Learn Chinese Through Five Famous Faye Wong Songs || PLUS A Bonus!

How can I Learn Chinese Through Faye Wong’s Songs?

It is never easy to learn a second language and it takes time. But, one of the easiest (and most enjoyable!) ways is through Chinese songs, TV and movies.

Which brings us to Faye Wong (王菲 wángfēi).

Hugely popular in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and even Japan, Faye Wong is something of a superstar in Asia, with songs in both Cantonese and Mandarin.

Before we tell you more about this C-pop diva and her biggest hits, take a look at our top tips for using songs to learn Chinese:

First, find the song and the lyrics.
You can watch the music video or just listen to the song with the lyrics.
Listen to the song one or two times to get familiar with it.

Second, try to understand the meaning of the song and the lyrics.
It takes a little time, so be patient, but believe me it is an essential step.

Third, try to follow and copy the singer with one or two sentences.
You need to repeat this step a lot, you’ll get better as you go along!

Last but not least sing along with the singer.
Not only can you learn Chinese but also you get to practice your singing skills!

You can also check out our top recommendations for Chinese classic songs.

An Introduction to Faye Wong

Faye Wong Song # 1 Hóngdòu 红豆

Faye Wong Song # 2 Yīnwèi àiqíng 因为爱情

Faye Wong Song # 3Chuánqí 传奇

Faye Wong Song # 4 Nǐ kuàilè suǒyǐ wǒ kuàilè 你快乐 所以我快乐

Faye Wong Song # 5Rénjiān 人间

BONUS – One final Faye Wong Song

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Who is Faye Wong?

Faye Wong (王菲 wángfēi) is a really famous singer and actor in China.

She is known for having a strong personality and not caring about what other people think, which actually made a lot of people admire her attitude.

Her voice is strong and you can’t help but listen to her again and again.

Here is a little bit of gossip about Faye Wong. She has been divorced twice, her first husband was famous singer Wei Dou (窦唯 dòuwéi).

They had a daughter together who is named Leah Dou (窦靖童 Dòujìngtóng) who has also become a singer.

Once when a journalist once asked her how her divorce proceedings were going, she just answered “It’s none of your business.”

Another example is when she was asked “What kind of father are you going to look for Leah?” She replied “Leah already has her father. What I am going to look for is my own life partner.”

Despite being something of a heavy drinker and smoker in her early life, now she has become vegetarian and follows Buddhist beliefs. There are a lot of tags used to describe her, ‘The Queen of Music’ is one of the best ones to describe her singing.

Fun fact: Faye Wong appeared on the Final Fantasy VIII 1999 album, with the song ‘Eyes on Me‘.

Here are five songs by her for you to learn Chinese, they have traditional Chinese subtitles so it’s a great opportunity to learn some traditional Chinese characters!

Have you ever heard of her songs? How do you like them? Leave us comment below!

Faye Wong Songs #1 – Hóngdòu 红豆

This is my favourite Faye Wong song, 红豆 (hóngdòu) which means red bean. In the song red bean means “I miss you.”

等到风景都看透 Děngdào fēngjǐng dōu kàntòu
Wait until the scenery is clear
也许你会陪我看细水长流 yěxǔ nǐ huì péi wǒ kàn xìshuǐchángliú
Maybe you will accompany me to watch the stream

Faye Wong Songs #2 – Yīnwèi àiqíng 因为爱情

因为爱情( yīnwèi àiqíng) means “Because of love”, it is a very romantic song.

This song is very popular and if you ever go to KTV in China, you will find it almost in every KTV club.

This song is a duet so is normally sung by two people together. This is a good song for you to show love to your partner.

因为爱情 不会轻易悲伤 Yīnwèi àiqíng bù huì qīngyì bēishāng
Because of love, I don’t feel sad easily
所以一切都是幸福的模样 suǒyǐ yīqiè dōu shì xìngfú de múyàng
So everything is about happiness

Faye Wong Songs #3 – Chuánqí 传奇

传奇 (chuánqí) means “legend” and was originally sung by Jian Li. Faye Wong sang it at 春晚 (chūnwǎn) in 2010 catipulating the song into the spotlight.

春晚 (chūnwǎn) is short for 春节联欢晚会 (chūnjié liánhuān wǎnhuì) which is the CCTV Spring Festival Gala Evening. This is one of the most popular shows to watch on Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) Eve in China.

只是因为在人群中多看了你一眼 Zhǐshì yīnwèi zài rénqún zhōng duō kànle nǐ yīyǎn
Just because I give you one more look in the crowd
再也没能忘掉你容颜 zài yě méi néng wàngdiào nǐ róngyán
Never ever can I forget your look

Faye Wong Songs #4 – Nǐ kuàilè suǒyǐ wǒ kuàilè 你快乐 所以我快乐

你快乐 所以我快乐 (nǐ kuàilè suǒyǐ wǒ kuàilè) translates to “You’re happy, so I’m happy”.

你眉头开了 所以我笑了 Nǐ méitóu kāile suǒyǐ wǒ xiàole
Your eyebrow arched, so I smiled
你眼睛红了 我的天灰了 nǐ yǎnjīng hóngle wǒ de tiān huīle
Your eyes are red, my sky is grey

Faye Wong Songs #5 – Rénjiān 人间

人间 (Rénjiān) means “The human world” and this song is quite a fast one.

The other four songs I’ve recommended are slow and easy to follow, so this one will be a challenge for you.

但愿你的眼睛 只看得到笑容 Dàn yuàn nǐ de yǎnjīng zhǐ kàn dédào xiàoróng
I hope your eyes can only see smiling
但愿你流下每一滴泪都让人感动 dàn yuàn nǐ liúxià měi yīdī lèi dōu ràng rén gǎndòng
I hope every tear you shed will be touching

BONUS Faye Wong Song

What’s your favourite Faye Wong song having listened the above five?

Do you want another bonus one?

Sure thing, Faye Wong’s song Wǒ yuànyì (我愿意) made our list of greatest ever Chinese songs – check it out.

Faye Wong Songs – FAQ’s

When was Faye Wong born?

August 8, 1969

Where was Faye Wong born?

Faye Wong was born in Beijing and moved to Hong Kong in 1987.

What is Faye Wong’s nickname?

Her nickname is “the Diva”. In Chinese this is 天后 which is literally “Heavenly Queen”.

How many children does Faye Wong have?

Faye Wong has two children, Leah Dou and Li Yan

Who was Faye Wong married to?

Faye Wang has been married (and divorced) twice, her first husband was famous singer Dou Wei and her second husband was Chinese actor Li Yapeng.

Where can I listen to Faye Wong songs?

You can listen to the songs on Spotify or on QQ Music.

You can also watch the song on YouTube, this is actually really helpful for Chinese learning because you can see the lyrics in the music videos.

Is there somewhere I can see simplified Chinese subtitles for the Faye Wong Songs?

Yes, on QQ music you can listen to the song with Chinese subtitles being displayed.

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