Chinese Movie Songs 🎬 Five Theme Songs To Learn Chinese

Chinese Movie Songs – The Best Theme Songs

Today we introduce the best Chinese Movie Songs… with FIVE THEME TUNES from China’s Best Movies!

Without making you wait any longer…

Here are 5 Chinese movie theme songs we have selected for you to enjoy:

Follow the guide, click on the links to read our complete reviews, let us know in the comments the best Chinese movie songs you ever listened , and enjoy!

Also don’t forget to check out our Spotify playlist on the side to listen as you go! The 5 first songs are in the order of the blog.

Chinese Movie Song #1 – 我要你 wǒ yào nǐ

The first one is simply called I Want You 我要你 wǒ yào nǐ.

It is the theme song of Mr.Donkey which is a 2016 comedy classic.

theme song for Mr.Donkey

The melody is clean and simple, the guitar accompaniment is melodious and slow, retaining the original character emotions, and blending with the light rhythm.

The actress uses the tone of the role in the play to tell a gentle and tender, yet sad story.

Her voice seems to be harmonious, which is softer and more emotional in the song.

Here are some of the lines to learn:

  • 我要 你在我身旁
    Wǒ yào nǐ zài wǒ shēn páng
    I want you to stay with me
  • 我要 你为我梳妆
    Wǒ yào nǐ wèi wǒ shūzhuāng
    I want you to doll me up
  • 这夜的风儿吹
    Zhè yè de fēng er chuī
    The breeze is blowing outside at this mid-night
  • 吹得心痒痒 我的情郎
    Chuī dé xīn yǎngyang wǒ de qíngláng
    Tossing and turning, I couldn’t sleep, my love

Mr.Donkey is Mahua FunAge’s second time making the transfer from producing plays to film.

Check below for their first one, known as Goodbye Mr Loser.

Goodbye Mr Loser - Should I Watch This Movie to Help my Chinese? Thumbnail

Goodbye Mr Loser – Should I Watch This Movie to Help my Chinese?

Goodbye Mr Loser – Reviewed and Rated Here is a short movie review of the Chinese comedy film Goodbye Mr Loser, or to call it by it’s Chinese name 夏洛特烦恼 (xià luò tè fánnǎo). Goodbye Mr. Loser – Theme SongGoodbye…

Chinese Movie Song #2 – 当爱已成往事 dāng ài yǐ chéng wǎngshì

The second one is called Begone Love 当爱已成往事 dāng ài yǐ chéng wǎngshì.

It is the theme song of Farewell My Concubine, a hugely popular film from back in 1993.

theme song for Farewell My Concubine

The song is filled with reluctance for a lost love.

  • 往事不要再提
    wǎngshì bùyào zài tí
    Don’t mention the past again and again
  • 人生已多风雨
    rénshēng yǐ duō fēngyǔ
    It’s already windy and rainy for life
  • 纵然记忆抹不去
    zòngrán jìyì mǒ bú qù
    Even if we can’t erase the memory
  • 爱与恨都还在心里
    ài yǔ hèn dōu hái zài xīnlǐ
    We still bear love and hate in heart

Check out our full review of Farewell my Concubine below, it’s a good one we highly recommend you watch.

The movie made it very famous globally also. It won the Palme d’Or (Golden Palm Award) in the 46th Cannes Film Festival.

Farewell My Concubine (1993) // An All Time Class Movie in China Thumbnail

Farewell My Concubine (1993) // An All Time Class Movie in China

The Complete Guide & Review of Farewell My Concubine Welcome to our Farewell My Concubine Review, the Chinese Movie from 1993. Farewell My Concubine in Chinese is 霸王别姬 Bàwáng bié jī I am talking about a lifetime, one year, one…

Chinese Movie Song #3 – 月光爱人 yuèguāng àirén 

Before introducing the third song, I want you to check out this article and please pay attention to the second one:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) 卧虎藏龙 (Wò hǔ cáng lóng)

