Learn Mandarin with Chinese Travel Show: Màn Yóu Jì 漫游记

Màn Yóu Jì 漫游记: A Chinese Travel Show

Man You Ji: 漫游记 Màn yóujì, also called The Way to Your Heart is a Chinese TV show about travelling and sight seeing, it was released in 2019.

途经山与海,诸事付旅程 Tújīng shān yǔ hǎi, zhū shì fù lǚchéng | Passing through the mountains and the sea, just put everything aside and go travelling.

Man You Ji | Words to Know

Man You Ji | Regular Guests

Man You Ji | Flying Guests

Man You Ji | Where to Watch

Man You Ji | The places they Visited

Man You Ji | FAQ’s

Màn Yóu Jì: Words to Know

  • The show has two “regular guests” 常驻嘉宾 (cháng zhù jiābīn), they act as the hosts of the show.
  • The show also has many “flying guests” 飞行嘉宾 (fēixíng jiābīn).
  • In the show you will hear a lot of the phrase “pride of strength” 凭实力骄傲 (píng shílì jiāo’ào)

Màn Yóu Jì: Regular Guests

Man You Ji
Man You Ji
  • Qilin Guo (郭麒麟 guō qílín) – a Chinese actor, he is most famous for being a “crosstalk” actor (相声演员 xiàngsheng yǎnyuán)

Crosstalk or 相声 (xiàngsheng) is a traditional performing art in Chinese comedy.

It is a comic dialogue, normally performed by two people.

  • Wallace Chung (钟汉良 zhōnghànliáng) – a famous Hong Kong actor and recording artist.

These are the two regular guests of the show.

Màn Yóu Jì: Flying Guests

Flying guests are celebrities and friends of the two regular guests, who make appearances on the show.

Some example guests are:

  • Qin Lan (秦岚 Qínlán) a Chinese actress, model and singer.
  • Ada Liu (柳岩 Liǔyán) a Chinese actress, hostess and singer.
  • Bea Hayden (郭碧婷 Guōbìtíng) a Taiwanese actress and model.
  • Jam Hsiao (萧敬腾 Xiāojìngténg a Taiwanese singer and actor.
  • Azora Chin (尤长靖 Yóuzhǎngjìng) a Malaysian Chinese singer.
  • Liya Tong (佟丽娅 Tónglìyà) a Chinese actress.

Have you heard any of them? Let us know which one you like best in the comments below

You can find out who the other flying guests are by watching the show!

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Màn Yóu Jì: Where to Watch

Overall there are 12 episodes, each one lasting around 80 minutes.

The show follows the travels of the two regular guests and the celebrities they invite to join them.

The show doesn’t follow a set itinerary and there are no set tasks or games. The itinerary is decided spontaneously by the guests themselves.

  • You can watch on YouTube without English subtitles, however there is some English in the show because sometimes that have to speak it when they’re abroad.

Màn Yóu Jì: The Places They Visited

The places they visit are generally beautiful. Because of this I can’t help but share them with you!

To avoid spoilers, I’ve just shared the list of places that they’ve travelled to.

Perhaps some of these will give you some inspiration for your own travels!

克罗地亚 kèluódìyà Croatia
意大利 yìdàlì Italy
印度尼西亚 yìndùníxīyà Indonesia
新加坡 xīnjiāpō Singapore
澳门 àomé Macau
成都 chéngdū Chengdu
重庆 chóngqìng Chongwing
江苏 jiāngsū Jiangsu
芬兰 fēnlán Finland

I am a huge fun of Guo Qilin, he is the reason that I decided to watch this show.

However, after watching only one episode I found myself quite impressed by Wallace Chung, he is very elegant to watch.

I really enjoy watching this show, it makes me dream that one day I can live this kind of life!

Sharing good times on the road with friends is what life is all about, and that encapsulates the theme of this show.

I am sure that after watching this show, not only will you improve your Chinese but also gain useful travel and cultural knowledge about these countries.

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Who are the flying guests in Màn Yóu Jì?

The flying guests are celebrity friends of the two regular guests Guo Qilin and Wallace Chung.

Where can I watch Màn Yóu Jì?

You can watch Màn Yóu Jì on YouTube.

Do I need to be fluent in Chinese to watch Màn Yóu Jì?

No, it isn’t necessary to be fluent in Chinese to watch this show. When watching Chinese TV shows you don’t need to understand every single word.

You will be able to still enjoy the show even if you don’t understand everything, and you can learn Chinese at the same time.

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