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The Top Stefanie Sun Songs To Learn Chinese

On the 9th June 2020 Stefanie Sun held a live online concert to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her music career, which began with the release of her first album back in 2000.

Her music has accompanied us for 20 years and reminds me of my youth.

Having had a great look back at some amazing memories it makes me want to recommend her music to you so much today.

That night, with her short black hair and wearing a simple white T-shirt, she sang barefoot in an online concert and sang her golden songs.

The scene is warm and evokes the warm memories of a generation.

She wrote on Weibo: Companionship is happiness 陪伴就是幸福 péibàn jiù shì xìngfú

Stefanie Sun – Who is Stefanie Sun?

Stefanie Sun – The Moment Music Album

Stefanie Sun – Classic Songs

Stefanie Sun – Where to Listen to Stefanie Sun?

Stefanie Sun – How Can You Learn Mandarin with Music?

Stefanie Sun – FAQ’s

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Who is Stefanie Sun?

Stefanie Sun is a singer and songwriter born in Singapore on 23 July 1978.

Her Chinese name is 孙燕姿 sūn yànzī. If you have learned Chinese, you may know that 姿 is made up of the characters and 女 nǚ, which together (次女) means the second daughter.

That’s why she is called 姿 zī.

Stefanie Sun is a Grade 8 level pianist and has good writing skills. She is good at both fast and slow songs. Being familiar with both Chinese and English songs, she became the first Singaporean singer popular in Asia.

In 2000, when she was 22 years old, she released her debut album, and she won 15 newcomer awards in Asia.

This record has never been broken in the Chinese music scene.

Jay Chou is hugely popular, right?

Well, Jay Chou missed out on the Best Newcomer Award at the 12th Taiwan Golden Melody Awards because of Sun Yanzi.

She won that award instead.

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The Moment Music Album by Stefanie Sun

Three years after she released her debut album (Yan Zi) Stefanie Sun released her first compilation album called The Moment.

It had five new songs and fifteen other songs from her previous six albums.

It contains the most impressive memories of her creations and impressions, and they convey all the efforts of Sun Yanzi in the field of music.

When Stefanie Sun released this album she decided to have a break for one year to find balance and enjoy life.

One song of the album I’d especially like to recommend to you is called 遇见 yùjiàn.

遇见 yùjiàn (meet) is the theme song of the movie Turn Left, Turn Right.

In 2003, the song won the first place in Hit FM’s 100 singles of the year.

In 2004, it won the 11th Chinese Songs Ranking of the Most Popular Songs in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In 2004, the song won the gold award for the highest demand rate in Asia.

It goes like this:

遇见 yùjiàn by Stefanie Sun

听见 冬天 的离开 tīngjiàn dōngtiān de líkāi
I hear that winter is finishing
我在某年某月醒过来 wǒ zài mǒu nián mǒu yuè xǐng guòlái
I wake up in some year, some month
我想 我等 我期待 wǒ xiǎng wǒ děng wǒ qídài
I want, I wait, I expect
未来却不能因此安排 wèilái què bùnéng yīncǐ ānpái
However, the future can’t be arranged

阴天 傍晚 车窗外 yīn tiān bàngwǎn chē chuāngwài
In a cloudy day, in the evening, outside the car window
未来有一个人在等待 wèilái yǒuyī gèrén zài děngdài
Someone is waiting in the future
向左 向右 向前看 xiàng zuǒ xiàng yòu xiàng qián kàn
Looking left, looking right, looking forward
爱要拐几个弯才来 ài yào guǎi jǐ gè wān cái lái
How many corners must love turn before it arrives?

