Galaxy Kids Chinese App Review | Is It a Good App for Kids?

Finally, an App to Learn Chinese for Kids, but Does it Really Work?
(Honest review, 2023)

Galaxy Kids Chinese Review: 9/10
An app that’s more like a game to get kids (aged 3-8) more familiar with the words and tones of the Mandarin Chinese language, teaching them whilst playing games at the same time! There are also integrated online live lessons available.

Welcome back to another LTL app review! Today I will introduce an app for kids, Galaxy Kids Chinese.

Did you know that on top of offering immersion programs across Asia for students of all age groups, LTL also offers mandarin classes for kids and teenagers?

We wanted to delve into the world of kids’ apps for a change so let’s get stuck in.

App review galaxy kids chinese : logo
Logo of Galaxy kids Chinese

Perhaps some parents will be interested in this app for their kids.

It’s been proven, it is during childhood that people learn a foreign language more easily.

So why not get your child to try learning Chinese, which is actually the second most widely spoken language in the world?

Galaxy Kids Chinese | Key Stats

Galaxy Kids Chinese | Pros & Cons

Galaxy Kids Chinese | Prices

Galaxy Kids Chinese | What is Galaxy Kids Chinese?

Galaxy Kids Chinese | Who are Galaxy Kids?

Galaxy Kids Chinese | How Does the App Work?

Galaxy Kids Chinese | Do I Need a Subscription?

Galaxy Kids Chinese | Where to Download?

Galaxy Kids Chinese | Conclusion

Galaxy Kids Chinese | FAQs

So let’s get started!

Galaxy Kids App Review // Key Stats

Galaxy Kids App Key Stats

NameGalaxy Kids
Description“Teaching Preschool Kids to Have FUN Speaking Chinese​. Blended Learning with App and Online Class” (Galaxy Kids)
No. of Languages Offered2 (Mandarin, English)
Price$18 / $104
Galaxy Kids App Key Stats

Galaxy Kids App Review // Pros & Cons

Galaxy Kids App ProsGalaxy Kids App Cons
1. Fun and engaging app for young children – more fun, fewer ‘lessons’. 1. Limited learning on the free plan.
2. Offer a blended solution with app and live lessons combined. 2. The app focuses on speaking and listening rather than reading and writing. Only a con if that’s not what you’re looking for!
3. Includes basic Chinese grammar. 3. *Only* includes basic Chinese grammar (but again, it’s age appropriate).
Galaxy Kids App Pros & Cons

Galaxy Kids App Review // Price

Galaxy Kids Chinese SubscriptionCost (USD)
Monthly $18
Galaxy Kids Chinese Subscription
Cost (USD) fees.

Galaxy Kids App Review // What is Galaxy Kids Chinese?

So first, let’s introduce the Galaxy kids Chinese app.

The app’s logo

Galaxy Kids Chinese is an app designed for teaching Mandarin in a fun way. It’s created for children aged 3 to 8 years old.

On this app, you will find speaking and pronunciation activities.

As you can see from the pictures, the activities are led by four cute little characters: Maxi, Nana, Big Blue, and the Noodle Monster.

App review galaxy kids Chinese : character
Galaxy kids Chinese: Character

With this app, your children will enjoy learning Mandarin. The activities are very playful, and they fit the needs and work with the children’s attention span.

The app will teach your kid’s through videos, games, and other exercises, in Chinese.

They definitely won’t get that “classroom learning experience”, because the activities are really enjoyable.

Plus, there are more than 400 lessons and 200 activities on the Galaxy Kids Chinese app!

Therefore, with this app, your child will be able to learn, understand and speak Chinese about more than fifty different topics.

You can download the app for free on the Apple Store or on Google Play.

Galaxy Kids App Review // Who are Galaxy Kids?

Here’s a bit of history!

The Galaxy Kids company first released an application to teach English to children.

The Galaxy Kids English app became a very popular learning app for kids.

So popular that many of their customers started to asked if the company could create a Chinese version.

Galaxy Kids Chinese was released in early 2022.

Galaxy Kids Chinese was developed in Thailand, by a team who love teaching Mandarin to children.

Galaxy Kids App Review // How Does It Work?

