Flexi Classes are perfect for companies with team members relocating to, or already based in China.

The complete flexibility to schedule classes whenever fits the student’s time table is especially suitable for busy professionals with little time available and unpredictable schedules.

People who have to accommodate business trips, changing work schedules, different time zones and have very little available time.

With Flexi Classes all classes are taught by professional teachers either in small groups or 1-on-1 online.

No videos, apps or computers, all classes are taught by real live humans.

Students can choose their study schedule freely to take classes whenever is suitable for them. They can cancel, re-book or change class times at any time easily with just a mouse click online.

Work Schedule Friendly

You Are In Control: Book classes 24/7, whenever fits for you
Cancel: Cancel classes at any time
Re-book: Book a new class with just a mouse click
Tailor Made: No need for a fixed schedule

HR Friendly

Reports: Monthly progress reports
Account: Own specialized account manager
Flexible: Easily put people in or out of the program
Adaptable: Package to fix your company needs

Get Fluent, Fast

Small Groups: Average of 2 students per class
Great Teachers: Professional Mandarin Instructors
Curriculum: Well structured LTL online curriculum
Fast: Quick Chinese language progress

Chinese Corporate Language Training

You Make The Decisions: As many participants as you need
Change: Easy to book, cancel or re-book classes
Just for You: Groups just for your team members
Easy: Business trips & overtime easily accommodated


Previously students had to choose to either study with apps and videos to have complete time flexibility or to have a real human teacher, but accept limited time flexibility.

Flexi Classes made that choice between either studying with a real teacher or having complete time flexibility redundant.

With Flexi Classes students can book, cancel and re-book both 1-on-1 and group classes with real live teachers at any time.

Classes are offered 24/7 as small groups and 1-on-1 online classes.

It is possible to book classes late at night, in different time zones, weekends or whenever else fits a student’s busy work schedule.

Booking, cancelling or re-booking is done online with just the click of a button.

With all classes being taught online, students can study wherever and whenever they want.


To learn Mandarin while working a full time job can be a big challenge. Flexi Class small groups are the fastest way to learn Chinese quickly for professionals.

Our small online group classes have an average of only 2 (2.12 to be exact) students per class. This guarantees plenty of time to speak, practice and ask questions for each student. The LTL Online Curriculum is especially designed to take students quickly towards Mandarin fluency and teach vocabulary and phrases that are relevant to today’s working life in China.

However, the most important part is of course the LTL teaching team. Our classes do not consist of videos or apps, but are taught by real live professional Chinese language teachers. As China’s biggest and most established private language school with schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, Xi’an, Chengdu, Beihai and Chengde we have assembled the best Chinese language teacher team there is.

Professional, experienced, well trained and highly motivated, LTL teachers are at the heart of the success of our company.

Now that quality is available to students 24/7 via online Flexi Classes. Your team members will see the results in their quick language progress


We specialize in providing Chinese language instruction for companies.

From huge organisations like Daimler-Benz, Microsoft or the United Nations with hundreds or thousands of students studying Chinese to small and medium sized companies with just a few team members requiring Chinese language skills, we have been helping professionals to learn Mandarin both online and face to face since the 2000’s.

We provide detailed reports, flexible solutions and dedicated support.

We understand that fitting into and helping to simplify the work processes of the HR department is crucial for the success of any corporate language training program.

Your companies account manager will be able to provide you with reports regarding the number of classes studied, Chinese level achieved, money spent etc. at any time.

Your company account manager is also always available for support and questions when needed.


Are Flexi Classes better before or after arriving in China?

They are equally suitable for both.

Flexi Classes work very well for team members who will go to China and need to acquire language skills before arrival.

The great thing with online classes is though that they will be able to continue their course without interruption once they relocated there.

Work life in China can also be quite unpredictable with last minute meetings, frequent travel and traffic jams often requiring short term changes to schedules.

The Flexi Class system is perfectly suited for providing that flexibility.

Can you provide Fapiao’s?


If your company needs not just a business invoice but a Chinese Fapiao, just let us know in advance and we can arrange this for you.

Can I also study business Chinese in person?

You can indeed.

If you are in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Chengdu, Xi’an, Beihai or Singapore, let us know and we’ll get something arranged.

What about family members?

Flexi Classes work very well for both team members themselves and their spouses and kids.

The group class option makes studying Chinese fun together with other students.

We offer special packages for expatriate families too, just send us an email on [email protected] to receive a specialized corporate quote.

What about payments?

Payments can be done monthly or quarterly depending on your company’s needs.

Can I speak to an account manager?

Yes you can.

Please email us on [email protected] to let us know what you are looking for. You will have a reply within less than 24 hours in your Inbox.

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