China’s Biggest YouTube Sensation Ever // Meet Li Ziqi

Who is Li Ziqi 李子柒 // China’s Unlikeliest (And Biggest) YouTube Sensation

Who is Li Ziqi and why is she so popular in China?

Well, if we were to tell you Li Ziqi broke the Guinness World Record for most subscribers on a Chinese YouTube channel, you’ll understand she’d pretty huge!

Li passed a monumental 14 MILLION YouTube subscribers in early 2021 and it shows no signs of stopping.

You want to know more, right?!

Li Ziqi on YouTube – Viewer’s Comments

Li Ziqi on YouTube – The Content

Li Ziqi on YouTube – What Can You Get From Her Videos?

Li Ziqi on YouTube – Her Chinese Traditional Life

Li Ziqi on YouTube – Where Can I Watch Online?

Li Ziqi on YouTube – Quick Summary

Li Ziqi on YouTube – Rumours Surrounding Li Ziqi

Li Ziqi on YouTube – FAQ’S

Viewer’s Comments on Li Ziqi’s Videos

Here are some comments from people who have watched her videos on YouTube:

Have you ever watched it? What do you think? Share your comments with us below!
  • “This woman really makes me want to delete all my social media accounts, pack up my stuff and run away to my village and start a new organic life there…. Her videos always makes my life feel cringey 😢😭….she must be living in heaven. Her videos are the holy grail of fairy-tales.”
  • “I watch these videos because somehow it reminds me that in some part of the world, the earth is still beautiful, it is as pristine and raw as it should be. It’s resources are properly utilised and there is less waste production. It just makes me genuinely happy!”
  • “Chinese traditional life was exactly like this, she still knows all about it even with all the innovations happening in the world.”

Do you like traditional Chinese culture and food culture?

If you would like to learn about Chinese culture or want to be introduced to tasty Chinese food, then I would like to introduce you to Li Ziqi (李子柒 lǐ zǐqī).

She is the creator of a Chinese food video channel, she has well over 25 million followers on Weibo.

Her videos are not only popular within China but also have a high number of overseas views. In 2018 she won the silver award for YouTube original short video.

Li Ziqi now has over 15 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She registered her channel on YouTube on 22nd August 2017. It has well over 2 BILLION VIDEO VIEWS so far. Forgive me for not doing the calculation, but once a number goes higher than a billion, I really don’t know how to count!
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What’s The Video Content?

Li Ziqi introduces us to rural Chinese life through her videos.

The most enviable thing about her videos is the environment she get to live in.

Her surroundings are just like paradise with mountains and rivers, a beautiful environment, and homegrown vegetables.

The ingredients used in the recipes shown in the videos are all homegrown, making them both fresh and nutritious.

Just by watching her videos, the viewer can feel peace and tranquillity.

What Can You Get From Her Videos?

Well, you can get everything!

Shu Embroidery! Woodblock printing, engraved with the essence of the ancient Chinese culture.

Ancient Oriental methods of the Sericulture, the solution to the cold. Weave a lamb wool cape for the freezing winter.

How to make a Chinese herbal tea? How to make a Chinese secret sauces? Check this for example.

Li Ziqi’s Traditional Chinese Life

“The Li family has a daughter, who is known as Ziqi”.

Set in the beautiful pastoral countryside, where it’s unconfined, quiet and comfortable, Li Ziqi’s videos allow people living in the city to see a completely different lifestyle from their own.

Even those living in an exciting and prosperous city, still have the secret yearning in their heart to return back to a simpler life.

For most it is an unimaginable and unattainable dream, but Li Ziqi’s desire for this life is really true.

Li Ziqi’s videos bring the dream to life before your eyes and everything seems so perfect.

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Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, start work at sunrise and rest at sunset.

Live according to the alternation of the four seasons, eat a bowl of rice, drink a glass of water, and enjoy the sun, rain or breeze provided by nature.

At first glance this may seem like a dull life day after day, but Li Ziqi’s life brings her closer to nature.

Her videos are like a poem or a painting, describing the beauty of her unique lifestyle.

There are no magnificent or over the top scenes in her videos, only the daily life of ordinary rural Chinese people.

Li Ziqi uses her traditional lifestyle to convey Chinese traditional culture, such as Shu embroidery, tie-dye and various traditional Chinese cuisine.

Where Can I Watch Online?

You can watch Li Ziqi’s videos on YouTube by searching for her name Li Ziqi (李子柒 lǐ zǐqī).

Li Ziqi’s talent and resourcefulness seems almost unlimited.

Presented with peach blossoms, she picks them to make peach wine.

The pipa (枇杷pípá) is ripe, she picks it to make pipa ice. The persimmon is red, she uses it to make dry persimmon. The jujube falls to the ground, she picks it up and makes it into a jujube cake.

Quick Summary

So now you now the biggest YouTuber in China.

Probably not the content you were expecting right?

It just goes to show, anyone can do it! Will Li Ziqi inspire you? Here’s the main topics she focuses on in her videos.

  • “The life of ?” series (potato, garlic, wheat, peas, blueberry, cotton)
  • Chinese Food Festival
  • Seasonal Diet
  • Traditional Handicrafts

Rumours Surrounding Li Ziqi

After obtaining huge fame both in China and abroad, rumours about Li Ziqi started to circulate.

People started to judge her and say that everything she was doing is fake, they said the she was just making fake videos to fool people and become famous.

Some people even say that she is actually very rich and she just pretends to be poor.

Others say that she knows nothing about farming, she can’t actually do anything and relies on her team to do it for her.

Sadly with success, rumours will always materialise and develop.

The truth is as Li Ziqi once said: “Your enviable life skills may be someone else’s survival skills!”

Li Ziqi was praised by CCTV: “None of the videos show off and praise China as being good, but she shows Chinese culture and tells Chinese stories in a good way.

For me, I think every video made by her is enjoyable. Not only can you learn some great things about Chinese culture, but also you can improve your Chinese listening whilst enjoying the peaceful life watching her videos.

After watching her videos it reminds me a lot of Chinese traditions and makes me really want to try some things for my self such as turning a soybean into a drop of soy sauce.

Edited by Katie Coy

FAQ’S about Li Ziqi’s video

What is Li Ziqi’s Chinese name?

Li Ziqi 李子柒 lǐzǐ qī.

How many video views has her channel had?

The number is growing by the minute!

However, as of May 2021 she has over 2 BILLION video views!

Is Li Ziqi the biggest YouTuber in China?


If we were to tell you Li Ziqi broke the Guinness World Record for most subscribers on a Chinese YouTube channel, you’ll understand she’d pretty huge!

How old is Li Ziqi?

Li Ziqi was born in 1990, making her 31 years old in 2021.

Are there any English subtitles on Li Ziqi’s videos?

In her videos Li Ziqi speaks Chinese, however some episodes have had English subtitles added.

Where can I watch Li Ziqi’s videos for free?

You can just go to YouTube and search for her name: Li Ziqi 李子柒 lǐzǐ qī and all her videos are available to watch for free there.

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