Dating In The Kitchen Review (2020) 🍽 Super Romantic Chinese Drama

我,喜欢你 wǒ, xǐhuān nǐ (2020) ❤️Chinese Hit Drama Combining Love and Food

Hands up who loves a Rom-Com?

Come on we all have a little soft spot for them right?! Well, it’s time to get stuck into a brand-new Rom-Com.

Welcome to Dating In The Kitchen.

In today’s blog, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the show and where to watch it, the characters, essential vocab and even some insights into Chinese dating!

Dating In The Kitchen Review: Brief Introduction

Dating In The Kitchen Review: Main Characters

Dating In The Kitchen Review: Vocab For You

Dating In The Kitchen Review: Where To Watch

Dating In The Kitchen Review: Chinese Dating

Dating In The Kitchen Review: FAQ’s

Dating In The Kitchen Review: Brief Introduction

Dating in the Kitchen is great fun to watch! Not only can you enjoy the comedic value of this new show, but also you will see lots of delicious food. The plot is simple and also rather hilarious, so there is no real need to have a strong Chinese level to watch Dating in the Kitchen.

The show Dating In The Kitchen is called 我喜欢你 wǒ, xǐhuān nǐ in Chinese. Which means I like you.

It was released in September 2020.

In short, the drama is a series of unexpected encounters that sparked love between a talented chef and a picky boss.

The first meeting of the two main leads is rather dramatic.
In order to save a fire in the hotel kitchen, the cold-looking cook ends up pouring water on the boss, who let’s say isn’t impressed!

The cook was fired.

However, the picky boss who loves nothing discovers that his favourite food is in fact from the chef who he fired. Silly man!

Thus starts a romantic series of events between the couple.

【我,喜欢你 Dating in the Kitchen】Theme Song

With a dazzling array of delicious food, a hilarious script, this is a great Chinese Rom-Com.

Of course, the hardships and bitterness that appear in any Rom-Com are there for all to see also.

Have a watch and find out more about how they deal with it.

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A Bite of China 舌尖上的中国 🏆 Best Chinese Food Show Ever!

A Bite of China Review – In Chinese it’s called 舌尖上的中国 (shéjiān shàng de zhōngguó). This literally means “China on the tip of the tongue”.

Dating In The Kitchen Review: Main Characters

Gu Shengnan 顾胜男 gùshèngnán

Gu Shengnan 顾胜男 gùshèngnán is played by Lusi Zhao 赵露思 zhào lùsī.

She is 21 years old.

Dating In The Kitchen - Gu Shengnan

Gu is an energetic girl who will do everything for her friends.

She is also sometimes a little silly when dealing with things. A tad clumsy lets say.

She is a very innocent girl likewise.

When she was a child, she knew that she wanted to be a good cook.

However her grandfather, who was also a cook, doesn’t approve.

He thinks a girl should behave well and a chef is not a suitable job for a woman.

Eventually she proves her family wrong and becomes a talented chef.

However, sadly, she always ended up being fired and had to come to her grandfather for money.

Luckily for her, a big boss who happens to have a lot of money, likes her cooking so much… we won’t spoil it from here!

Lusi Zhao is very popular now, especially among young people. Born in 1998, she is already quite famous as an actress. Comments from the audience are very positive and that she creates a cute main lead with her lovely face and smile.

Lu Jin 路晋 lù jìn

Dating In The Kitchen - Lu Jin

Lu Jin 路晋 lù jìn is played by Lin Yu Shen 林雨申 lín yǔshēn.

A hugely successful middle-aged man in business.

He is a rich boss with billions in his bank account. However on his birthday, only the bank send him a birthday greeting.

He feels lonely. His mother is a strong business woman and is very successful.

Does his mother wish him a Happy Birthday? Unfortunately not.

As with his mother, he cares most about his business and less about personal relationships.

Lu Jin said that girlfriends can change at any time, and work partners are forever.

However, deep in his heart, he also wants a warm relationship.

When meeting the talented, warm-hearted and cute cook, he couldn’t help but fall in love with this young energetic girl.

One obstacle, though! His mother disagrees, and finds the girl not good enough for him.

In fact his work partner is secretly in love with him!

Watch and find how these two try to get through these situations.

