10 Reasons Why Enoshima Island is the Perfect Destination for Your Trip

Getting Around Enoshima Island || A Day Trip from Tokyo

Are you planning to visit Tokyo?

Do you want to explore outside Tokyo but looking for nearer destination?

If so, Enoshima is a perfect place for you!


Enoshima (江ノ島) is a small island which is located in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The prefecture is right next to Tokyo, and you can get easily go on a day trip!

The island is popularly known for its stunning views of Mount Fuji, beautiful beaches, and shrines, and it attracts both locals and tourists.

Let’s find out why you should add Enoshima to your travel bucket list!

Enoshima Island || Location

Enoshima Island || Nature in Enoshima

Enoshima Island || Historical Shrines

Enoshima Island || Views of Mt.Fuji

Enoshima Island || Enoshima Aquarium

Enoshima Island || Botanical Garden

Enoshima Island || Delicious Seafood

Enoshima Island || Hot Springs

Enoshima Island || Spiritual Experiences

Enoshima Island || Well-loved by Artists

Enoshima Island || FAQs


Enoshima Island || Accessible Location

Katase-Enoshima Station

Enoshima is readily accessible from Tokyo by train.

There are several train lines that connect the two prefectures.

The most convenient way to get to Enoshima is to take the Odakyu Railway from Shinjuku Station, which is located in the center of Tokyo, to Katase-Enoshima Station, which is located just a short walk from Enoshima’s popular attractions.

Trains frequently run throughout the day, and the trip takes about an hour.

Enoshima Railway

As an alternative, you can travel from JR stations in Tokyo to Fujisawa Station with the JR Shonan Shinjuku Line.

You will then change to the Enoshima Railway (江ノ電:enoden) for a ride with gorgeous views from the windows to Enoshima.

Either works just fine 😍

Enoshima Island || Beautiful Nature

Enoshima Island is an absolutely ideal destination for nature lovers!

There are several beaches on Enoshima with relatively calm waves.


Even though a lot of locals and visitors go there all year long, summer is definitely the ideal season to go if you want to spend more time at the beaches.

Enoshima is also a great place for water sports enthusiasts.

Surfing and windsurfing are popular activities on the island, and there are a number of rental shops and schools that provide lessons and equipment.

Moreover, Enoshima boasts the caves called “Enoshima Iwaya” (江の島岩屋) on the southern side of the island.

The cave has formed to the shape of today by coastal erosion over a long period of time.

Enoshima Iwaya (the Cave)

There were some legends that this cave is connected to Mt.Fuji and also a place that Shinto Goddess appeared in the cave over 1,500 years ago.

Enoshima Island || Shrines with Rich History

Enoshima Island has been a centre of religious and cultural significance in Japan for centuries.

The Enoshima Shrine is a must-see attraction that was built dates back to the 5th century, and the shrine is one of the Three Great Shrines of Benzaiten, which is dedicated to the goddesses of Shinto mythology.

Enoshima Shrine

The shrine complex includes several buildings, including the Hetsunomiya Shrine, the Nakatsunomiya Shrine, and the Okutsunomiya Shrine, all of which offer stunning views of the surrounding area.

For breathtaking panoramas of the surroundings, you can climb up the stairs to the shrine’s top level.

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A Traveller’s Guide to Weather in Japan

The weather in Japan is very easy to plan for, with four distinct seasons but very different climates and temperatures from north to south.

Enoshima Island || Stunning Views of Mt.Fuji

As Enoshima Island is much closer to Mt.Fuji, you can see more spectacular views than you see in Tokyo.

The iconic silhouette of Mt. Fuji rises majestically on the horizon as you look out over the relaxing beaches of Sagami Bay.

The contrast between the dark blue of the sea and the snow-capped peak of the mountain is simply stunning.

It’s no wonder that so many people would love to visit Enoshima Island to experience this unique sight.


Enoshima Island || Exciting Aquarium

Enoshima Aquarium is located near the entrance to the island and is a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in the ocean and sea creatures.

You can enjoy interactive exhibits, shows, and even dining while watching dolphins swim.


You can also take part in educational programs that offer a unique perspective on the wonders of the sea.

