Goodbye Mr Loser – Should I Watch This Movie to Help my Chinese?

Goodbye Mr Loser – Reviewed and Rated

Here is a short movie review of the Chinese comedy film Goodbye Mr Loser, or to call it by it’s Chinese name 夏洛特烦恼 (xià luò tè fánnǎo).

Goodbye Mr. Loser – Theme Song

Goodbye Mr. Loser – Mahua FunAge

Goodbye Mr. Loser – Where to Watch

Goodbye Mr. Loser – Breif Introduction

Goodbye Mr. Loser – Reason to watch

Goodbye Mr. Loser – Compared with 17 again

Goodbye Mr. Loser – FAQ’s

Goodbye Mr. Loser – Theme Song

The theme song for Goodbye Mr Loser is called Just Once (一次就好 Yīcì jiù hǎo). Here are some of the classic lyrics from it:

一次就好 Yīcì jiù hǎo,
Just once,
我带你去看天荒地老 Wǒ dài nǐ qù kàn tiānhuāngdìlǎo
Let me be with you forever
在阳光灿烂的日子里开怀大笑 Zài yángguāng cànlàn de rìzi lǐ kāihuái dà xiào
Laughing under the bright sunshine
在自由自在的空气里吵吵闹闹 Zài zìyóu zìzài de kōngqì lǐ chāochao nào nào
Free like birds chirping in the air

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Goodbye Mr. Loser – Mahua FunAge

This movie is made by Mahua FunAge, a Chinese private comedy enterprise that is focused on making comedy films, and plays for ordinary people.

Goodbye Mr. Loser is Mahua FunAge’s first time making the transfer from producing plays to film.

Their move into film opened up a new world of domestic comedy.

It enabled film producers to realise that advanced comedy is not only about making the audience laugh, but also about building solid content to make it have more emotional resonance.

Goodbye Mr. Loser – Where to Watch

You can watch Goodbye Mr Loser on YouTube, it is free and has the option for English subtitles.

It is also available to watch on a range of Chinese streaming platforms.

Goodbye Mr. Loser – Brief Introduction

A middle aged man named Xia Luo ( 夏洛 xià luò) is an unemployed amateur musician, with no income. He has to be supported by his wife.

If we use money to define success, then there is no doubt that he would be classed as a loser (hence the title name).

He thinks that the rest of his life will be spent like this, until the day he attends the wedding of Qiuya (秋雅 qiūyǎ), an old classmate who he had a huge crush on in high school.

Goodbye Mr.Loser

At the wedding, he tries to pretend that his life is successful to save face.

But when he gets really drunk and makes a public declaration of love to Qiuya. His wife Ma Dongmei (马冬梅 mǎ dōngméi) publicly shames him, revealing the truth.

Xiao Luo is so angry that he goes to the toilet and passes out in a fit of rage. When he awakes everything has changed…

He is transported back in time to 1997, when he was in high school. Then what follows is a series of incredible events.

So, will he grasp this second chance and be successful? Will he choose his current wife Ma Dongmei, or he will go after the girl he always wanted Qiuya?

What will his choice be when he is given the chance to achieve the fame and success he always dreamed of?

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Goodbye Mr. Loser – Reasons to Watch

The character Xia Luo is played by Shen Teng (沈腾 shén téng) and the character of Ma Dongmei is played by Ma Li (马丽 mǎ lì).

Both Shen Teng and Ma Li are very famous comedy actors in China. This is a great film to introduce you to Chinese comedy and what style of comedy is popular in China.

It’s also gives you insight into what was popular in China in the 1990s.

Goodbye Mr. Loser is also a really good film for introducing you to some of the biggest hits in Chinese music.

It is full of popular and famous Chinese songs, ranging from the late 1990s right up to the 2010s.

The movie was released in 2015 and made an amazing 1.4 billion CNY at the Chinese box office! However, the film wasn’t an immediate success and took some time to gain recognition, being coined as a “sleeper hit”.

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Goodbye Mr. Loser – Compared with 17 again

When I watch Goodbye Mr. Loser I can’t help but be reminded of the American movie 17 Again, starring Matthew Perry from Friends.

However, these two films are very different.

Goodbye Mr. Loser is more focused on the idea that even if you realise all your dreams you still might not be happy and it can make you see what is actually important to you.

It makes you treasure what you have now.

I recommend you watch this film if interested in learning Chinese or Chinese culture.

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Goodbye Mr. Loser – FAQ’s

Is there somewhere I can watch Goodbye Mr. Loser with English subtitles?

Yes, you can watch Goodbye Mr. Loser on YouTube, where it has the option of English subtitles.

When was Goodbye Mr. Loser released?

The movie Goodbye Mr Loser was released in 2015, however it had been showing onstage as a play since 2012.

Can I watch Goodbye Mr. Loser online for free?

Yes, Goodbye Mr. Loser is available to watch for free on YouTube.

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