Places in Korean | 100+ Useful Words for Beginners

Places in Korean (Beginner Level)

Welcome to our tutorial for learning all the places in Korean! You might want to bookmark this article.

You may well be planning to come to South Korea, perhaps to travel, visit some friends, or even embark on a language learning program.

We will help you get started and navigate the most common places you’ll visit.

This article is meant as a starting point for beginners in terms of places to know about in Korean.

You can then spend more time on places you are most interested in, or even ask a teacher for help.

Places in Korean | Common Places

Places in Korean | Bank

Places in Korean | Hospital

Places in Korean | School

Places in Korean | University

Places in Korean | Post office

Places in Korean | Home

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First things first:

Place in Korean is 장소  jangso

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Common Places in Korean

Let’s start with the basics, the most common places in Korean you should learn right now.

As a beginner student, learning lots of vocabulary at once can be quite difficult, especially if you haven’t mastered Hangul yet.

Take your time, bookmark this page and come back whenever you feel need it.

Bank 은행  eunhaeng
Casino 카지노 ka jino
Cathedral 대성당  dae seong dang
Church 교회 gyohoe
City hall 시청 sicheong
College 대학 daehak
Drugstore, pharmacy 약국  yakguk
Embassy 대사관 daesagwan
Gas station 주유소 juyuso
Hospital 병원 byeongwon
Hotel 호텔 hotel
Information office 안내소 annaeso
Library 도서관 do seo gwan
Money exchange 환전  hwan jeon
Mosque 이슬람 사원  iseulam sawon
Movie theater 영화관  yeong hwa gwan
Museum 박물관 bak mul gwan
Nightclub 나이트 클럽  na-i-teu keulrub
Opera 오페라  opera
Optical store 안경점 an gyeong jeom
Parking lot 주차장 juchajang
Restaurant 식당 dikdang
School 학교  hakgyo
Store 가게  gage
Subway 지하철  jihacheol
Synagogue 유태성당 yu tae seong dang
Temple jeol
Theater 극장  geuk jang
Travel agency 여행사  yeohaengsa
University 대학교  daehakgyo
Zoo 동물원 dongmulwon

Bank in Korean | 은행 [eunhaeng]

👉 은행

Talking about banking in any foreign language can feel very overwhelming, especially if you need to go there for errands or to open a bank account.

Hopefully this list of new vocabulary will help alleviate the stress.

Bank clerk 은행원 eunhaeng-won
Banking account 은행 계좌 eunhaeng gyejwa
Account number 계좌 번호 gyejwa beonho
Checking account 계좌 확인 gyejwa hwak-in
Savings account 예금 계좌 yegeum gyejwa
To open an account 계좌를 개설하다 gyejwaleul gaeseolhada
To close the account 계좌를 폐지하다 gyejwaleul pyejihada
To deposit into the account 계좌에 입금하다 gyejwa-e ibgeumhada
To withdraw 철회하다 cheolhoehada
Wire transfer 전신 송금 jeonsin song-geum
Credit card 신용 카드 sin-yong kadeu
Code 암호 amho
Credit card number 신용 카드 번호 sin-yong kadeu beonho
Checkbook 수표 supyo
To give a loan 대출을 제공하다 daechul-eul jegonghada
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Hospital in Korean | 병원 [byeong-won]

👉 병원

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes… well they’re not good.

As much as we wish you a smooth and problem-free stay in South Korea, it is always convenient to know some health-related vocabulary when travelling to a foreign country.

Bandages, first aid kid, in need of a doctor? Make sure to save this list of useful words, just in case.

