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The First Half of My Life // A Great Chinese TV Show to Learn About Chinese Relationships

The First Half of My Life (我的前半生 wǒ de qián bànshēng) is a great show to learn about modern Chinese culture.

In total there are 42 episodes for us to get stuck into!

Below are some positive comments from a Chinese learner who watched the show:

“As a foreigner this show is great to learn about guanxi (关系 guānxì), the Chinese workplace, friendships in China and divorce in China. The character He Han (贺涵 hè hán) is very inspiring and I can see parts of myself reflected in the characters while also improving my Chinese. It also teaches you how to overcome obstacles and to never take anything for granted. “

The First Half of My Life – Plot

The First Half of My Life – Main Characters

The First Half of My Life – Where to Watch

The First Half of My Life – The Ending

The First Half of My Life – Words to know

The First Half of My Life – FAQ’s

The First Half of My Life – Plot

Luo Zijun (罗子君 Luō zijūn) is 33 years old, she thinks her life is full of happiness.

She is a devoted housewife with a peaceful life, she even has a nanny so has lots of spare time.

She has a lovely son and her husband’s job is very good. However, what she never expected was for her husband to divorce her for another woman after 8 years marriage.

Luo Zijun thinks she isn’t able to do anything because she has hardly had to work in her life, but she needs to find a job so that she can support herself and her son.

Her best friend Tang Jing (唐晶 táng jīng) helps her with almost everything to make her strong, but guess what…

… She falls in love with Tang Jing’s boyfriend He Han (贺涵 hè hán).

So, what will happen? Can Luo Zijun make it through the divorce and start her own career?

What will happen between Luo Zijun, her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend?

What do you think of this Luo Zijun? Leave us a comment below and let’s chat it out!

The First Half of My Life – Main Characters


Tang Jing (唐晶 táng jīng), played by Chinese actress Yuan Quan (袁泉 yuán quán).

A very successful woman in her company, she is strong and has worked very hard to get to her position.

However, one of her colleagues is jealous of her and wants to make her leave.

She loves her boyfriend He Han, but sometimes misunderstands him. She always helps her best friend whenever needed.


Luo zijun (罗子君 Luō zijūn), plays by Chinese actress Ma Yili (马伊琍 mǎyīlì).

Straight after graduating, she married Chen Junsheng (陈俊生 chén jùnshēng) and gave her whole heart to being a good housewife.

However, she has to go back into the workforce to find a job after 8 years of marriage because her husband leaves her.

At first she is fragile, but is forced to become stronger because of what happens. She finally grows into a strong, independent woman after facing so many challenges in her personal life and work.


He Han (贺涵 hè hán), played by Chinese actor Jin Dong (靳东 jìn dōng).

He has loved Tang Jing for 10 years and he is hugely successful in his work.

He is a good teacher and team leader for successful transforming Luo Zijun, from a fresh worker to a strong colleague.

He can’t help but fall in love with Luo Zijun after spending so much time working with her, but he also has responsibility towards Tang Jing.

Want to see more acting from Jin Dong? He also plays a minor character in Ode to Joy, which you can see more about below.

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The First Half of My Life – Where to Watch

  • The First Half of My Life is available to watch for free on YouTube with English subtitles.
  • It is also available on Amazon Prime for those with a subscription.
  • You can also watch on Chinese streaming sites such as YouKu.

The First Half of My Life – The Ending

Warning, contains spoilers!

The director leaves The First Half of My Life with an open ending.

The viewer doesn’t know whether Tang Jing will be able to forgive her best friend Luo Zijun, or if Luo Zijun and He Han will end up together.

Time will tell and it is left up to the audience to decide what they think happens.

Ultimately the ending doesn’t matter, the important part is they have been there for each other in the first half of their lives. We can only imagine they all ended in peace and happiness!

The First Half of My Life – Words to Know

  • 全职太太 quánzhí tàitài – Housewife
  • 老婆 lǎopó – Wife
  • 情人 qíngrén – Lover
  • 离婚 líhūn – Divorce
  • 感情依赖 gǎnqíng yīlài – Emotionally dependent
  • 单亲家庭 dānqīnjiātíng – Single parent family
  • 抛弃 pāoqì – Abandon
  • 抛妻弃子pāo qī qì zi – Abandon your wife and child
  • 人际关系 rénjì guānxì – Interpersonal relationship
  • 归宿 guīsù – Fate


Dàolǐ dōu dǒng de ya. Dànshì suǒyǒu de rén, dōu shì zài jiāng jiù. Jiù zhèyàng jiāng jiù dì guò le yībèizi

We all know the truth. But we are all putting up with it. We spend our whole life just like this.

The First Half of My Life – FAQ’s

Who is Jin Dong?

Jin Dong (靳东 jìn dōng) plays the character He Han in the show and is a famous actor in China.

He is famous for films such as The Disguiser, Nirvana in Fire, Candle in The Tomb and Gentlemen.

Where is The First Half of My Life set?

The First Half of My Life is set in Shanghai. If you watch this series you will be able to practice listening to actors talking in a Shanghai accent.

When was The First Half of my Life released?

The First Half of My Life was released in 2017.

How many episodes are there?

In total there are 42 episodes for us to get stuck into!

What the Chinese name of The First Half of my Life?

The Chinese name is 我的前半生 (wǒ de qián bànshēng).

Can I watch the The First Half of My Life on YouKu?

Yes, it is available on YouKu, however it only has Chinese subtitles and you need to pay for it.

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