Learning a language as a child is the best time to do so! Therefore our Taiwanese for Kids packages are the perfect solution in getting your kids language skills flying high!

We’ve been teaching kids and teens around the world for many years now.

We have a winning formula for getting them ahead fast.

Teaching kids is a very different experience to teaching adults and therefore only the best teachers know how to keep them engaged, especially considering classes are online.

For this you need an online school you can trust, luckily, you’ve found the one here!

Taiwanese for Kids

A Hand Made Curriculum – We’ve designed it ourselves
All Ages Welcomed – Young kids through to teens
Engaging – Taiwanese for Kids classes are fun and interactive

All Online

Over A Decade – We’ve been teaching kids online for years
Knowledgable – We don’t deal with dated software
Support – We can assist you with your home set-up

The Best Team of Teachers

Top Taiwanese Teachers – Hours of teaching experience
Certified – By the International Association of Language Centres
Native – Our teachers are all native Taiwanese speakers

The LTL Community

Excellent – 5 Star reviews everywhere you look
Experienced – Thousands hours of classes taught
Established – 8 schools based in China, Taiwan & Singapore


Our Taiwanese for Kids courses come in six packages for children or teens (the prices are shown below in the table).

These packages start from 25 hours all the way through to 200 hours and last from 2 to 12 months in total.

If you have any questions before purchasing please check the FAQ’s below or drop us an email. We’ll be in touch as fast as possible!

NOTE – Kids are classified as younger than 12, Teens are classed as 12-18 years old.

ProgramNumber of HoursNumber of MonthsDescription
Mini252The perfect starter program to push your child in the right direction when it comes to learning Taiwanese
Standard503The most popular kids package we have. 50 hours of Taiwanese lessons over a 3 month period
Comprehensive75475 hours of Taiwanese Kids classes which take place over a 4 month period. The perfect way to progress fast
1001005An ideal program to push your child on the way towards fluency in Taiwanese with the help of our excellent teachers
Intensive1506Make huge progress in just half a year. This package offers 150 hours of Taiwanese classes over six months in total
Maximum20012Our most comprehensive Taiwanese for Kids package with 200 hours of lessons. This is also our cheapest program per hour

Double discount: When two children take Taiwanese for Kids classes together, there is a 20% discount each!


Our Online Taiwanese for Kids courses are available to purchase below. Select the course you wish to purchase, click BUY NOW, fill out the form and then simply pop your payment details in.

Super quick, super simple sign-up! If you have questions, drop us a message to the email [email protected].

Kids Prices

Teens Prices

Taiwanese for Kids

Price includes:

  • A native Taiwanese teacher
  • Study materials
  • Personal study plan for your child
  • Free online learning kit

Extra Costs: Zero

Pricing is as clear as day. No registration fees, weekend fee or evening fees.


How long are the classes?

There is actually no fixed time and it will depend on each child.

For younger children, usually a one hour class is what we start with. This can also be extended with a break.

When it comes to teenagers anything between an hour or two are the most effective options in our experience.

How can I help my child prepare for class?

Make sure you have a strong internet connection, webcam, microphone and internet enabled device.

It’s also a good idea to take away any other devices like mobile phones as this will risk distracting your child.

Helping your child to set everything up in the first couple of classes is a big help.

Make sure your child is properly prepared, such as having some water handy and being well fed etc.

Give your Internet connection a test run before class as well just to make sure everything is working smoothly.

For more useful tech advice, visit our page.

Can I speak to you before buying?

Of course.

Drop us a message and we can arrange a chat or answer any questions you need help with.

Which software is used for classes?

We use Zoom, you can download it here if you need.

What ages qualify for the kids program

Any child under the age of 19 qualifies.

Typically the youngest students are around 6 or 7 years old.

Kids qualify as under 12’s.

Teens are 12-18 years old.

Can I pay online with a credit or debit card?

You can indeed.

The payment table above re-directs you to the secure Stripe payment platform, where you can simply enter your credit card details.