Devil Beside You – A Fun Taiwanese College Drama

Learn Chinese with the Taiwanese College Drama Devil Beside You

Devil Beside You (惡魔在身邊 èmó zài shēnbiān) is a 2005 Taiwanese college drama.

This typical drama has long been a firm favourite with fans of Taiwanese and Chinese dramas.

I myself have a soft spot for Devil Beside You as it was the first Taiwanese/Chinese drama I ever watched!

Devil Beside You – Introduction

Devil Beside You – Main Characters

Devil Beside You – Why it’s Great for Chinese Learners

Devil Beside You – Useful Vocab

Devil Beside You – Where to Watch

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For now, let’s dive into Devil Beside You…

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Devil Beside You – Introduction

Devil Beside You is based on the Japanese manga Akuma de Sourou, (The Devil Does Exist).

At the heart of this Taiwanese drama is a group of students who all go to the same college.


The story begins with Qi Yue (齐悦 qí yuè) planning to confess that she likes the basketball team captain Shang Yuan Yi (尚源伊 shàng yuányī).

She writes a letter to him confessing her feelings, but things don’t quite go as planned…

When she tries to give him the letter he doesn’t see her and instead she looks up to see the college troublemaker Jiang Meng (江猛 jiāng měng) aka Ah Meng (阿猛 ā měng) instead.

Ah Meng decides to have some fun with Qi Yue so he threatens to print thousands of copies of the letter and spread them around the college unless Qi Yue agrees to be his “servant”.

Soon a love triangle ensues, is Ah Meng as cruel and devilish as he makes out or is there another side to him? Will Qi Yue ever be able to confess her feelings to Shang Yuan Yi?

To make things even more complicated Qi Yue’s mum is dating Ah Meng’s dad and they decide to get married. Now Qi Yue and Ah Meng will be step siblings!

Devil Beside You is certainly packed with plenty of drama and plot twists that just keep on coming. The TV show is also a lot of fun to watch because of how overly dramatic it can be.

Devil Beside You – Main Characters

Qi Yue (齐悦 qí yuè)


A sweet and naive girl. She is 20 years old and is in her second year of college.

She lives with her widowed mother and they have a very close relationship.

She can be pretty ditsy and often gets herself into awkward situations.

She has a crush on Shang Yuanyi but her life is turned upside down when she meets Ah Meng.

Qi Yue is played by Rainie Yang (杨丞琳 yáng chénglín) a Taiwanese singer, actress and TV host Rainie Yang (杨丞琳 yáng chénglín).

You may recognise her from the TV show Life Plan A and B. Devil Beside You was her first leading role in a TV series.

Jiang Meng (江猛 jiāng měng)


Aka Ah Meng (阿猛 ā měng) – the college troublemaker, he is in his first year of college.

His dad is the president of the school so he uses this to gain power over his teachers.

He has a bad boy attitude, however beneath his hard exterior there is a more gentle side and he will always stick up for what is right.

Ah Meng is played by Taiwanese actor Mike He (贺军翔 hè jūnxiáng).

Shang Yuan Yi (尚源伊 shàng yuányī)

A boy in the same class as Qi Yue. He is also captain of the basketball team. He has a gentle personality and is the complete opposite to Ah Meng.

Shang Yuan Yi is played by Taiwanese actor, singer and host Kingone Wang (王传一 wáng chuányī).

Qing Zi (晴紫 qíng zǐ)

Qi Yue’s best friend. She is confident and outspoken. She encourages Qi Yue to confess her feelings for Shang Yuan Yi even though she also has a crush on him.

Qing Zi is played by Taiwanese actress Joyce Tsai (蔡裴琳 cài péilín).

Xin Li Xiang (辛莉香 xīn lìxiāng)

She was an anti social girl who would act snotty when she was in high school.

She use to get bullied by the other girls at school but Ah Mon would always protect her.

She now has a crush on Ah Meng and calls him “Prince”, she is jealous when Ah Meng starts paying attention to Qi Yue.

Xin Li Xiang is played by Taiwanese model, host and actress Ivy Fan (范筱梵 fàn xiǎofàn).

Yu Yang Ping (于陽平 yú yángpíng)

Ah Meng’s best friend. When he was in middle school the basketball teacher used to mock him because he was overweight and couldn’t play well.

Ah Meng came to his defence and beat the teacher up. He has a crush on Xin Li Xiang.

Yu Yang Ping is played by the half Japanese and half Taiwanese actor Masuyama Yuki.

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Devil Beside You – Why it’s Great for Chinese Learners

As I said earlier, this was the first Chinese/Taiwanese drama I ever watched.

I decided to watch the series when I was in my first year of university studying Chinese to help improve my listening skills and learn some new words.

Most of the vocab used in the show is pretty simple and basic so it’s a great show to watch for Chinese learners who have more of an elementary level of Chinese.

I had been studying Chinese for about four months when I started watching it, with English subtitles and still found I could recognise quite a lot of what was being said.

If you want to try and watch the TV show without English subtitles, I’d recommend that you’d need around a HSK 3 – 4 level to understand what’s going on.

The sometimes ridiculousness of the plot and silliness of some of the acting make it a very easy series to watch which is good for some lighthearted viewing.

Devil Beside You – Useful Vocab

  • 继弟 jì dì – Step brother
  • 恶魔 èmó – Devil
  • 篮球队 lánqiú duì – Basketball Team
  • 队长 duìzhǎng – Captian
  • 篮球社经理 lánqiú shè jīnglǐ – Basketball club manager
  • 情书 qíngshū – Love letter
  • 恶梦 è mèng – Nightmare
  • 梦境 mèngjìng – Dreamland
  • 现实 xiànshí – Reality
  • 仆人 púrén – Servant
  • 学校的理事长 xuéxiào de lǐshì zhǎng – School director
  • 独生子 dúshēngzǐ – Only son
  • 流氓 liúmáng – Rogue, holligan
  • 大过 dàguò – Serious offence
  • 小过 xiǎoguò – Minor offence
  • 魅惑的王子 mèihuò de wángzǐ – Prince Charming
  • 老天爷 llǎotiānyé – God
  • 过世 guòshì – Died, passed away
  • 秘密 mìmì – Secret
  • 第三者 dì sān zhě – The other woman or man
  • 公开 gōngkāi – Public
  • 告白 gàobái – Confession
  • 对象 duìxiàng – Partner
  • 搞錯 gǎo cuò – Make a mistake

Devil Beside You – Where to Watch

There are 20 episodes of Devil Beside You and each one lasts 45 minutes.

Compared to some other Taiwanese and Chinese dramas this is actually relatively short so is great if you don’t want to commit to a really long series.

You can watch Devil Beside You on YouTube with English subtitles. However, these are obscure the Chinese subtitles which can be a bit annoying when you’re trying to learn new words.

Alternatively, the whole series can be watched on YouKu, however they only have traditional Chinese subtitles. This is actually a really easy way to learn some traditional characters if you don’t already know some.

Devil Beside You – FAQs

Where can I watch Devil Beside you online?

You can watch Devil Beside You on YouTube with English subtitles or on YouKu with traditional Chinese subtitles.

Is Devil Beside You available on Netflix?

No, currently Devil Beside You is not available on Netflix.

What is the Chinese name of Devil Beside You?

The Chinese name of Devil Beside You is 惡魔在身邊 (èmó zài shēnbiān).

When was Devil Beside You released?

Devil Beside You was released in 2005.

What other dramas is Rainie Yang in?

Some other popular dramas with Rainie Yang are Life Plan A and B, Meteor Garden (2001), Drunken to Love You and My Ex-Man.

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