Dating In The Kitchen Review: Vocab For You

Here are some useful words to take from Dating in the Kitchen…

  • 厨师 chú shī – Chef
  • 菜单 cài dān – Menu
  • 点菜 diǎn cài – Order dishes
  • 酒店 jiǔ diàn – Hotel
  • 收购 shōu gòu – Acquisition
  • 还款 huán kuǎn – Repayment
  • 拖后腿 tuōhòu tuǐ – To hold back somebody
  • 距离感 jùlí gǎn – Sense of distance
  • 相爱相杀 xiāng’ài xiāng shā – Love/Hate relationship
  • 工作伙伴 gōngzuò huǒbàn – Work partner
  • 一刀两断 yī dāo liǎng duàn – Break up
  • 她就是想泡你 tā jiùshì xiǎng pào nǐ – She has a crush on you and wants to date you
  • 不,她克我 bù, tā kè wǒ – No, she brings me bad luck.
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The Best Apps for Learning Chinese (Right Now)

Best Apps For Learning Chinese | Trying to improve your Chinese listening, reading, writing, speaking? These high tech apps for learning chinese will help.

Here’s a further line for you from the Dating in the Kitchen to practice Chinese.

búyào gēn wǒ shuō duìbùqǐ, wǒ zuì tǎoyàn biérén gēn wǒ shuō duìbùqǐ
Don’t say I’m sorry. I hate it when people say sorry to me.

yīnwèi nǐmen yī shuō duìbùqǐ, wǒ jiù yào zuò chū yī fù kuānróng de yàngzi,
Because once you say sorry, I have to show forgiveness

wèi de shì ràng nǐmen xīnlǐ hǎoshòu
Just to make you feel better

wǒ zuò bú dào
I can’t do that!

Dating In The Kitchen Review: Where To Watch

There are 24 episodes with each lasting 45 mins.

You can go to Tencent Video’s official channel on YouTube and watch it for free with English subtitles!

ENG SUB【我,喜欢你 Dating in the Kitchen】

The plot is simple but trust me… once you start to watch, it’s one of those you can’t stop watching,

Dating In The Kitchen Review: Chinese Dating

According to the survey by the National Bureau of Statistics:

At the end of 2019, the total population of Mainland China was 1.405 billion, including 752.7 million males and 667.8 million females.

The number of single people in China is roughly totalled at 260 million.

Dating culture in China is very different to the West and even other countries in Asia.

We really want to know the dating situation in your country! Leave us a comment and join the discussion.

Around 30 years ago, China started to have 计划生育政策 jìhuà shēngyù zhèngcè known as the One-Child Policy.

What do you think about this policy? Is it a good way to keep the population from growing too fast? Or is it unfair on families who want more children?

Get Married or Not 💒 Get to Know the Popular Concepts of Marriage in China Thumbnail

Get Married or Not 💒 Get to Know the Popular Concepts of Marriage in China

Get Married or Not drama is a Chinese TV show released in 2020. The Chinese name is called 谁说我结不了婚 shuíshuō wǒ jiébùliǎo hūn – find out more about it here.

So many people these days just want to stay at the office when they have to work, and stay at home on their day off. Fewer go outside to socialise.

In China, if you are older than 30, your parents will push you to go on blind dates.

Likewise, don’t feel awkward if you go to a park and see many old people holding their child’s resume and exchange info!

This is called a marriage market and they are engrained into the Chinese culture. There is a famous Marriage Market in Shanghai that we discuss here.

To finish off… we have a great friend called Keren who teaches Chinese and she provided us with this hilarious video on what NOT to do when chatting up a Chinese girl – she knows!

Dating In The Kitchen Review: FAQ’s

Who is Lusi Zhao 赵露思 zhàolùsī?

Lusi Zhao 赵露思 zhàolùsī is a Chinese actress born in 1998.

Well known for her roles in The Romance of Tiger and Rose, Oh! My Emperor, Dating In The Kitchen and Love of Thousand Years.

How do you say kitchen in Chinese?

Kitchen in Chinese is 厨房 chúfáng.

Is the concept of a blind date popular in China?

Yes, it is becoming more and more popular right now in China.

How many episodes are there for Dating In The Kitchen?

There are 24 episodes, with each lasting 45 mins.

Edited by Katie Coy and Max Hobbs

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