Get your very own Online Vietnamese Tutor and propel your language skills to levels you never thought possible!

Learning any language 1-on-1 is the fastest way to progress and our wonderful team of Vietnamese Tutors are here to guide you forward.

To truly master a language, especially one as tricky as Vietnamese, you need a professional and experienced tutor. That’s where we come in.

Individual classes are fully adapted to your needs. You are in control.

We make sure you progress as fast as possible when learning Vietnamese.

WANT TO LEARN IN GROUPS – No problem! We also run our popular online Vietnamese classes for small groups as well.

We’ve turned thousands of students from basic to advanced speakers, we want to do the same for you.

Only The Best

The Pro’s – Only the top teachers work for LTL
Real Deal – Our Vietnamese tutors have bags of experience
Certified – All are fully certified and accredited

Up To Speed

100% Online – We are always online for you
Zoom – All classes use Zoom, because it’s easy!
White Boards – You can visualise everything you need

Your Own Vietnamese Tutor

Personal – 1-on-1 classes let you choose the content
Make It Fun – No need to read endless grammar books
Get Forward, Fast – Watch your progress sky-rocket

Great Fun, Great Progress

All Smiles – Students and Teachers always have a blast
Cultural – Teachers give you an insight into the culture
Succeed – No better motivation than seeing you level-up


In total we have six different packages available which we’ll go into more detail below. See which suits you best, or if you do not quite know, contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you.


Mini: 25 lessons (2 months)

Our mini package is the best way get started.

25 lessons with your Vietnamese tutor will help get you beyond the basics and speaking the basics!

Standard: 50 lessons (3 months)

This is our most popular package.

You will take 50 lessons over 3 months with your online Vietnamese tutor. Speedy progress, in next to no time.

One Level – Sprint: 75 lessons (4 months)

Ideal for a motivated learner who wants tailored lessons.

After 75 lessons in just 4 months the compact nature of the course means you’ll be comfortable using Vietnamese day-to-day.


One Level – Thorough: 100 lessons (5 months)

Time to get serious with 100 lessons.

Classes will be split over 5 months and should see you make great progress. This is a popular package.

Two Levels – Sprint: 150 lessons (6 months)

A superb way to make ultra-fast progress in only half a year.

Remember, all our courses are tailored to what you want to learn. We’ll get you hitting your targets in 6 months.

Two Levels – Thorough: 200 lessons (12 months)

Best for students who only have a limited amount of time each week.

You have a whole year to use your 200 lessons. Pound for pound, this is the most cost effective package.


Online Vietnamese Tutor


Want to study Vietnamese online with a friend of yours?

No problem, we can also arrange this!

At LTL we teach two-on-one classes also, which is slightly cheaper than the above.

Prices for these programs are listed in the table, and are shown in US Dollars. You can pay in any currency you wish though.

Please contact [email protected] if you want to find out more.

Hours in TotalPrice (in USD)
25169 USD
50338 USD
75461 USD
100577 USD
150842 USD
2001,123 USD


What do I need for my lessons?

Not much in truth!

A working internet connection, headphones and an internet enabled device.

Our classes run using Zoom, which you can download here.

We find studying on a computer to be much better than a mobile or tablet device, but of course that’s your choice.

My schedule changed, can I cancel a class?

Yes you can cancel up to 30% of your classes up to six hours beforehand.

Please note this needs to be done during mainland Chinese working hours (9am – 6pm, Mon-Fri).

Should I switch my video on?

You don’t have but it is preferred for all parties.

This allows you and the teacher to make the class more fun and interesting

Who are the teachers?

LTL Vietnamese teachers are the best trained, most experienced and professional online Vietnamese teachers the internet has to offer.

With two decades of online language teaching experience we have built an incredibly strong online teaching team. You will feel the difference.

Do you teach Northern, Central or Southern?

This is completely up to you. Before you start your class we will do a Course Preparation Talk with you where we will discuss your preferences and decide on the best studying strategy together. We have Northern, Central and Southern native teachers.

That’s the great thing with online 1-on-1 classes. It is all up to you.

Which teaching materials you use?

During your Course Preparation Talk we will decide on the most suitable teaching materials for you together. Most LTL students study with our LTL Online Vietnamese teaching course materials. They have been especially developed for teaching online and are very effective in getting students to fluency quickly.

However, sometimes a student wants to continue with a book they previously used or focus on a specific subject or area. This is no problem and we will suggest a range of suitable teaching materials, whether they are from LTL or other sources. The most important thing is to get you to fluency as fast as possible.

Can I choose the content of the class?

Yes you can, that is the beauty of having a Vietnamese tutor to yourself.

You decide the topic of the lesson, whether it be focusing on speaking, reading or even analysing your favourite TV show or song.

Can I discuss the schedule with my teacher?

Yes exactly.

A schedule is important so our team can plan your course, and to keep you motivated and studying at regular intervals.

This can all be discussed with your teacher upon signing up.

Do you have small group classes also?

We do indeed.

You can find our Vietnamese group classes here, or for further flexibility, you can check out our Flexi Classes.

How long does a class last?

We do not like that funny business with 45, 50 or 55 minute “lessons”. At LTL an hour of class is a real hour. All classes last a full 60 minutes.

Can I change teachers?

It is very rare that a student is not satisfied with an LTL teacher, however it does happen. In that case it is no problem at all to change teachers. Just let our Director of Studies know and we will organize a new teacher and schedule for you.

Which time zone do you teach in?

All of them. Our students live both in Vietnam and all over the world. It does not matter which time zone you are in. We will be able to organize classes according to your time zone.