this can be confusing for native Mandarin speakers though. But why?

There are actually many instances where Shanghainese is written in an informal manner. It uses a number of homophones that only exist in Shanghainese.


We know Mandarin has four tones. Shanghainese has five!

Shanghainese implements voiced initials in many words. This is not the case with Mandarin

Another difference between Mandarin and Shanghainese is the fact that tones affect only words in Mandarin, but in Shanghainese an entire phrase can be affected.


All our Shanghainese online classes are run by native Shanghainese speakers who know everything you’ll need when dealing with Shanghainese.

Classes take place via Zoom and are 1-on-1. We also have group courses if you prefer.

In total we have six 1-on-1 packages ranging from 25 hours to 200 hours of Shanghainese lessons.

You can purchase your classes below, upon doing so you will receive confirmation and we will be in touch to sort out your schedule.

Before purchasing you can leave any notes you wish such as your current level and your timezone to give us a greater understanding of your current situation. The more detail for us, the better we can plan.


Select your program below, you can pay in six different currencies.

Upon selecting, you will be taken to the payment platform Stripe, to complete your purchase, before being re-directed back to our website.

Online Shanghainese Courses


Are Shanghainese and Mandarin the same?

No they are not, in fact they are pretty much completely different.

There are many differences between Shanghainese and Mandarin, which come down to characters used, number of tones and pronunciation.

Do you have native Shanghainese teachers?

Yes all our Shanghainese classes are run by native Shanghainese speakers.

Have you taught many students Shanghainese?

Yes we have taught plenty, if you wish to be in contact with any of them, please let us know and we can arrange this.

Do you teach other dialects?

We do indeed.

Why do we? Because we care.

These are dying languages make no mistake about that. Only 20% of the population in Shanghai speak Shanghainese, but we want to help preserve it.

Can I also learn Shanghainese at your school?

Yes absolutely.

We teach Shanghainese to our students in person as well as online.

Come and visit us at our Shanghai branch here:

Xiangyang South Rd. Modern Mansion Bldg. A #910

徐汇区襄阳南路218号现代大厦 A座 910室

Find LTL Shanghai here.

Do you have any videos for discovering Shanghainese?

Yes you can find them on our YouTube channel.

Why do you teach Shanghainese?

Why not?!

First and foremost, it’s something we care about. Originally being a Mandarin school we spend most of our time teaching Mandarin but we discovered a demand for Shanghainese, and it made us realise.

Why are we not teaching this?

We already had teachers who grew up speaking the local dialect. These are dialects they, and we care about.

Thus Shanghainese lessons were born!

Where is LTL in Shanghai?

Our address is:

Xiangyang South Rd. Modern Mansion Bldg. A #910

徐汇区襄阳南路218号现代大厦 A座 910室

You can also find LTL Shanghai here.