Hello Mr. Billionaire (2018) – A Popular Chinese Comedy Movie

Hello Mr. Billionaire (西虹市首富: Xī hóng shì shǒufù) Review – Watch Comedy in Chinese!

Starring the Chinese comedian Shen Teng (沈腾: shén téng) and directed by Fei Yan and Da-Mo Peng, this movie tells the story of a young man who has to spend a whopping 1 billion yuan in a month in order to inherit his rich uncle’s fortune.

What you would spend 1 billion yuan on?

Hello Mr. Billionaire: Plot

Hello Mr. Billionaire: Main Cast

Hello Mr. Billionaire: Where to watch

Hello Mr. Billionaire: Useful Words & Phrases you can learn from the Film

Hello Mr. Billionaire: Critique

Hello Mr. Billionaire: FAQ’s

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Hello Mr. Billionaire – Plot

Based on the American film Brewster’s Millions starring Richard Pryor and John Candy, this funny movie tells the story of a lousy goalkeeper, called Wang Duo Yu (王多鱼: wáng duō yú) whom unexpectedly inherits his rich uncle’s fortune of 30 billion yuan!!


But of course… there is a catch!!

As a condition for gaining his Uncle’s fortune, Duo-yu has to attempt to reasonably spend one billion yuan in a month.

Easy right?…Not quite!

His Uncle further challenges him and set restrictions on how the money can be spent.

For example, he cannot give the money away to charity and he isn’t allowed to tell anyone about his task.

This wacky story creates a funny story plot as he tries to overcome his Uncle’s challenge!

Alongside him is his good friend Qiang Zhuang, who also gets roped into the spending spree.

He also has a business and financial advisor Xia Zhu, who in the end becomes his love interest.

So will he succeed? – it is up to you find out and watch!

Hello Mr. Billionaire was released in 2018, and was top of the box office in its first week!

This movie is suitable for students who have a basic or intermediate Chinese level.

Regardless of your level, the relaxing humor of the movie (and the magic of subtitles!) makes it an enjoyable watch.

Hello Mr. Billionaire – Main Cast

  • Shen Teng (沈腾: shén téng) plays Wang Duo Yu (王多鱼: wáng duō yú). Shen was born in Heilongjiang, China and is a well-known Chinese comedian and actor
  • Zhang Yiming (张一鸣: Zhāngyīmíng) plays Qiang Zhuang. Zhang was born in Liaoning, China and is an actor.
  • Vivian or also known as Sung Yun-hua (宋芸樺: Sòngyúnhuà) plays Xia Zhu (夏竹: xià zhú). Vivian is a Taiwanese actress and singer.

Fact: This movie was directed by Fei Yan (闫非: Yán fēi) and Damo Peng (彭大魔: Péng dà mó), the same creative team behind Goodbye Mr Loser.

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Hello Mr. Billionaire – Where to Watch

You can watch Hello Mr Billionaire either on Youtube or Rakuten Viki:

Hello Mr. Billionaire is available with English subtitles, so don’t worry if you’ve just set off on your Chinese language journey.

But why not challenge yourself and watch it with Chinese subtitles!

Useful Words & Phrases You can Learn from the Film

Some Football Terminology

  • 守门员 (Shǒuményuán) – Goal Keeper
  • 女足 (nǚzú) – Women’s football
  • 看球 (kàn qiú) – Watch the game
  • 球队 (qiú duì) – Team
  • 球龄 (qiúlíng) – The length of playing the ball game
  • 禁赛 (jìnsài) – Suspended
  • 比赛 (bǐsài) – Matches
  • 足球场 (zúqiú chǎng) – Soccer field

Fact: A lot of words used in this movie are abbreviated, indeed native speakers often combine Chinese characters to form two-character words/phrases!

Here are some examples:

  • 球龄 (qiúlíng) (qiú) means ball & 年 (niánlíng) means age, so combined this forms the two character word 球龄 (qiúlíng) which means the length someone has played the ball game.
  • 禁赛 (jìnsài) – 止 (jìnzhǐ) means to ban or forbid & 比 (bǐsài) means matches, so combined this forms the two character word 禁赛 (jìnsài) which means suspend from matches.
  • 球队 (qiú duì) – (qiú) means ball & 伍 (duìwǔ) means team so combined forms the two character word 球队 (qiú duì) which means the team of the ball game.

In actual fact, there are loads of examples like these used in the Chinese language.

Watching more Chinese movies or TV shows, like Hello Mr. Billionaire will not only help you spot these words/phrases much quicker but also make you speak more like a native!

Useful Phrases with the terminology

  • 球龄二十年 (nǐ qiú líng èrshí nián) – You have played soccer for twenty years
  • 你喜欢哪个球队?(nǐ xǐhuān nǎge qiú duì?) – Which team do you like?
  • 友谊第一,比赛第二 (yǒuyì dì yī, bǐsài dì èr) – Friendship first, competition second
  • 他因为踢人被禁赛 (tā yīnwèi tī rén bèi jìnsài) – He was suspended from matches for kicking others
  • 那两年你踢过女足 (nà liǎng nián nǐ tīguò nǚzú) – During the two years, you played for Women’s soccer
  • 昨晚看球睡太晚了(zuó wǎn kàn qiú shuì tài wǎnle) – I stayed up too late watching soccer last night
  • 守的就是足球场上的底线 (shǒu de jiùshì zúqiú chǎng shàng de dǐxiàn) – Hold the bottomline in the soccer field
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Hello Mr. Billionaire – Critique

Not everyone liked Hello Mr. Billionaire, including some of the LTL team!

Although its silly humor has appealed to the younger audiences, there is much controversy around the depiction of wealth portrayed in the film.

The stark contrast shown between the rich and the poor, although not intentional, was a reminder to audiences of China’s expanding wealth gap.

Many found its scenes of wealth and luxury objectionable rather than satirical!

Nevertheless, the cast keep the audiences engaged with their energetic humor.

Hello Mr. Billionaire – FAQ’s

Is this movie similar to Crazy Rich Asian’s?

Similar to ‘Crazy Rich Asian’s’, this movie offers a glimpse into the lives of Asia’s ultra-wealthy.

When was Hello Mr. Billionaire Released?

The movie premiered on November 22nd, 2018

How do you say ‘Comedy’ in Chinese?

Simple, its ‘Xǐjù piàn: 喜剧片’

Where can I learn some Jokes in Chinese?

Check out this article about Chinese Jokes.

How do I learn Chinese from Movies or TV?

Here are some useful tips on how to watch TV and learn Chinese.

Is this movie available on Netflix?

Sadly, no not yet.

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