Korean Podcasts on Spotify 🎧 12 Podcasts to Learn the Easy Way (+ BONUS Entries)

Learn Korean Podcasts on Spotify

Welcome to another Korean blog! Today’s topic is all about the beauty of learning whilst listening: learn Korean podcasts on Spotify.

Why, you might ask? Many of us love listening to podcasts and Spotify is the perfect place to tune in.

I don’t use any other podcasts platforms, so if you have any nice ones to share, please leave a comment at the very end of the page and we might create a blog all about them as well!

I usually listen to Talk To Me In Korean podcasts (and will talk about them more later on), but in order to write this blog I needed more titles, right?

I searched through Spotify and listened to many episodes to select only the best ones, in my opinion, for you to learn Korean with podcasts.

I found that there are a lot of podcasts about the Korean language, but most of them discontinued or with bad quality content.

I hope you find this list useful, and again, if you know more, please feel free to share with us!

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Core Korean Grammar with TTMIK

Let’s start with the biggest name in the Korean learning materials field : Talk To Me In Korean!

Talk To Me In Korean is a learning materials provider, who have their own textbooks, as well as an online bookstore and a very successful YouTube channel.

They actually have 4 podcasts on Spotify, so don’t be surprised to see the same name in the next three chapters.

This podcast is probably the one with the most episodes, covering lessons from all levels, each of them lasting up to 20 minutes.

The episodes are introduced by Hyunwoo, founder of TTMIK, and Kyeong-eun from the same company.

The name gives it away, it is mainly about Korean Grammar, perfect to listen to after a lesson with a teacher or for self-study sessions.

Real Life Korean Conversations for Beginners

Real Life Korean Conversations for Beginners is another podcast provided by TTMIK.

Again, you can already predict the content of this podcast because of the name!

Based on their book of the same titles, the episodes of this podcast are about 3 minutes long and are real life dialogues between two natives of the Korean language.

The podcast is meant for beginners.

The last episode dates from April 2019, but the channel has episodes to last you a good while !

Talk To Me In 100% Korean

Talk To Me In 100% Korean is, indeed, a podcast in Korean ONLY, meaning you’d need some understanding of the Korean language to understand the episodes.

The episodes are about 10-20 minutes long, and are not lessons from a book, but rather conversations between native Korean people, to allow you to listen to a real speed discussion.

There are less episodes than the previous podcasts, however they are still publishing them once every two weeks.

IYAGI – Natural Korean Conversations

The fourth and last podcast of Talk To Me In Korean, named IYAGI.

Again, the episodes are actual conversations between native Korean speakers around various topics such as Taekwondo, Winter Sports, Christmas in Korea etc.

The speakers change in each episodes so you can listen to various conversations, speeches and way of speaking, for about 10 minutes each episode.

The last episode dates back from June 2018 and the series was most likely discontinued, however the content of the episodes is still very relevant and useful to improve one’s listening skills and vocabulary.

Essential Korean

Essential Korean is a podcast created by Kay, a Korean teacher and author of several books about Korean learning.

The podcast is very language focused and you have topics about Korean culture and the way of life.

As an example of the content of this podcast, here are some episodes that might raise your interest:

  • Must know Korean greetings and farewells
  • How to say what something is NOT
  • Basic sentence structure in Korean
  • Speech styles of the Korean language

Learn Korean with David

Learn Korean with David is a podcast FULL of useful bite-sized episodes about various topics, and honestly it totally deserves more listens!

Episodes last about 8 minutes each, and even though the podcast stopped in December 2020, David is back AGAIN for a second season!

Focusing on daily Korean vocabulary, you’ll find topics about the language itself but also about some cultural aspects. Here’s a mix of topics:

  • Alone culture
  • Please be quiet
  • Chuseok
  • Popular Korean snacks

Learn Korean and Korean Culture

The title of the podcast gives it away! This is a podcast of 27 episodes of around 10-15 minutes each, about the Korean language and culture in a mix of English and Korean.

Ideal if you already know a little bit of Korean, and even more if you are looking to listen to a podcast in full Korean, as this one can be a nice transition between the two languages.

Particularly interesting topics:

  • Korean names
  • Honorifics and formalities
  • Korean slang words
  • Schools in Korea

Hangugeo con AngDuck for Beginners

Let’s start with a disclaimer: even though Hangugeo con AngDuck is advertised for beginners, it is all in Korean! You have been warned.

Hangugeo con AngDuck has another podcast full of mini-stories, all in Korean, created by AngDuck, that wishes to help all learners absorb the flow of natural Korean.

28 episodes are already available on the beginner podcast, all about 5 minutes long. Super easy to include it in your daily learning routine!

Intermediate Korean

All of these podcasts have rather self-explanatory titles, don’t you think? Intermediate Korean already has 18 episodes and keeps publishing them every week!

