Learn Korean Online in a way you never thought possible thanks to our revolutionary Flexi Classes.

You now have the ability to learn Korean online 24/7 with the best set of Korean teachers on the web. You can even choose exactly what you want to study.

Our Flexi Classes average between 2-3 students per class meaning you are effectively getting tailored tutelage.

The whole syllabus has been created from scratch by our expert team of Korean teachers, so you can rest assured you are being taught the right way.

We teach a number of popular languages from the far east including Japanese and Vietnamese as well as Korean.

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Our Flexi Classes are a subscription based service that allow you to not only learn Korean online, but other languages of the far east also, anytime of the day or night.

  • Choose your time, your teacher and your topic at complete leisure
  • Zero fixed class times to follow. You have complete control. Study when YOU want.
  • We only hire the best. Many teachers apply to work with LTL, but only the best make the cut.

All these factors coupled together gives you the complete experience to learn Korean online the most efficient and effective way possible.

Say goodbye to fixed class times. Say goodbye to sub-standard teaching and say goodbye to slow progress.

The unique thing about Flexi Classes is all class material is available to download before your lesson starts.

Each and every Korean Class comes with a PDF that has been written by our expert team, for the modern era. We teach useful phrases, but also words commonly used in 21st century Korea. Forgot your old, dated textbooks

Check out two of our classes below. You are welcome to keep the PDF and use for your own personal study 🤩


Getting started takes a matter of minutes! Firstly, you can purchase a subscription (options are shown below) dependant on how many hours you’ll roughly want to study each week.

Upon completing your purchase you will be given a number of credits. Credits are used to book your classes and the value of the credits depends on how you wish to study:

Once credits are available in your account, you can book your Korean classes at free will. It’s that simple! Choose your subscription, sign up and get booking!

Learning Korean Online just got a whole lot better!

Korean Group Classes

5 x Group Classes a Month15 x Group Classes a Month30 x Group Classes a Month
69 USD
59 EUR
163 USD
139 EUR
279 USD
239 EUR
CheapestMost Booked#1 Value
5 Credits15 Credits30 Credits
12 EUR a class9 EUR a class8 EUR a class

Korean 1-on-1 Classes

5 x 1-on-1 Classes a Month15 x 1-on-1 Classes a Month30 x 1-on-1 Classes a Month
163 USD
139 EUR
385 USD
329 EUR
701 USD
599 EUR
CheapestMost Booked#1 Value
15 Credits45 Credits90 Credits
28 EUR a class22 EUR a class20 EUR a class

If you want to find out more about how Flexi Class Credits work, check out this page.


It takes minutes to sign up and start learning Korean online, but any questions, do feel free to let us know.

  • Click SIGN UP below, enter your name, email and your current Korean level
  • Choose your preferred subscription
  • Complete the payment using Stripe
  • Book your first class and get studying straight away


Do my Flexi Credits ever expire?

All credits are valid for 31 days from the day you purchased them.

However, it’s important to understand you can book a class as far in advance as you want, as long as it’s booked within 31 days of purchase.

Therefore, if you purchase classes on March 1st, and have yet to book them by April 2nd, then the credits will indeed have expired.

How long is a single class?

One class is always an hour long.

I’m a complete beginner, can I learn Korean online with LTL?

Of course you can!

We teach absolute beginners all the way through to very advanced speakers.

Flexi Classes are for everyone. All ages and all levels are welcomed.

Do you have a Korean blog where I can read more?

We do indeed.

We cover a multitude of topics which go far further than most as we delve not only into the language but also the culture.

So far we’ve covered topics like:

1 – The best places to stream Korean movies

2 – The best K Dramas

3 – Must listen to Korean podcasts

You can find our Korean blog here.

Do you provide online textbooks for me to use?

We have hand written our own curriculum which has been prepared from scratch by our expert team.

For every Korean class you take part in they’ll be downloadable materials such as PDF’s.

Can I cancel a class if my schedule has changed?

Yes you can, it’s all in the name – FLEXI Classes!

PLEASE NOTE – You will receive your credits back for all cancellations that are made more than 72 hours before the class time.

Cancellations made less than 72 hours in advance are not refunded.

Can I also study Korean in fixed schedule classes or individually?

You can indeed.

We also provide small group classes that follow a fixed schedule and also individual Korean classes.

Why is Korean so popular?

There are many potential reasons for this.

Korean TV dramas and K-Pop have been surging in popularity in recent years.

Korean movies have also come to the forefront of not just Asian culture, but worldwide.

Many people in the west have fast become fascinated with Korean and Korea as a country to the point where it is matching and perhaps even surpassing the popularity of Japanese.

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