Langotalk Review (2023) // Is It Possible to Learn Languages With AI?

Langotalk Review || Can AI Help You Learn Languages?

Langotalk Review || 9/10

Langotalk is an AI-powered language learning app that helps you practice multiple skills in your target language(s). With its AI language tutors, you’ll be able to write, read, listen and speak in 12 different languages. To fully benefit from the features of the app you’ll have to pay a fee, but it’s totally worth it! 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a must-have in our lives.

We’re pretty sure you have asked a question to ChatGPT at least once, right? 

And what about languages? Have you ever considered studying a new language with the help of AI tools? 

logo langotalk

Well, not only has Ariel Verber took it into consideration, but he also created a language learning app based on AI chatbots.

The app is called Langotalk 🤩

How many of you felt overwhelmed talking to natives? How many times did you want to practice a language, but you couldn’t find anyone to talk to?

That’s where Langotalk comes in! 

Thanks to AI technology, Langotalk allows you to practice languages with chatbots whenever you want without feeling the pressure of judgments.

As a language learning school, we cherish face-to-face conversations with locals. We know that a real chat with native speakers is priceless, but we must be realistic too. 

Especially with beginner levels. Students can feel pressure talking to local people.

Even if the fear of judgment is only in our head, it can be a huge deal-breaker


Moreover, people who study “less common languages”, like Chinese, Japanese or Arabic, can struggle finding a partner to practice the language with. 

This is why AI tools, like Langotalk, can help us in our language-learning journey. 

We should see AI-powered language learning apps as an additional tool to add to our “learning language arsenal”.

AI shouldn’t replace face-to-face conversations or displace language teachers; it should be used as a “plus” for those who study languages. 

In this article you’ll find a complete review of the Langotalk app, from the pros and cons to the prices, to how it works.

Finally, we’ll answer the question you already asked yourself: “Should I sign up to Langotalk?”.

Let’s go straight into the review! 

Langotalk Review | Key Information

Langotalk Review | Pros and Cons

Langotalk Review | Cost

Langotalk Review | How Does it Work?

Langotalk Review | Your Chats

Langotalk Review | Useful Tools

Langotalk Review | Saved Words

Langotalk Review | Conclusions – Should I sign up to Langotalk?

Langotalk Review | FAQs

Langotalk Review | Key Information

Description“Langotalk transforms your language learning experience with personalised AI chat-based tools.” (Langotalk)
Languages Offered12
Price €19.99 / €79.99

Langotalk Review | Pros and Cons

Engaging and simple interfaceIt’s a browser app (you cannot download it on your smartphone yet)
Possibility to review the grammar structure of your sentencesNeed to pay to benefit from all the features
Possibility to use the microphone to improve your speaking skillsAI chatbot pronunciation is a bit robotic
Different chat bots representing different specialty topicsGrammar review can sometimes be inaccurate

Langotalk Review | Cost

You CAN use Langotalk for free, but you’ll be allowed to send only a limited number of messages everyday.

Moreover, using the free version you can’t benefit from all the tools in the app.

To use all the features of this AI-based app and start seeing real language improvements, you would need to consider a subscription.

Langotalk SubscriptionPrice (EUR€)
Monthly€ 19.99
12 months (annual)€ 79.99 (after a 7 Day Free Trial)

Langotalk Review | How Does it Work?

Langotalk is a language learning app that uses AI to help your practice your target language, or multiple languages if you wish. 

Today we will show you what you can get if you pay your subscription to Langotalk.

You can then decide if it’s worth it or not

SPOILER || we think it really is!

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Before Signing Up

After hitting the “get started” button, you’ll have to choose the language you want to practice (and your level):

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Japanese
  6. Portuguese
  7. Italian
  8. Korean
  9. Russian
  10. Chinese
  11. Arabic
  12. Dutch

You can change the language to study directly from your profile once you signed up.

In this registration phase, you can also choose the topics you’d prefer to talk about with your AI friends. There’s plenty of choice! 

Langotalk Review | Your Chats

Once signed up, the first thing you see on the screen are the chats.

This feature allows you to start conversations in your target language with 14 different AI friendly chatbots

Each character is different from the other, with different hobbies, jobs and personalities. 

You can practice your language skills in various contexts and learn lots of new words, local expressions, and new cultural aspects. 

The chat is entirely in your target language, but if you don’t understand a message, don’t know how to answer a question or if you simply want to change topic, Langotalk provides you with lots of useful chat tools!

  1. If you don’t understand a message, just click on it and Langotalk will show you the translation. Moreover, by clicking on a particular word, you’ll be able to save it in your “Saved Words” collection and you can even choose the option “Learn More” to see more usage example of that particular word. 
  2. If you aren’t sure about the message you sent, click on it and let the “Grammar Review” do its job. It basically reviews the grammar of your answer, it tells you what you can improve and spots any mistake in the sentence.
  3. If you don’t know how to answer a question or if you want to change topic, click on the two cards on the bottom right of the screen. 

