NomadHer Review | A Safe App For Solo Female Travellers

NomadHer Review (2023)

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Welcome to my review of NomadHer, my latest favourite app that I just HAD to share with you.

I have travelled solo many times, not only because I like it but also because sometimes, I just do not want to wait for people to agree to come with me to do things.

I just do them.

A few months ago I was speaking with a good friend of mine with a similar experience, telling her how I’d like to share all those great travels with someone but that somehow, no one was ever available when I was, or were simply not interested in the same destinations.

She told me about NomadHer, an app where female solo travellers can share their travel experiences, stories, pictures, and find like-minded people to go on adventures with.

And let me tell you, I absolutely fell in love with the concept.

Let me walk you through the idea behind NomadHer in more detail. But feel free to skip to the part you’re most interested in:

NomadHer Review | Introduction

NomadHer Review | How does it work?

NomadHer Review | How to find friends to travel with?

NomadHer Review | FAQs

Check out the app’s introduction video:

NomadHer Review | Introduction

NomadHer was founded by Kim Hyojeong, a solo traveller herself with 45 countries visited!

Let’s introduce the app by citing the team’s own words:

“NomadHer is the application for female globetrotters, to encourage your safe solo travelling and to help you meet other solo female travellers everywhere in the world.”

Not only is the app’s name a genius play on words, but the goal behind the app has never been more relevant in today’s world.

If you are not convinced yet, NomadHer was nominated as one of 9 rising apps on International Women’s Day by Apple and was even featured by UN Women in 2021.

Remember this name because we predict you’ll see it often in the future!

Globetrotters from more than 170 nationalities have already joined the app, with a community of 10,000+ members.

We can all agree that putting oneself out there and meeting new people can easily feel awkward or uncomfortable, right?

The NomadHer Team actually organises meet-ups all around the world to help make these connections a bit easier.

Lately, trips to the mountains in Seoul, brunches in Berlin, walks in London and even online pyjama parties are organised to bring the NomadHer community together.

The events hosted usually keep groups small, so it is easier to meet, speak and share stories, avoiding the awkwardness of having to introduce yourself to large group of people!

“We believe in the power of sharing, solidarity, and inspiration by designing a safe and comfortable space for women.”


NomadHer Review | How Does It Work?

So, that’s the introduction out of the way, let’s see how it works!

First of all, you can download the app for free on both Android and IOS devices.

The sign-up process is fairly easy. You’ll need to enter a few details about yourself, take a selfie and upload a photo of your ID.

Sharing your ID is part of NomadHer’s verification process, to ensure that no fake account or robot enters the app.

As the verification process is done manually by team members, it can take up to 3 days to be verified. You will receive a very nice welcome message from one of the team members when it’s done!

You can then fill in your profile a bit more, introduce yourself in your bio, upload a picture, add the countries you’d love to visit to your list and the languages you speak.

In the app you’ll be able to:

  • Share your adventures and read the stories of other travellers.
  • Comment on others’ posts to share your tips and tricks about a given destination.
  • Ask for advice too!
  • Post about your future trip(s) to find other travellers to come with you.
  • Attend meet-ups organised around the world by the NomadHer Team.
  • Send private messages to other NomadHers.
  • Receive notifications when someone comments on your post or sends you a DM.

Using the app is pretty straight-forward, with only 5 buttons on the menu:

  • Lounge – The feed
  • Pocket – Travel guidebooks
  • New post
  • NomadHers – Find a fellow traveller by name, city or country
  • Profile

Have a look at their website here for more information, and make sure to check their amazing blog!

They share a lot of tips and tricks on a great number of countries and cities, as well as empowering articles about solo travelling.

Here is a little selection of NomadHer’s blog articles we like:

  • Article | A week-end with the Hui Ethnic minority in Xi’an
  • Article | Is Seoul Safe for Solo Female Travelers?
  • Article | Things to do in Busan for a solo female traveller
  • Article | Is van life worth it for a solo female traveller?

Have you downloaded the app already?

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How to Find Someone to Travel With on NomadHer?

Finding someone to travel with on NomadHer is really simple (if that’s what you are looking for of course).

Once you’ve signed up and have access to the app, click on the “+” button at the bottom of your screen.

You can now write a post with a title, text and images (optional) to describe where you are going, when and what you plan to do there.

If you are new to the app I would suggest to first fill in your profile, so other travellers can have a look and get to know you a little better.

Of course, it is always good to introduce yourself at the beginning of your post, so travellers know who they are reading about.

Be sure to state the city and country you plan to travel to, and of course, the DATES.

Click publish and your post will be available in the feed for everyone to read!

If you’re not sure how to write your post, here is a template I created for you.

Feel free to copy and paste, and replace the words between brackets with your own words.

Title: Trip to [city, country] from [date] to [date]

Post content: Hello everyone, my name is [name], I am [age] years old and I currently live in [city, country].

I will be travelling to [city, country] from [date] to [date], would anyone be interested in going with me?

I love doing [activities] and I am a [adjectives] kind of person. During this trip I plan to [activity] and [activity] but I’d be very happy to have a chat about it and make plans together.

Also if anyone ever wanted to meet up there for coffee or drinks, that’d be great too! Let me know 🙂

There you have it!

I hope this app will be helpful for you, and allow you to meet incredible like minded travellers to go on adventures with!

If you are visiting Asia, make sure you learn some useful sentences and vocabulary.

It will be easier to navigate the culture shock and help make the first few days in the country a bit smoother.

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What is NomadHer?

NomadHer is an app designed for solo female travellers to share tips, stories and experiences with the community, as well as to find like minded people to travel with.

Where to download NomadHer?

You can download NomadHer on both Android and IOS devices.

How to use NomadHer?

NomadHer is very easy to use.

Download the app, sign up and go through the verification process, and you are set to go.

Fill in your profile to give other NomadHers more details and start reading through the community’s posts, or post your own.

Any other apps I should know about?

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