After downloading the application, you have to answer some questions such as: what is your kid’s name, what’s their age, etc.

After this, you’ll enter the main menu, and all you have to do next is to click on the activities to start learning.

App review galaxy kids Chinese : main menu
Main menu of the app

The app focuses on speaking and listening rather than reading and writing, because of the target age of the application.

So, your kids can learn conversational Chinese by playing!

Pronunciation Feedback

In some of the activities, your child will have to say the words he learns, out loud.

The app will then give some feedback on the pronunciation.

This feedback really is essential to improve, because it will help your child to better pronounce the tones.

Pronunciation in Chinese is at the base of everything, and is one aspect of the language to master early.

This feedback use AI technology (artificial intelligence), that can recognise the voice of your child, and make sure that your kids pronounce words right, and it actually looks for any mistakes.

Also, you will find another feature on the app that works with AI: the Speech Lab.

In this feature, your child will practice speaking sentences and words that they learned during the activities, and the AI will give feedback for their pronunciation.

Topics & Chat Buddies

The topics are really simple and fun for kids.

We will find topics such as : how to say hello, hobbies in Chinese, talking about family members, food you like or dislike, places such as the park or the zoo, birthday, etc.

All the topics are animated by one of the four characters, and sometimes your kids have to answer for the characters.

Then, another feature of the app is chat buddies.

This feature allows to have a conversation with the AI.

So, your kids will feel like they talk with the app and it will be a lot more fun for them to speak in Chinese.

Galaxy Kids App Review // Do I Need a Subscription?

This app, like many others, has subscription plans.

Although, you can use this app for free, but with a limit in the number of daily activities that kids can learn from per day.

App review galaxy kids Chinese : subscrition

With the free version of the app, you can have access to:

  • Three daily activities
  • One new lesson per week
  • Pronunciation feedback
  • Limited customer support

Plus, if you invite a friend on the app, you can benefit from one week of premium access, for you and your friend.

So, if you do not want that daily limit, you can unlock full access to the app by subscribing as a premium member.

With the subscription, you have access to:

  • Unlimited daily activities
  • New lessons every week
  • Pronunciation feedback
  • Full customer support
  • Rewards from business partners on the app

Plus, if you invite a friend, you can get them a two weeks premium access.

Make your choice based on your child’s needs.

Galaxy Kids App Review // Where to Download

You can download the app for free on the Apple Store or on Google Play.

Galaxy Kids App Review // Conclusion

The Galaxy Kids Chinese will be like an animated game for your kid.

Galaxie Kids Chinese : app for kids

The goal of the app is to get kids more familiar with the words and tones of the Mandarin Chinese language.

The app also teaches basic Chinese grammar, so building sentences becomes a bit easier.

So, in conclusion, the app will give your kids a great overview of the Chinese language, and with frequent use, they could get a good foundation if they wish to pursue their studies of the language in the future.

However, if kids are younger than three years old, they will need some guidance from their parents.

Galaxy Kids Chinese App FAQs

Can my kids learn Chinese on this app?

Yes, with Galaxy kids Chinese, your children will enjoy learning Mandarin words and sentences, because their activities are very playful and they fit the needs of children’s attention span.

Another point is that, the application will teach your kids through videos, games, and other exercises, to learn Chinese.

There are more than 400 lessons and 200 activities on Galaxy kids Chinese app, so there is no way to get bored!

This app will help your children learn, understand and speak Chinese on more than fifty different topics.

Can my kids become fluent in Chinese using this app?

By using Galaxy Kids Chinese, your children will definitely be able to discover more about the language and its pronunciation, as well as learn words and basic sentences.

However, you will need a professional teacher to reach fluency.

Indeed, having classes with a professional teacher allows for a personalised curriculum, regular learning, steady progress and instant feedback.

Teaching Mandarin Chinese to kids is very different from teaching to adults, and that is exactly why we designed our online classes for them.

Do my kids need a subscription?

Make your choice based on your children needs.

This app is free, but allows only three activities per day.

However, you get full access to the app and its activities with a premium plan.

Where to download Galaxy Kids Chinese?

You can download the app for free on the Apple Store or on Google Play.

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