Are you wondering how your chat is going overall?

Use the “Advanced Review” to get a detailed AI analysis of your current conversation.

A considerable feature that you’ll find only in the chats is the microphone

By turning on the mic, not only can you listen to the messages sent by the AI language tutors, but you’ll also get the chance to speak in your target language to answer you AI friends’ questions. 

This feature is very useful because it allows you to see how good your pronunciation is. If the app cannot understand a single word of what you said, well… that’s a red flag

The more you chat with your new friends, the more you’ll level up.

Langotalk Review | Useful Tools

Let’s leave our friendly chats for a second, and scroll down to the “Useful Tools”. 

Here you can find 5 incredible features that can help you with almost everything that is language-learning related: from grammar, to reading, to vocabulary

Let’s analyse them in detail.

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langotalk AI tutor
Langotalk AI Tutor

In the AI Tutor section, you can practice your lessons or ask questions about any topic you’d like to understand more in your target language. 

For example, we asked to explain the main difference between 二 (èr) and 两 (liǎng) in Chinese. 

After an accurate explanation, the AI Tutor creats a quiz that allowed us to put into practice 二 and 两.

You will have a small number of questions to answer and you’ll get instant responses from the tutor.

A very useful feature we think.


langotalk questions wiz
Langotalk Questions Wiz

The Questions Wiz is about choosing a topic from the menu and answering 3 questions asked by the AI language tutor in your target language. 

After each answer you give, the Wiz will review it. It will tell you what you can you improve, what was correct and what it wasn’t.

TOP TIP || try to be as more detailed and thoughtful in your answers!


langotalk grammar drill
Langotalk Grammar Drill

The Grammar Drills will allow you to:

  • Write a sentence in your target language that you’re not so sure about and let the AI review it.
  • Choose a topic from the menu and translate, to your target language, 3 sentences generated by the chatbot. The app will review all your translations too!

This is probably one of the most interesting features in Langotalk.

It helps you revise your grammar, it suggests you how to improve your sentences, and it allows you to explore new structures. 


The Reading Practice feature is super fun!

Just write the topic of the story, and the AI will generate the text. 

After that, it will also create a reading comprehension quiz to test your reading skills


The Word Explorer aims at improving your vocabulary. 

langotalk word explorer
Langotalk Word Explorer

Write a topic you’d like to know more about in your target language and the AI language tutor will provide some useful words, that you can also add to your “Saved Words” collection.

PLEASE NOTE || the AI will provide only 6 words. However, if you type the same topic again, it will show 6 more words (some of them can be repeated but some others will be new). 

Langotalk Review | Saved Words

We’re almost at the end of our review, but there’s a relevant feature we still have to analyse. 

The saved words feature.

Each time you don’t know a word, you can save it in your “Saved Words” collection and review it later by taking the quiz. 

This probably is the feature that still needs more improvements for the following reasons:

  • You can only create one collection of words.
  • Even though the use of emoji is easy on the eye, they make the quizzes easier as they hint the meaning of the word. 
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Langotalk Review | Should I Sign Up To Langotalk?

Lex the Lion

In a word – YES!

Langotalk is the perfect combination of language learning and AI technology. 

The friendly AI chatbots and the Grammar Review tool, make it an utterly useful app to improve your target languages. 

The fact that you can talk about plenty of topics, revise your mistakes and even talk through the microphone in your target language, open a whole new world for the language learning era.

As we said at the beginning of this article, AI will never replace the pleasure and the satisfaction of speaking to real local people. 

However, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take advantage of new innovative tools that can help us improve our language skills even more! 

What’s that expression? If you can’t beat them, you join them!

Langotalk Rating: 9/10

Have you used LangoTalk before? Tell us in the comments below what you think about the tool

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Langotalk Review | FAQs

What is Langotalk?

Langotalk is an AI-powered language learning app that helps you practicing your target language.

Is it possible to learn a language with Artificial Intelligence?

AI shouldn’t replace face-to-face conversations or displace language teachers; it should be used as a “plus” for those who study languages.

What are AI language tutors?

AI language tutors are AI-powered chatbots that help you practice your target language.

What is AI language learning?

AI language learning means to learn or practice a target language using Artificial Intelligence technology.

Is Langotalk free?

You can use Langotalk for free, but you’ll be allowed to send only a limited number of messages everyday.

To use all the features of this AI-based app and start seeing real language improvements, you should consider a subscription

— € 19.99 (monthly)

— € 79.99 (after a 7 Day Free Trial)

Where can I download Langotalk?

You can sign up here:

How many languages can I learn on Langotalk?

You can practice 12 languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch.

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