First Aid 응급 처치 eung-geub cheochi
Bandage 붕대 bungdae
Scissors 가위 gawi
Gauze 거즈 geojeu
Ointment 연고 yeongo
Stethoscope 청진기 cheongjingi
Medical prescription 의료 처방 uilyo cheobang
Doctor 의사 uisa
Nurse 간호사 ganhosa
Patient  환자 hwanja
Surgeon 외과 의사 oegwa uisa
Blood test 혈액 검사 hyeol-aeg geomsa
Virus 바이러스 baileoseu
To be in hospital  입원하다  ib-wonhada
Sickroom 병실 byeongsil
To leave hospital 퇴원하다 toewonhada

School in Korean | 학교 [hakgyo]

👉 학교

You will study these words in the first week of your Korean language program at LTL, but if you’d like to get a head start, this is a good place to begin.

You’ll be ready to state what you have in your pencil case and find your way around school, all in Korean.

Check out our Korean language programs both online and in Seoul.

Teacher 선생님 Seonsaengnim
Student 학생 Haksaeng
Classroom 교실 Gyosil
Lesson 수업 Su-eop
Recess 쉬는 시간 Swineun sigan
Grade 등급 Deung-geup
Cheat sheet 컨닝페이퍼 Keonningpe-i-peo
Homework 숙제 Sukje
Dictionary 사전 Sajeon
Pencil 연필 Yeonpil
Bullet point pen 볼펜 Bol-pen
Fountain pen 만년필 Mannyeonpil
Colouring pen 색연필 saekyeonpil
Eraser 지우개 Ji-u-gae
Folder 폴더 Poldeo
Glue Pull
Scissors 가위 Gawi

University in Korean | 대학교 [daehakgyo]

👉 대학교

Lots of students travel to Korea as part of a student exchange program, or language learning program, or even to audition for a drama!

Here’s the vocabulary you’ll want to learn to make it a bit easier the first at your new university.

Student 학생 Haksaeng
Lecturer 교수  Gyosu
Lecture hall 강의실 Gang-ui-sil
Graduate 졸업 Jol-eop
Diploma 졸업장 Jol-eopjang
Dissertation 논문 Nonmun
Laboratory 실혐실 Silhyeomsil
Lecture 강의 Gang-ui
Course mate 동기 Donggi
Scholarship 장학금 Janghakgeum
Academic degree 학위 Hakwi
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Post Office in Korean | 우체국 [ucheguk]

👉 우체국

How can you send those postcards to your family and friends back home if you don’t know how to navigate the post office in Korean?!

Here’s the most important words to know to make the experience a bit easier:

Postman 집배원 Jipbaewon
Letter 편지 Pyeon ji
Postcard 엽서 Yeopseo
Parcel 소포 Sopo
Money transfer 송금 Song-geum
To receive 받다 Batda
To send 보내다 Bonaeda
Address 주소 Juso
ZIP code / Postcode 우편 번호 U pyeon beon ho
Sender 보내는 사람 Bo nae neun saram
Receiver 받는 사람 Bat neun saram
Envelope 봉투 Bongtu
Postage stamp 우표 U-pyo

Home in Korean | 집 [jip]


Home is where the heart is!

Here are some of the different rooms when talking about your house in Korean:

Basement 지하실 Jihasil
Bathroom 욕실 Yoksil
Toilet 화장실 Hwa jang sil
Dining Room 식당 Sikdang
Bedroom 침실 Chimsil
Kitchen 부엌 Bu-eok
Office 사무실 Samusil
Downstairs 아래층 A lae cheung
Upstairs 윗층 Witcheung
Garage 주차장 Juchajang
Study 서재 Seojae

There you have it. A quick vocabulary lesson to get you started on learning new words for the most common places in Korean.

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How to say University in Korean?

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How to say Hospital in Korean?

What is 안내소 in Korean?


How do you say Hospital in Korean?

Hospital in Korean is 병원 byeongwon.

How do you say Bank in Korean?

Bank in Korean is 은행 eunhaeng.

How do you say School in Korean?

School in Korean is 학교 hakgyo. 

How do you say Embassy in Korean?

Embassy in Korean is 대사관 daesagwan.

How do you say Gas Station in Korean?

Gas station in Korean is 주유소 juyuso.

How do you say Nightclub in Korean?

Nightclub in Korean is 나이트 클럽 na-i-teu keulrub.

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