我遇见谁会有怎样的对白 wǒ yùjiàn shéi huì yǒu zěnyàng de duìbái
Who am I going to meet and what we are gonna to say?
我等的人他在多远的未来 wǒ děng de rén tā zài duō yuǎn de wèilái
The one I am waiting, how far is he from me?
我听见风来自地铁和人海 wǒ tīngjiàn fēng láizì dìtiě hé rén hǎi
I hear the wind coming from the subway and the crowd
我排著队拿著爱的号码牌 wǒ páizhe duì názhe ài de hàomǎ pái
I wait and queue holding the number plate for love

我往前飞飞过一片时间海 wǒ wǎng qián fēi fēiguò yīpiàn shíjiān hǎi
I fly forward across the sea of time
我们也曾在爱情里受伤害 wǒmen yě céng zài àiqíng lǐ shòu shānghài
We all have also been hurt in love
我看着路 梦的入口有点窄 wǒ kànzhe lù mèng de rùkǒu yǒudiǎn zhǎi
I see the road, the entrance to the dream is a bit narrow
我遇见你是最美丽的意外 wǒ yùjiàn nǐ shì zuì měilì de yìwài
It is the most beautiful accident that I met you
总有一天 我的谜底会揭开 zǒng yǒu yītiān wǒ de mídǐ huì jiē kāi
Someday, I will find my answer

All the songs from The Moment are great and if you are interested in Taiwan folk music I really recommend listening to the song 天黑黑 tiān hēi hēi.

Classic songs by Stefanie Sun

Well, as a huge fun of hers, I have to say that for me, every song is a classic.

If I have to choose, maybe the following ones you can have a listen to first.

  • Against the Light 逆光 nìguāng

To shoot the music video for this song they went all the way to Egypt!

What the song wants to convey is that when you decide to fall in love with someone, there must be a way to never give up.

  • What I Miss 我怀念的 wǒ huáiniàn de

This music video tells the love story of a couple.

In the story, the hero and the heroine (played by Stefanie Sun) have experienced love starting with their acquaintance and the finally their breakup.

There is happiness, laughter and pain in the story.

There are tears, and at the end of the story, the heroine touches the photos taken of the two of them together and leaves silently with a smile.

  • A Dancing Van Gogh 跳舞的梵谷 tiàowǔ de fàn gǔ

In 2017, the song won the top 20 golden song awards of the global pop music gold list.


It is a tribute to Van Gogh, in order to express Stefanie’s musical persistence.

As the song conveys, even if the magnificent atmosphere and the strange and crazy coexist, Stefanie can still support it.

The whole song ranges from gloomy, to psychedelic, to madness, and then breaks away from the world.

The progress of each layer of emotion is clearly conveyed to the audience through the unique voice of Stefanie, which makes people intoxicated.

Where to Listen to Stefanie Sun Online?

You can go to YouTube to watch and listen to her songs by searching for her name.

Or you can also go to Spotify by searching for 孙燕姿 sūnyànzī

Here is her debut album, Yan Zi for example.

How To Learn Mandarin with Stefanie Sun’s songs?

Check our previous blog about how to learn Chinese through lyrics.

For Stefanie’s songs the easiest way to learn is to search for the lyrics with their pinyin.

You don’t need to translate every character, you just need to know how to pronounce them because a lot of the meanings and feelings of the song are conveyed though Stefanie’s other skills instead of just lyrics.

I’m pretty sure that after listening several times, you’ll get the drift.

Tell us what you think of her songs in the comments below and I hope that you’ve enjoyed this blog.

Stefanie Sun – FAQ’s

Where can I listen to Stefanie Sun’s songs?

You can go to YouTube, where you can find most of the music videos for her songs.

You can also go to Spotify to find her songs

Is Stefanie Sun Chinese?

No, she is not, she is from Singapore.

However, her ancestral home is in Guangdong, China. She is famous for singing songs in Mandarin.

Is Stefanie Sun married?

Yes, Stefanie Sun got married in 2011 and has a husband who is from the Netherlands.

They have a son and a daughter.

What is Stefanie Sun’s Chinese name?

Stephanie Sun’s Chinese name is 孙燕姿 sūn yànzī. 孙 sūn is her family name and 燕姿 yànzī is her first name.

Edited by Katie Coy

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