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It may sound silly, but in China we give numbers a lot of meaning.

Whether it is lucky numbers, unlucky numbers or homonyms, numbers are important in China.

Because of the way May 20th sounds in Chinese on May 20th and May 21st, we consider these two as valentines days and a great chance to show your love.
As numbers in Chinese are important, let’s learn them in 2 minutes!

Why not watch a romantic Chinese movie with your friends?

Adoring Review - 520, I Love You
Adoring Review – 520, I Love You

The movie is called Adoring (宠爱 chǒng’ài), a romantic comedy movie released in 2019.

The movie tells six stories of people and their pets and how they find love in their lives.

In order to better direct this movie, the director found the email of the animal trainer in the Japanese movie Hachi on the internet and contacted them.

The director and the animal trainer had an in-depth exchange, and their communication helped the script creation a lot.

Adoring Review 宠爱 chǒng’ài: The theme song

Adoring Review 宠爱 chǒng’ài: Cast and Characters

Adoring Review 宠爱 chǒng’ài: Watch it online

Adoring Review 宠爱 chǒng’ài: Trailer

Adoring Review 宠爱 chǒng’ài: Useful Vocubulary

Adoring Review 宠爱 chǒng’ài: FAQ’s

Adoring Review 宠爱 chǒng’ài: Theme Song

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Adoring Review 宠爱 chǒng’ài: Cast and Characters

Adoring has a star studded cast. You will see William Chan, Wallace Chung, Elaine Zhong, Wu Lei, Zhang Zifeng, Yang Zishang, Guo Qilin, Yu Hewei and so on.

William Chan (陈伟霆 chén wěi tíng),plays the role of Zhao Le (赵乐 zhào lè), a man who has just got married. Every time he wants to get close to his wife, his wife’s pet dog will appear and bark at him.

So what can he do? Will his wife choose him or her pet?

Elaine Zhong (钟楚曦 zhōng chǔ xī), plays Fang Xin (方欣 fāng xīn) who is the wife of Zhao Le. She is a flight attendant and has a loyal dog as a pet. She loves her husband, but her pet is also a member of her family. You will see lots of funny scenes between this couple.

  • Click here to see a fun interview with Elaine Zhong and William Chan.

Wu Lei (吴磊 wú lěi), plays a middle school student called Chen Leyun (陈乐云 chén lè yún) who is blind. His disability makes him feel very upset and he wants to give up studying, especially after hearing that his close friend is moving.

Zhang Zifeng (张子枫 zhāngzifēng) plays the role of Jiang Nan (江楠 jiāng nán) Chen Leyun’s classmate and close friend. She has always been his eyes and guide, but is told that she has to move somewhere faraway. She can’t be his eyes anymore so she decides to train the pet dog to be his guide dog. Can she be successful?

Wallace Chung (钟汉良 zhōnghànliáng) plays a role of Li Xiang (李响 lǐxiǎng), a man who really loved his pet pig. In the past his ex-girlfriends all broke up with him because of the pig. Finally he meets a girl he loves, so he lies about his pig, but his girlfriend finds out anyway. She asks him to get rid of the pig, saying that he has to choose between the pig or her. So, what will he do in this situation?

Yang Zishan (杨子姗 yángzishān) plays Qu Feifei (曲飞飞 qū fēi fēi), Li Xiang’s girl friend. She loves her boyfriend but can’t stand the pig, so she demands her boyfriend get rid of it. But then she finds a music video of her boyfriend with the pig. She feels sorry and wants to find the pig and bring it back. However, there is a high chance the pig will be eaten. Can she rescue it?

There are a lot of animals in this movie. In order to find the right pig,they select among one thousand pigs.

Yu Hewei (于和伟 yúhéwěi), plays Gao Ming (高铭 gāo míng), a father who is very successful in businessman. But he is divorced from his wife and can’t be together with his daughter. He wants to show his love to his daughter but doesn’t know how.

Guo Qilin (郭麒麟 guō qílín) plays Ah De (阿德 ā dé), a food delivery guy. When he is lost one day he comes across a dog, who becomes his best friend. But the dog had been abused before, so it is difficult for it to trust people again.

There is a story about one more couple and their pet which I haven’t talked about, you’ll have to watch the film to find out what it is!

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Adoring Review 宠爱 chǒng’ài: Watch it online

Adoring is directed by Yang Zi (杨子 yáng zi) and the executive producer is Xu zheng (徐峥xúzhēng).

Xu Zheng is an expert at producing films that are very successful at the box office. In Forbes 2019 China Celebrity 100 list he is ranked fourth.

You can watch Adoring 宠爱chǒng’ài on YouTube for free.

Tell us what you think of this movie in the comments below! 👇

Adoring Review 宠爱 chǒng’ài: Trailer

Adoring Review 宠爱 chǒng’ài: Useful Vocubulary

  • 宠物 chǒngwù – Pets
  • 猪 zhū – Pig
  • 狗 gǒu – Dog
  • 导盲犬 dǎo máng quǎn – Guide dog
  • 流浪狗 liúlàng gǒu – Stray dog
  • 猫咪 māomī – Kitten
  • 单身狗 dānshēn gǒu – Single dog

So that concludes Adoring review! What do you think? Have you seen adoring before? Tell us what you think below!

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Edited by Katie Coy

Adoring: FAQ’s

When was Adoring released?


What genre is Adoring?

Adoring is a Romantic Comedy.

Can I watch Adoring online for free?

Yes, it is free on YouTube with English subtitles.

What’s the meaning of 宠爱 chǒng’ài?

宠 chǒng means pet and 爱 ài means love, together making “pet love”. The movie is about pets and love.

Why should I watch Adoring?

You will learn some Chinese stories about love and pets. The plots in the film are easy to follow and there are many touching and romantic scenes in the movie.

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