Intermediate Korean podcast is designed for intermediate level students.

Each episode (around 5 minutes each) is a conversation or a story about the language or an aspect of the culture.

Rest assured, the pace of the speaker’s speech is rather slow, so even if you are a beginner you can listen to the episodes and try to understand as much as you can!

The Legit Korean

This podcast is brought to you by Ari Lee, a South Korean lady who shares with her audience all things Korean but the real way!

The latest Legit Korean’s episodes are about 25 minutes long, and even though the earliest episodes were very language focused (of about 10 minutes long), the last ones are about a wide range of topics relating the language but also the culture, news, the economy etc.

Particularly interesting topics:

  • You Don’t Know How to Say “You” in Korean
  • School Violence Scandals Rocking the Nation
  • Korean Economy Briefly Explained

Ari is still updating her podcast with new episodes so it’s one you should definitely follow.

Bae-u-mi Podcast

Bae-u-mi Podcast is a bilingual podcast, in English and Korean, with a new episode every month about a wide range of topics.

Bae-u-mi is about stories and opinions on life in general, but more specifically for people ‘in-between’ situations, meaning people that had to relocate to another country for work and had to adapt and get used to another environment, getting out of one’s comfort zone.

Episodes are of various length, and the Korean ones are great for intermediate students who are looking to improve their listening skills.

Korean Podcasts on Spotify || BONUS ENTRIES

We have two bonus entries we wanted to include before we round off.

The first…

DIVE Studios

DIVE Studios is added here as a bonus because it is not focused on the Korean language at all, but is still interesting to listen to, as they cover a wide range of topics about South Korea, the entertainment industry and a lot more than that!

DIVE Studios is a podcast network with lots of various podcasts featuring many Kpop artists such as Eric Nam, Tablo (Epik High), Jae (Day6) to only name a few.

DIVE Studios produces the following podcasts (all on Spotify):

  • K-Pop Daebak with Eric Nam – Kpop industry, new releases, interviews
  • GET REAL with Peniel, BM and Ashley Choi – Work, love, adulthood
  • What Would Jamie Do?Life advices on hardships, problems
  • I Think You’re Dope with Eric Nam – Interviews
  • How Did I Get Here with Jae of Day6 – Daily life, self-care, psychology
  • …and more!

Korean LingQ Podcast

How did we discover the LingQ podcast?

Through the comments below. See, we really do listen to you guys!

Annie from the podcast dropped us a comment so we checked it out and guess what – we loved what we listened to.

BONUS | they focus on multiple languages and not just Korean.

The LingQ channel is well established and clearly has a strong following and we really enjoyed the content.

Their website reveals more interesting news, the co-founder of LingQ is in fact language learning hero Steve Kaufmann – this guy knows his stuff, although we are sure you’ve heard of him.

Check them out, here is the episode we listened to, which is taken from their YouTube where they also publish their content.

What do you think of these podcasts?

If you know any other interesting Korean Podcasts on Spotify that should make it into the list, just let us know in the comments.

If you listen to Korean Podcasts on other platforms, please let us know as well, and we might write another blog about them!

For more excellent podcasts why not check out our list of 40+ podcasts for Mandarin learners (for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners).

Learn Korean Podcasts on Spotify

Are there a lot of Korean Podcasts on Spotify?

There are indeed multiple Korean Podcasts on Spotify, however many of them only contain a few episodes or are of a lesser quality than others.

In this article we searched for the best Korean Podcasts on Spotify, by paying attention to the quality of the episodes, length, numbers and content.

Hope you like it!

Can I learn Korean with podcasts?

Let’s be honest, you won’t be able to become fluent by only listening to podcasts.

They are however a fantastic resource to review or learn more vocabulary and improve your listening skills.

You should definitely listen to Korean podcasts, no matter your level, but even more so alongside a language program with a professional teacher that will allow you to master the basics of the language.

Why are Korean podcasts so popular?

The Korean language is becoming a more and more popular foreign language to study by the year, however great study resources online are not easy to find.

Podcasts are so popular because they allow students to learn and review vocabulary in a less formal setting, with a more casual way of speaking from native speakers, which is a nice change from the pre-recorded dialogues we can find in textbooks.

Podcasts are also a great way to learn more about the Korean culture and way of life, as many of them are not specifically focused about language learning, but cover other aspects as well.

Are there other ways to learn Korean apart from taking classes?

Taking classes and physically going to South Korea for a language immersion will always be the best way to make fast and steady progress, however there are other ways to learn the language.

You can study at home by yourself with textbooks you can easily find online, download apps such as Duolingo or Lingodeer, listen to K-pop, watch dramas and movies to improve your listening skills, make Korean friends etc.

As explained in this article, listening to podcasts is another great way to learn more about the language and the culture, as a wide range of topics is covered by many podcasters.

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