Yanxi Palace 👑 : Princess Adventures (2019) – Qing Dynasty Customs and Traditions

Yanxi Palace Review 👑 (2019) – Should I Watch?

Don’t let the title fool you, this is not an ultra girly princess story that only female teenagers would like to watch.

On the contrary, it is a historical drama revolving around romance, drama and arranged imperial weddings traditions in ancient China.

With only 6 episodes of 45 minutes, it is the ideal show to learn more about Chinese traditions and culture, imperial history and at the same time enjoy the beautiful scenery, architecture and clothes of ancient China.

The characters are based on real people from the Qing Dynasty imperial court, so it makes it all very interesting.

Yanxi Palace Review

#1 Yanxi Palace Review – Introduction

#2 Yanxi Palace Review – Characters and Cast

#3 Yanxi Palace Review – Where and Why Watch?

#4 Yanxi Palace Review – Useful Vocabulary

#5 Yanxi Palace Review  FAQs

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#1 Yanxi Palace Review – Introduction

I was never really interested in historical dramas, thinking it would be too complicated (I am very bad at remembering dates and names) and the number of episodes would instantly discourage me.

But while looking for a new Chinese show to watch on Netflix, this one caught my eye.

Very few episodes, a small cast, no weird CGI used and an interesting plot that actually could help me have a better insight into what life looked like in an imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty (清朝 qīngcháo 1644-1911).

So… you know it already, I WATCHED and didn’t regret it.

Even though some storylines would need more attention and complexity, it is a good show to learn more about China’s history and customs.

There is no better introduction to the drama than the following quote from Netflix:

“A determined Qing dynasty princess contends with palace intrigue and a vendetta against her family while navigating the treacherous terrain of romance.”

Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures is the spin-off of The Story of Yanxi, a very popular Imperial Court drama from 2018, on iQiyi.

I didn’t know that, and didn’t make any difference to me as you don’t really need to know the original story to fully enjoy this sequel.

Watch the trailer now 👇 and keep on reading to decide if the show is worth watching!

#2 Yanxi Palace Review – Characters

Princess Zhaohua

Yanxi Palace Review - Princess Zhaohua

Princess Zhaohua (昭华公主 zhāo huá gōngzhǔ) is the seventh daughter of Emperor Qianlong and main character of this show.

She also appeared as a secondary character in Story of Yanxi Palace (2018).

As a seventh daughter, she is also called 七公主 (qī gōngzhǔ).

Princess Zhaohua’s parents organised an arranged marriage for her with the Mongol Prince Lhawang Dorji, also called Prince Chaoyong in the show, but nothing goes as planned when the prince refuse to marry her.

She is a very stubborn and strong headed princess, so you are in for twists and fierce scenes whenever she appears on screen.

The character is played by Rain Wang (王鹤润 Wáng Hèrùn).

Prince Chaoyong

Yanxi Palace Review - Prince Chaoyang

Prince Chaoyong (chāo yǒng qīnwáng), or Lhawang Dorji (拉旺多尔济 lā wàng duō ěr jì), is a Mongol Prince and is supposed to marry Princess Zhaohua.

He looks completely detached to all weddings matters, and is the reason of many arguments between Princess Zhaohua and Princess Siwan.

The character is played by 王宇威 (Wáng Yǔwēi).

Fu Kangan

Yanxi Palace Review - Fu Kang An

Fu Kangan (福康安 fú kāng ān) is an imperial guard.

He is mischievous and selfish.

Fu does his best to get close to Princess Zhaohua, but for the wrong reasons.

He is not who he says he is.

The character is played by 王一哲 (Wáng Yīzhé).

Princess Siwan

Yanxi Palace Review - Princess Siwan

In love with Prince Chaoyong, Princess Siwan (思婉格格 sī wǎn gégé), is completely jealous of Princess Zhaohua.

Delicate, shy and discreet-looking, she nonetheless plans traps and tricks to get what she wants.


The character is played by 许晓诺 (Xǔ Xiǎonuò).

#3 Yanxi Palace Review – Where and Why Watch?

Where to watch?

Yanxi Palace : Princess Adventures is available solely on Netflix.

If you read our other TV show reviews then you’ll already be well aware of the following… but there is an amazing tool out there allowing you to watch Netflix with two subtitles.

Language Learning with Netflix is a Chrome extension you should absolutely download.

Embedded into your Netflix, LLN allows you to choose two subtitle languages in the settings, highlight words you don’t understand to see the translation, pronunciation and examples, and save them into your favourites.

I watch with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles, and the PINYIN is displayed as well!

Why watch this show?

If you have no idea what life looked life before modern China, or would like to learn more about Chinese History and culture, this show is a great start.

You’ll have a good insight into the palace’s life and customs, China’s fantastic architecture, clothes and jewellery, wedding traditions in imperial China, and more.

The characters’ way of speaking is a bit different as they follow a higher level of speech specific to their place in society.

However, Princess Zhaohua speaks in a very understandable and easy way, making her every appearance a good chance to learn familiar sentences mixed with more specific words.

Both beginners and advanced learners will enjoy watching the show, as the focus here is more on the historical discovery side than the Chinese learning side.

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#4 Yanxi Palace Review – Useful Vocabulary

To get an idea of what you’ll get by watching the show, we prepared for you a list of useful vocabulary 👇

Royal position specific vocabulary

  • 公主 gōng zhǔ – princess
  • 世子 shì zi – prince, eldest son of the emperor
  • 皇上 huáng shàng – emperor, your majesty
  • 主子 zhǔ zi – your highness
  • 皇阿玛 huáng ā mǎ – father (from Princess Zhaohua)
  • 额娘 é niáng – mother (from Princess Zhaohua to her father’s wife)
  • 宫女 gōng nǚ – imperial palace maid
  • 太监 tài jiàn – eunuch
  • qiè – concubine

Wedding specific vocabulary (who knew there were so many!)

  • 婚夫 hūn fū – fiance
  • 婚盟 hūn méng – alliance by marriage
  • 联姻 lián yīn – to form an alliance by marriage
  • 婚约 hūn yuē – engagement
  • 退婚 tuì hūn – break off an engagement
  • 拒婚 jù hūn – marriage refusal
  • 赐婚 cì hūn – give a bride to somebody for meritorious service (of the emperor)

Episode 1 specific

  • 蒙古亲王 ménggǔ qīnwáng – Mongolian prince
  • 笑柄 xiào bǐng – mockery
  • 承袭 chéng xí – to inherit
  • 爵位 jué wèi – rank or title of nobility
  • 丑闻 chǒu wén – scandal
  • 恩典 ēn diǎn – mercy

Have you seen this drama? Are you planning to? Let us know in the comments 👇

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#5 Yanxi Palace Review – FAQ’s

What is the story of Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures?

Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures (2019) is the sequel to The Story of Yanxi (2018).

In this story we follow Princess Zhaohua in her life at the imperial palace, dealing with a vendetta against her family, romantic affairs and wedding alliances.

Where can I watch Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures?

You can watch Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures on Netflix.

When was Yanxi Palace released?

Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures was released at the end of 2019 on Netflix.

The show is only 6 episodes of 45 minutes, ideal for a quick introduction to China’s ancient traditions and customs.

What is the Chinese name of Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures?

Yanxi Palace : Princess Adventures’s Chinese title is 金枝玉叶 (jīn zhī yù yè).

金枝玉叶 is a Chinese idiom. Literally, it means ‘golden branches and jade leaves’, referring to people of imperial lineage.

How many episodes are there in Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures?

Yanxi Palace only has 6 episodes of around 45 minutes each.

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