WeChat Emojis – The Complete Guide Using WeChat Emojis

What Are The Meanings of WeChat Emojis? (Did you notice the difference?!)

Welcome to the wonderful and wacky world of WeChat Emojis.

Apple, Android, Facebook and WeChat all have unique yet similar emojis.

Like it or not, Emojis are changing the way people communicate with one another.

Did you know there is a neuron in your brain responsible for recognizing faces and understanding their expressions?

This neuron has actually played a huge role in human evolution.

Your involuntary facial expression says it all when you’re talking to someone!

Without it, you would come across as an absolute psychopath not smiling on cue, showing sorrow at sad news and so on.

How does this translate into the world of WeChat emojis?

It’s a new digital world out there. It’s important to be able to read the room (and emojis) and respond accordingly.

WeChat Emojis // WeChat Emojis Cheat Sheet

WeChat Emojis // Hidden WeChat Emojis

WeChat Emojis // WeChat Stickers

Disclaimer: these emojis are – disappointingly – not yet available on Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo and are reserved only for WeChat so far.

WeChat Emojis Cheat Sheet

The Wechat Emojis that don’t have the [brackets] as a text code are because they aren’t Wechat emojis. They are shortcuts to the Apple IOS emojis.

Discover some of the deeper meaning behind the emojis.

Which emoji do you use the most? Leave us a comment below!

Hidden WeChat Emojis

WeChat Hidden Emojis
WeChat Hidden Emojis

Yes, that is correct there are hidden WeChat Emojis! Mind blown?

Message on of the following to your friends:

  • Happy Birthday
  • Miss You
  • XOXO

That’s not all! If you wish someone a happy [insert holiday] there are more hidden WeChat Emojis!

However, these only work during the month that the festivities are happening.

See Chinese National Holidays to watch out for special events!

BONUS: Be sure to try out the Christmas hidden Wechat emoji.

WeChat Stickers

For all the nuances that are going on with WeChat emojis, there is a much deeper and more complex world of WeChat stickers.

Emoji/ Sticker Tabs:

😀: All Stickers

❤️: Custom Stickers

✌️: Record Your Own Stickers

All: 😀

Gives you access to all the emojis seen above.

The first row will always be the last 8 you have recently used.

Custom: ❤️

Custom stickers is where WeChat becomes AMAZING!

One of the first things you need to do when downloading WeChat is get yourself into a sticker group.

Sticker Groups are group chats of up to 500 people sharing all sorts of stickers. Usually, they are GIFs from movies and TV shows.

You will be amazed at how often you are having a conversation and you don’t have the right words but the perfect sticker comes to mind.

Note: your most recent stickers aren’t kept at the top but you are able to ‘manage stickers’ and put your favourites at the top of the lid.

You can only store up to 300 stickers at a time.

You should regularly update your favourite stickers to the top of your list so you can delete ones at the bottom when new favourites are posted into the group.

Here is the Marketing Teams favourite stickers:

Max LTL Mandarin School
That Escalated Quickly
Mind Blown Gif
Marine LTL Mandarin School
Campbell_LTL Mandarin School
Chris Pratt Gif

Make Your Own Stickers: ✌️

Think you can do better? Well, now you can!

The ‘Make Your Own’ sticker tab on the WeChat Emojis bar, allows you to make your very own stickers!

You can add text to the screen and even have moving animations like bunny ears, flowers, sunglasses and more!

Chinese Apps vs Western Apps // Who Wins The War? Thumbnail

Chinese Apps vs Western Apps // Who Wins The War?

Instagram, YouTube, QQ, Weibo, Wechat, Whatsapp – we are all familiar with these names but who wins the Chinese Apps vs Western Apps war? Let’s find out…

WeChat // Q&A

😍What can WeChat do?

WeChat is an incredible app with several features such as messenger, posting images/videos, voice/video calls, money transfer, reading articles, meeting soul mates, playing games, ordering things (food, movies, ride-sharing) and more!

😎How many WeChat users in China?

WeChat has an incredible 1 billion active monthly users!

🤔How much does WeChat cost?

WeChat is 100% FREE for all users.

There can be high data charges to your mobile provider when using the call feature. Additionally, WeChat has a feature to call international phone numbers. You will need to upload money to this to make these calls.

🤑How does WeChat make money?

WeChat makes most of its money from Value-Added Services. VAS are virtual goods (like gaming avatars, online stickers and other icons).

The second-largest revenue generator is in sponsored ads. Similar to Facebook there is a newsfeed that has sponsored content.

The third and least profitable way WeChat makes money is by charging users 0.01% to withdraw funds from their WeChat wallet into their bank account. WeChat made 300 million RMB in January 2016 when it introduced this fee. 😮

How many WeChat Emojis are there?

There are 121 WeChat emojis in Wechat. However, 24 of these are shortcuts to regular emojis. Meaning there are only 97 official WeChat emojis.

Do they use WhatsApp in China?

Whatsapp is actually banned in China, although you can use it by accessing through a VPN.

We wrote an article comparing WhatsApp vs WeChat to give you an idea of who does what best.

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