Take Taiwanese classes online with our brand new Flexi Class system to achieve the best results possible when learning online.

Here at LTL, we go much further than just Mandarin.

Chinese is actually an umbrella term for a whole host of dialects. This includes Shanghainese, Cantonese and of course also Taiwanese Hokkien.

With our Flexi Class system, you can enjoy Taiwanese lessons online, 24/7 no matter where you are in the world – with real native speakers.

Flexi Classes with LTL

Taiwanese Lessons 24/7 – Choose when you want to study
Flexi – It’s in the name. Book, cancel & re-book at your leisure
Sign Up in Seconds – You are a few clicks away from starting

An Established Brand

Over a Decade – Plenty of experience under our belts
Success Stories – We know how to get the best out of you
We Love Languages – We know you will too. We live & breathe it

Genuine Taiwanese Teachers

Certified – Our Taiwanese teachers are like no other
Dialects We Care About – No one is as comprehensive
Long Term – Many of our teachers stick with us long term

A Top Class Team

International Team – We speak over 20 languages
Caring – Got a problem? Chances are we know how to solve it
Supporting You – Around the clock, we are here to help


Flexi Classes are the brand new way to study languages online. Why are they different to any other solution?

  • You can choose your time, your teacher and your topic at your own free will
  • There are no fixed class times to follow. You choose whenever you want to study
  • Every single teacher is a certified, qualified professional with a degree in teaching.

Quite simply, there is no other solution that allows for such exclusive access to a set of teachers who are proven in getting students to success.

Say goodbye to fixed class hours, say goodbye to poor quality, and say goodbye to time zone problems.

Flexi Classes changes all of that.


The LTL Flexi Classes is a monthly subscription-based model where you purchase credits (which are essentially classes). You can subscribe using the table below depending on how many hours you wish to study.

You can study from just a few hours a week or every day depending on your schedule. After you sign up you will immediately have your credits ready in your account and can start booking classes straight away. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect in a class:

For more information about Flexi Classes credits check out this page.


Do many people speak Taiwanese?

There are over 15 million speakers of Taiwanese.

Taiwanese is spoken mainly by a vast proportion of the population of Taiwan (70%) and the south eastern parts of China which includes the province of Fujian.

Does Flexi Classes provide individual lessons too?

Yes, the Flexi class system allows for small group classes but also tailored, individual lessons.

Individual classes cost 3 credits compared to small groups which cost 1.

Are all levels welcome?

Yes absolutely.

We teach absolute beginners all the way through to very advanced speakers who just want to keep improving!

Is Hokkien the same as Taiwanese?

Yes they refer to the same dialect of Chinese.

This dialect is spoken by about 70% of the people who live in Taiwan.

Will I study Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese?

Hokkien, or Taiwanese Mandarin, uses Traditional Chinese characters.

You can see the differences between Simplified and Traditional Mandarin with our post here.

Are all ages welcome?

Absolutely – our students come from all different kinds of backgrounds from kids to retirees!