Best Instagram Account to Learn Japanese?🏆Our Winner Is…

The #1 Instagram Account to Learn Japanese in 2024 Is…

And the award for the best Instagram account to learn Japanese is…

Lex in Japan

@nihongo_layla 🎉

But why?

That’s the point of this post today. This isn’t a paid promotion, this isn’t a guest blog entry, this is our team debating and discussing the best resource on Instagram to learn Japanese.

And that’s what Instagram is these days, a superb place to learn any language.

We spend a lot of time playing with language resources because we are students too. It’s easy to forget that.

Sure, you can learn Japanese and Mandarin with us (amongst other languages) but our international team don’t speak every single one of them!

We are students, learners and enthusiasts, just like you.

So when we see great things, we use our platform to share them, and Layla’s account is one of those great things quite frankly!

Best Instagram Account to Learn Japanese | Who is Layla?

Best Instagram Account to Learn Japanese | What’s Her Account Like?

Best Instagram Account to Learn Japanese | The Numbers

Best Instagram Account to Learn Japanese | Where Else Can I Find Layla

Best Instagram Account to Learn Japanese | FAQ’s

Layla also has a Youtube channel which is well worth subscribing to also

@nihongo_layla | Who is Layla?

When first venturing into Japanese in the Spring of 2021, our Marketing team dug deep online to find out what the current crop of Instagram accounts were like.

We’ve spent a lot of time on Instagram recently and Layla was impossible to ignore.

Her account appeared on nearly every Japanese keyword search we ran and we loved what we saw.

Layla is a Japanese national, in her early 20’s from Kyoto, Japan.

After watching her videos over and over we had to get in touch and arrange a call with her to chat more.

Her enthusiasm for teaching Japanese on her account was infectious and she achieved huge growth having only started the account in November 2020.

It seems a lot of followers agree with our thoughts!

Her persona on camera fits a platform like Instagram so well. She smiles a lot, speaks clearly and slowly, and covers all kinds of topics from language through to culture.

Best Japanese Instagram Account - Layla's Page
Layla’s Homepage on Instagram

@nihongo_layla | What’s Her Account Like?

Layla is a regular poster who prefers video over imagery.

This is part of the reason for her incredible rise in numbers given the fact users are engaging with video so much more currently.

When learning a language – we want to hear voices, we want to see faces and imitate them.

Layla creates short videos and also reels teaching various things such as these:

@nihongo_layla - Types of Reel
Layla’s Reels on Instagram

Layla speaks a mixture of English and Japanese so even beginners (like myself for example) have no problem understanding the content.

Videos are also smartly captioned so you can read along too.

Layla teaches a mixture of:

  • Grammar
  • New Words
  • Slang
  • Culture
  • Essential Japanese

All bases are covered, and covered very well!

It’s a great account to follow also because Layla is always smiling – you feel at ease right from the off!

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@nihongo_layla | The Numbers

Numbers are always tricky to measure, especially with big accounts like Layla’s because by the time the post is published, she’s gone and picked up another 10,000 followers 😂

Either way, Layla started her account as recently as November 2020 and at the time of writing (December 2023) she boasts 175,000 followers.

That’s impressive going by anyone’s standards.

DID YOU KNOW – that is a monthly average of roughly 8,750 new followers every month! And we thought our Chinese account @ltl_japanese account was growing fast!!

Given the constant growth of her channel we’ve no doubt Layla can propel her account right to the top of the game in the language learning field.

Layla came across very relaxed and humble when I spoke with her but there’s no doubt she can target the 250,000 mark in the not too distant future.

And the good news is, there is scope for it. Another account we like, @nihongodekita boasts 223,000 followers from just 98 posts (plus another 180,000 on Tiktok).

So this is a niche with sizable potential.

When getting to these sorts of numbers significant revenue can be made and we hope Layla makes it all the way to the top!

@nihongo_layla - Types of Post
Layla’s Instagram feed

@nihongo_layla | Where Else Can I Find Layla?

Layla is equally active on Youtube as well, with 6,000 followers to her name on the video sharing platform.

Her channel on Youtube is called Bite Sized Japanese.

Her videos on there, as with most accounts, are longer than the shorter Instagram format, but this is great because we get to go into more detail with Layla.

Layla is happy to talk about all kinds of topics including dating and sex, the latter especially because this is not something openly talked about in Japanese culture compared to others, so valuable insights can be gained into all kinds of topics.

PSST… A BONUS FOR YOU – Stay posted on our @ltl_japanese instagram channel because we hope to be working with Layla a lot in the future. We also plan to go live together so if you want to see our team and Layla live on Instagram together, drop us both a follow!

There we have it, our best Instagram account to learn Japanese.

What do you think of Layla’s account? Do you follow her as well? Or do you have other accounts you’d like us to follow or even cover in an article as well?

Leave us a comment below 🙂

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Did you know you can actually learn Japanese on Instagram?! The social media platform is host to some fantastic teachers and learning resources these days.

Learning Japanese on Instagram | FAQ’s

Can you really learn Japanese on Instagram?

You’d have probably laughed if you read this statement barely a few years ago but times are changing!

Instagram is a genuine and excellent tool to learn languages.

Will it get you fluent? No

Can you make good progress self-studying and watching channels? Absolutely!

Where is Layla from?

Layla is a Japanese native born and based in Kyoto.

When did @nihongo_layla start her Instagram account?

Layla started her Instagram back in November 2020

Does Layla also have a Youtube channel?

Yes she does! You can check it out here.

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