Learning Chinese Through an Awesome TV Show – Half and Half 二分之一強

Half and Half Taiwan Show – A Taiwanese Interview Variety Show

Today we are going to talk about a popular Taiwanese Interview show called Half and Half.

Half and Half Taiwan Show | Brief Introduction
Half and Half Taiwan Show | Reason to Watch
Half and Half Taiwan Show | Where to Watch
Half and Half Taiwan Show | Awesome Moment
Half and Half Taiwan Show | FAQ’s

Half and Half Taiwan Show – Introduction

Half and Half is an interview variety show which has been broadcast since June 16, 2014.

The show uses the slogan “Women’s Palace” to show the dialogue of Feminism.

During each episode male representatives from around the world are invited onto the show.

These representatives include 聯合國型男 (lián hé guó xíng nán) known as the “United Nations stylish man” and artists 藝人團台灣代表 (yì rén tuán tái wān dài biǎo) from Taiwan known as the “representative of the Taiwan delegation”.

The guests are asked to share cultural differences and life experiences, or talk about gender issue, etc.

The Chinese title of Half and Half is 二分之一強 (Èr fēn zhī yī qiáng) which means “one-half strong”.

This title is due to the fact that “new generations of women are not defeated by men in terms of ability, economy, education, and work.

These independent women have already held up half the sky.

They have their own values and feelings, we call them “one-half strong”.

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Half and Half Taiwan Show – 3 Reasons to Watch

Here are some reasons why Half and Half is a great Chinese TV show to watch:

  1. Students can practice not only their Chinese listening ability, but also some learn some local slang words and phrases which can be used in daily life.  
  2. Students will gain knowledge from the guests who come from a variety of different countries and currently live in Taiwan. This is especially good for hearing about their experiences of culture shock which they may have encountered.
  3. The TV show sometimes introduces the viewers to some popular tourist spots or some nice restaurants. This is great to learn about Taiwan and can give students ideas of places to visit if they are in Taiwan or planning to go there.

Half and Half Taiwan Show – Where to Watch

Half and Half have their own YouTube channel, so students can watch all episodes on YouTube for free.

Have you seen this drama? Are you planning to? Let us know in the comments 👇

Half and Half Taiwan Show – Awesome Moment

If you’ve got some time, grab a cuppa and watch some of these foreigners fit right into the conversation with their fantastic Chinese ability.

This is what Half and Half Taiwan show is all about… it could be you one day…!

It’s worth noting this is probably best for more advanced Chinese learners given the fact only traditional characters are used.

The speech is pretty fast and advanced.

Half and Half Taiwan Show – FAQ’s

What Chinese level should I have to watch Half and Half?

The episodes available on YouTube all only have traditional Chinese subtitles so this show is suitable for more advanced Chinese learners.

What is the Chinese name of Half and Half?

The Chinese name of Half and Half is 二分之一強 (èr fèn zhī yī qiáng) which means “one half strong.”

When are new episodes of Half and Half released on TV?

If you are currently living in Taiwan, you can watch the newest episode on channel 32, from Monday to Thursday at 11:00pm.

Otherwise, new episodes are regularly added to their YouTube channel.

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