Learning a language is best done whilst young! That makes our Vietnamese for Kids packages incredibly popular ones with parents.

Children and teenagers typically pick up aspects of a language quicker than adults – elements like tones and pronunciation.

We’ve been teaching kids around the world for years and have a winning formula for getting them ahead fast.

As keeping kids attention online is a skill more than anything else, we have a superb team of teachers trained in doing just that.

Your child will enjoy our interactive classes with our super-smiley teaching team.

Learning Vietnamese is a challenge which is best attacked with a team who boast the experience we do.

You won’t find a better online solution for learning Vietnamese than with us! We have a total of six Vietnamese for Kids and Teens packages, which we’ll talk more about below.

Some kids need to enjoy fun and games when partaking in a class, whilst others can deal with a more structured curriculum when studying online. We make sure that your child gets the perfect lesson structure to allow them to progress fast.

Vietnamese for Kids

Our Curriculum – We’ve designed the perfect curriculum
All Ages – Young kids through to teens
Enjoyable – All Vietnamese classes are fun and interactive

Get Ahead Online

We Know How It’s Done – We’re the online experts
Up To Date – We don’t do dated software
Support Team – We can assist you with your computer set up

Our Top Class Team

The Dream Team – Many, many hours of teaching experience
Certified – By the International Association of Language Centres
Motivated – Our teachers keep kids focused and engaged

Our Tight Knit Community

Excellent – 5 Star reviews everywhere you look
Experienced – Over 100,000 hours of classes taught
Established – 8 schools based in China, Taiwan & Singapore


We offer Vietnamese for Kids and Vietnamese for Teens packages – six for each.

Kids are classified as younger than 12, teens are from 12-18 years old. Check out our programs below and the prices are further down the page.

Mini : Kids / Teens – 25 lessons, 2 months

25 hours of Vietnamese classes is our small, starter package.

This basic program is designed to give your child a start with their Vietnamese studies. Ideal for complete beginners.

Standard : Kids / Teens – 50 lessons, 3 months

Our most popular package, 50 hours of Vietnamese spanning over 3 months.

This is a great way for your child to make some genuinely strong progress in a short space of time.

Comprehensive : Kids / Teens – 75 lessons, 4 months

Another hugely popular option is our standard package.

With 75 lessons squeezed into 4 months this is quick and intensive progress with our amazing teaching team.

Kids / Teens 100 – 100 lessons, 5 months

Our 100 hour package gets into more serious study territory.

This is the perfect package if you want your child to learn Vietnamese more intensively and seriously.

Intensive : Kids / Teens – 150 lessons, 6 months

This is the program if you want to push your child towards fluency.

Our intensive Vietnamese package is going to make a real difference to your child’s Vietnamese ability.

Maximum : Kids / Teens – 200 lessons, 12 months

200 lessons of Vietnamese spread over a whole year.

This is the cheapest option per lesson, but is spread out over a longer period giving more flexibility.

DISCOUNT ALERT: When two children take online classes together, there is a 20% discount each!


Our Online Vietnamese for Kids courses are available to purchase below. Select the course you wish to purchase, click BUY NOW, fill out the form and then simply pop your payment details in.

Super quick, super simple sign-up! If you have questions, drop us a message to the email [email protected].

Kids Prices

Teens Prices

Vietnamese for Kids


  • Certified Private Vietnamese Tutor
  • Study materials
  • Tailored Study Plan for your child
  • Free online learning kit

Additional Costs: Zero

Pricing with us is always transparent. Your only cost is the price above which means no registration fees, weekend fee or evening fees.


I have two kids, can they study together?

Yes, no problem at all.

In fact, your two children will receive a 20% discount each when they study together!

What ages can apply for the Vietnamese for Kids program?

We are always teaching to kids from 7 to 18 years of age.

We have also had programs for kids younger than 7, but this can always depend on their focus.

If your child is younger than 7 but you wish for them to partake, drop us a message and we can find a way to make the program a success!

Are there any extra fees?

No, there are no additional fees and never are with LTL.

The pricing with us is always transparent. Your only cost is the price above which means no registration fees, weekend fees or evening fees.

How can we get signed up?

It’s all nice and easy.

First and foremost drop us a message using our contact form if you have other questions, which many parents normally do.

We will need to know the age of your child, their current Vietnamese ability (if any), the aim of the course, the times you are looking for, which time zone you are based and which course option you are interested in.

The more we know, the easier it is to prepare everything as best we can.

Why do classes for Kids & Teens cost more?

A child can achieve amazing language progress in a very short time. However, teaching a child requires a lot of skill and specific knowledge. It is very different to teaching an adult.

All LTL Kids and Teens online classes are taught by professional and specialized teachers. Online language classes for children are amazing and can really spark the interest of a child in learning Vietnamese. To do so an amazing teacher is required who knows how to do that.

And they do cost a bit more, however they are definitely worth it.

What should I prepare for the classes?

A stable internet connection, webcam, microphone and internet enabled device.

It’s probably best to take away any other devices like mobile phones as this will risk distracting your child.

For more useful tech advice, visit our page.

How can I support my child before and after class?

Helping your child to set things up at the beginning is vital takes and some pressure of them.

Also make sure all Bluetooth devices are disconnected. They can impact quality of sound for example.

Make sure your child has access to water during the class and is well fed before class.

Small things like this can make a big difference when it comes to the lesson and how successful it is.

Do I need to be nearby for the classes?

For Teenagers: You are always welcome to be there, but you do not have to. Your teacher will be sure to take the lead and have everything running smoothly.

For Kids: It certainly does no harm to be around to make sure there are no teething problems. Things like problems with sound, video etc, can be solved quickly by you but might waste valuable teaching time if you are not there.

As classes continue and we establish a routine this might not be necessary anymore.

How long is a class?

This generally depends on the age and situation of each child.

For kids usually a one hour class is what we start with. This can also be extended with a break

For teenagers a 90-120 minutes are the most effective options in our experience.

Our Vietnamese teachers make classes fun, with little breaks and games so time passes very quickly.

Who are the teachers?

We have a great and very dedicated Vietnamese online teaching team at LTL. However, Kids & Teens classes are only taught by a select number of specialists. Teaching a kid online is a skill that takes a lot of practice, experience and hard work to achieve.

Our experienced Kids & Teens teaching team is the only online Vietnamese teaching group that focuses on teaching Vietnamese to children.