Top 100 Most Common Vietnamese Words (Official List)

The Most Frequently Used Vietnamese Words

Welcome to the official list of the most common Vietnamese words.

The words you will find on this page are the results of our research throughout the Internet, to bring you the most accurate and reliable content.

This list of most common Vietnamese words comes from VNWords, who themselves sourced the information from the Vietnamese Wikipedia.

If you are just starting on your Vietnamese language learning journey, this article will give you an idea of the words you will most likely encounter on an everyday basis.

If you are already studying Vietnamese or are taking lessons with a teacher, you will probably be familiar with most of these words.

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Most Common Vietnamese Words | 1-10

Most Common Vietnamese Words | 11-20

Most Common Vietnamese Words | 21-30

Most Common Vietnamese Words | 31-40

Most Common Vietnamese Words | 41-50

Most Common Vietnamese Words | 51-60

Most Common Vietnamese Words | 61-70

Most Common Vietnamese Words | 71-80

Most Common Vietnamese Words | 81-90

Most Common Vietnamese Words | 91-100

Vietnamese Words List | 1-10

củaPossessive marker (of), to belong to
cácThese, various
đượcCan, be able to
mộtOne, a/an
To be
trongDuring, among
đãPast tense marker
nhữngSeveral, as many as
nămFive, year

Vietnamese Words List | 11-20

vớiWith, and
choTo add, to give
In, at, to live in
To be, to exist
từFrom, since
nàyHere, this
đểSo, in order to
tạiBecause of

Vietnamese Words List | 21-30

đếnTo come, to arrive
trênAbove, over
sựMeasure word for actions
khiWhen, at the time of
bịTo experience
vàoAt, on (date), in
ôngMr, you
ngườiMan, person, people
cũngAlso, too
khôngNot, no

Vietnamese Words List | 31-40

nhưngBut, yet
ngàyDay, date
quânTroops, army
nhiềuMuch, many, often
nhưSuch as, for example
doBecause of, cause by
haiTwo, both
có thểPerhaps, maybe
Which, that
He, she, it, they
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Vietnamese Words List | 41-50

anhForm of address to a young man
họFamily, they
theoTo follow, to believe in
việcAffair, thing, work
lạiAgain, to resume
rằngTo answer, to speak up
chiếcMeasure word for vehicles and machines
cònTo remain, to be left
bộSection, part

Vietnamese Words List | 51-60

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làmTo do, to make
sauNext, after
cùngSame, together
bởiOn account of, by means of
hơnAdditional, more than
sẽFuture tense marker (will)
chỉOnly, to indicate
phảiMust, have to
cuộcMeasure word for meetings
tớiTo come, to arrive
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Vietnamese Words List | 61-70

bằngEqual to, same as
đứcHonorific prefix
lớnBig, large, loud
nhấtMost, the first
khácAnother, different
thànhInto, to become
giữaCentre, between
vào ngàyOn a day
chínhMain, principle

Vietnamese Words List | 71-80

phầnPart, section
đangPresent progressive marker
nhàBuilding, house, home
raTo go out, to exit
sốAmount, quantity
sau khiFollowing, after
sử dụngTo use, to employ
thìTime, then, however
Since, for
chúngGroup, people
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Vietnamese Words List | 81-90

đầu tiênFirst, at first
một sốA number of, several
bắt đầuTo start, to begin
mớiNew, fresh, recent
hayWell, or, often
saoHow, why
trở thànhTo become, to grow
lực lượngForce, strength
khoảngApproximately, around
trậnBattle, fight,

Vietnamese Words List | 91-100

Here are the last ten words of this official list.

Were you expecting them all to make the list? Or were you surprised some inclusions? Let us know your thoughts!

rấtVery, quite
vẫnStill, yet
trướcBefore, in front, previously
trong khiWhile, meanwhile
vùngRegion, area
những ngườiPeople, those who
phápLaw, rule, France
nướcCountry, nation, water

There you have it, the TOP 100 Most Common Vietnamese Words sourced from the Vietnamese Wikipedia.

You probably already see them everywhere, but if you already know them, then you’ve made a great start to your Vietnamese studies!

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What is the most common Vietnamese Word?

The most common word in Vietnamese is which means and.

Where can I find the original list of most common Vietnamese words?

You will find many lists like this on the Internet.

The source for this article is VNWords.

Another website that list the most common Vietnamese words but with different ranks is EZGlot.

Is there a Vietnamese Proficiency Test?

Yes there is.

It is called Năng lực Tiếng Việt (or NLTV) and can be taken whilst in Vietnam.

It includes 6 levels:

Bậc 1 = A1 level

Bậc 2 = A2 level

Bậc 3 = B1 level

Bậc 4 = B2 level

Bậc 5 = C1 level

Bậc 6 = C2 level

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Yes we do.

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