Learn Cantonese Online with our fully qualified, native Cantonese speakers at LTL and get fluent, fast.

Cantonese, is spoken by over 70 million people worldwide, mainly in Hong Kong and southern parts of China which include Guangdong province.

Our fixed time small group classes will get you to where you want to be, with never more than six students in each class.

As we teach students from all four corners of the planet we have fixed lesson times to suit all times zones, from LA all the way through to the Far East.

You can learn Cantonese online with two types of package:

  • 4 hours a week
  • 10 hours a week

Learn Cantonese Online With The Finest

Top Teachers – We only hire the very best teachers
Experienced – We’ve taught hundreds of thousands of hours
Winners – We’ve helped so many gain fluency
Thousands of Successes – Just read our reviews online
Established – We’ve been around and teaching since 2007

100% Online, 100% By Your Side

Support – Any questions, you can always ask us
Around the Clock – We are always available
Always Online – Our team and teachers are around the world
International Team – Our team speak over 20 languages
Caring – We know learning languages is tough, we’re all ears


We are the language experts of the far east.

We’ve always been a Mandarin school first and foremost, but upon realising there was a huge demand for other languages, we’ve utilised our experience in hiring the best team of Mandarin teachers, to broaden our horizons further.

Mandarin is indeed the #1 spoken language on the planet, but we genuinely care about the other dialects that fall under the Chinese umbrella and Cantonese is a big one of those.

With over 70 million worldwide speakers, this is a language that can prove incredibly useful.

No school, online or offline, cares for the dialects of Chinese more than we do.

We’ve hired the best team which gives you the best chance to succeed when it comes to learning Cantonese online with us.

How to Sign up and Learn Cantonese Online?

1 – Choose your preferred schedule below.

2 – Click Choose Schedule on the table below.

3 – Fill in the quick form, which tells us a little more about you.

4 – Confirm your payment using the Stripe payment platform.

CourseDaysHours a WeekClass TimesTime ZoneUTC
After Work EveningMonday & Wednesday OR Tuesday & Thursday47pm – 9pmChina, Central Europe, New YorkUTC +8, +1 & -4
WeekendSaturday or Sunday48am – 10am & 11am – 1pm OR 1pm – 3pm & 4pm – 6pmChina, Central Europe, New YorkUTC +8, +1 & -4
Everyday IntensiveMonday – Friday108am – 10am & 11am – 1pm OR 1pm – 3pm & 4pm – 6pmChina, Central Europe, New YorkUTC +8, +1 & -4


Online Cantonese Group Classes


Where do classes take place?

All classes are live on Zoom.

Can I also learn other Chinese dialects like Shanghainese?

Always with us!

We also offer Shanghainese Online Courses but there will be plenty more coming in the not too distant future.

What are the main differences between Mandarin & Cantonese?

There are number of differences which includes number of tones and pronunciation.

We recommend taking a look at this article to give you a proper rundown on how Mandarin vs Cantonese differs.

Can I also learn Cantonese online individually?

Yes you can indeed.

We have a number of individual Cantonese class packages here you can take a look at.

Where is Cantonese most widely spoken?

Hong Kong is the home of Cantonese.

Guangdong Province, in the south of China, which borders Hong Kong also hosts millions of Cantonese (or Guangdong Hua) speakers.

In Hong Kong you will hear very little Mandarin spoken in fact.

If I am going to live in Hong Kong in the near future, should I learn Cantonese?

Why not?

Hong Kong is the home of Cantonese so it would make perfect sense.

Of course, English is widely spoken in Hong Kong and you certainly don’t have to learn Cantonese to get by, but it’ll make your life easier in certain situations and open up more potential doors for relationships and opportunities you may’ve overlooked.

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