The movie is so popular not only in China but also abroad. I like it so much that I just can’t help myself, watching it over and over again!

theme song for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

It wasn’t until numerous watches that I realised the depth of the theme tune though…

  • 爱人心 深入海
    ài rénxīn shēnrù hǎi
    Lover’s heart is as deep as the sea
  • 带我去 把它找回来
    dài wǒ qù bǎ tā zhǎo huí lái
    Please take me to bring it back
  • 请爱我 一万年 用心爱
    qǐng ài wǒ yī wàn nián yòng xīn’ài
    Please love me forever with all your heart

In 2001, Coco Lee sang the English version of “Moonlight Lovers” which is called A Love Before Time at the 73rd Academy Awards.

Here is the English version.

A love before time

Chinese Movie Song #4 – 那些年 nàxiē nián

The fourth song is known as Those Bygone Years 那些年 nàxiē nián, the theme song for 那些年,我们一起追的女孩 which is called You Are the Apple of My Eye in English.

The song is a little sad. It is about youth and love.

When we were young, we never quite understood the meaning of love.

When we finally understand what love is it may already be too late to get that girl. She is already gone, together lost with our youth.

Deep, right!?

Theme song for You Are the Apple of My Eye
  • 那些年错过的大雨
    nàxiē nián cuòguò de dàyǔ
    Heavy rain I missed in those years
  • 那些年错过的爱情
    nàxiē nián cuòguò de àiqíng
    The love I missed in those years
  • 好想拥抱你 拥抱错过的勇气
    hǎo xiǎng yǒngbào nǐ yǒngbào cuòguò de yǒngqì
    I want to hug you, embrace the courage I missed
  • 曾经想征服全世界
    céngjīng xiǎng zhēngfú quán shìjiè
    Before I wanted to conquer the world
  • 到最后回首才发现
    dào zuìhòu huíshǒu cái fāxiàn
    I didn’t find out until I looked back
  • 这世界滴滴点点全部都是你
    zhè shìjiè dī dī diǎndiǎn quánbù dōu shì nǐ
    It is you that all over my world

It is a Taiwanese movie and I think the important thing to take from this movie is that you will treasure more about what you have now.

We often say, “you never knew what you had, until it’s gone”

Chinese Movie Song #5 – 菊花台 júhuā tái

The last one we will recommend is known as Chrysanthemum Terrace 菊花台júhuā tái.

This is the closing song of 满城尽带黄金甲 which is called Curse of the Golden Flower in English.

Ending song for Curse of the Golden Flower

This movie is directed by 张艺谋 zhāng yìmóu and the song is by Jay Chou.

The lyrics are beautiful and you can see lots of Chinese elements inside.

  • 菊花残 满地伤
    júhuā cán mǎn dì shāng
    Chrysanthemum wither and the earth feels sad
  • 你的笑容已泛黄
    nǐ de xiàoróng yǐ fàn huáng
    Your smile turned yellow
  • 花落人断肠
    huā luò rén duàncháng
    Flower’s falling and people’s heart’s broken

What do you think of these Chinese movie songs? Do you have a favourite? Tell us below and we’ll add it to our list!

Chinese Movie Songs – FAQ’s

Where can I listen to these songs?

All these theme tunes are available to watch on YouTube, meaning you can really study the lyrics and the meanings of the songs.

Where can I watch these movies?

You can find our blogs for each movie to watch them or you can go to Youtube or Netflix to search them by inputing the names.

How do you say songs in Chinese?

Songs in Chinese is 歌曲 gēqǔ

Why should I learn Chinese by listening to songs?

It is great for your listening and you can understand a song within 5 minutes.

The lyrics and the rhythm make it easy to follow them and with repetition a common theme in songs, it allows you to memorise them quickly, compared to stories in text books which often take longer.

Songs are more fun anyway!

Where can I listen to more songs?

There are many resources which include Spotify, YouTube, iQiyi, YouKu and QQ Music.

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