The marine life there is diverse, ranging from tiny fish to enormous sharks, jellyfish, and penguins.

The large main tank, which is home to a stunning variety of fish and other marine creatures, is one of the highlights of the Enoshima Aquarium

This tank features a large viewing window that allows visitors to look closer at sea creatures from a walk-through tunnel. 

The aquarium also has a number of smaller tanks that highlight particular species or habitats, such as a coral reef tank, seals’ exhibit, and a tank that replicates Sagami Bay.

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Enoshima Island || Botanical Garden with Glamorous View

Botanical Garden

The Samuel Cocking Garden is a botanical garden built by a British merchant, Samuel Cocking in the 19th century.

It is influenced by both Japanese and European culture, and it features a wide range of tropical plants and seasonal flowers that can be enjoyed all year.

Inside the garden, there is a 60-metre tall observation tower, called the Enoshima Sea Candle, which is the symbolic attraction of Enoshima.

From the deck of the tower you can enjoy an amazing view whether if it is day or night.

In winter, you can visit an illumination event hosted in the garden and the tower.

Thousands of colourful lights and winter-themed decorations create a glamorous and dazzling displays.


It is one of the best illuminations events in Kanto region, so you will be definitely amazed by this magical sight.

Enoshima Island || Delicious Seafood

Enoshima is known for its fresh seafood, and there are plenty of restaurants and stalls in the area that offer delicious seafood dishes.

Although there are plenty of unique and tasty foods that you can find in the island, you can’t miss these signature dishes of Enoshima!

Enoshima-don (江ノ島丼)

Enoshima-don is a dish consists of a bowl of rice topped with chopped turban shell meat cooked in a sweet broth with egg and onion.

This dish has been served since the late 19th century, and still the signature dish of the island.

Originally, the restaurant, “Harumi Shokudo” started serving the dish, but you will find it in several restaurants around the island.


Shirasu-don (しらす丼)

Shirasu (しらす) is whitebait or baby sardine in English.

So shirasu-don is a bowl of rice topped with shirasu. Enoshima is famous for this particular fish, so this dish is definitely worth trying!

There are two types of Shirasu-don: raw shirasu don (生しらす丼: raw) and kamaage shirasu don (釜揚げしらす丼: boiled shirasu).

Depending on your preference, you can order either one of them or in some places, you can even try both in one bowl!


FUN FACT || “Don” (丼) means a rice bowl with dishes on top. There are 天丼 (Tendon: tempura is on the top), 牛丼 (Gyudon: sliced beef on the top) and many others.

Tako Senbei たこせんべい

Tako senbei (たこせんべい) is a local snack in Enoshima, made with rice flour and octopus.

The cooking process of this snack is very unique as it presses octopus into a thin layer and you can watch how it is made in the stall too!

Check out how the snack made!

Enoshima Island || Relaxing Hot Springs


Enoshima even has natural hot springs spot in “Enoshima Island Spa”.

The spa has indoor and outdoor hot springs that offer a panoramic view of the ocean and Mt.Fuji while you are relaxing there 😍

You can enjoy 2 hours of stay, a whole day or staying there overnight at the hotel inside the spa.

I personally recommend you to go there before sunset and spend two hours before you go back to Tokyo.

Get familiar with rules of Onsen (hot springs) before your visit!

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Enoshima Island || Spiritual Experience

Enoshima Island is also famous for having many places where you can get spiritual energy.

For example, Enoshima Shrine that mentioned above is known for attracting financial success and luck in relationships.

Ryuren no Kane

There is also a perfect place for couples to visit, Ryuren no Kane (龍恋の鐘/Dragon’s Love Bell).

The bell was built honouring the legend of Shinto Gods in Enoshima.

It is said that a couple who ring the bell together and put a padlock with their names to fences near the bell will have everlasting love.

Find the place that matches with the energy you want, then attract the spiritual power and fortune 🤩

Enoshima Island || Well-loved by Artists

Enoshima has been a source of inspiration for Japanese artists for hundreds of years.

There is a number of literature, music, paintings and movies set in the island.

Hokusai’s painting of Enoshima

A Japanese famous Ukiyo-e artist, Katsuhika Hokusai also included the views of Enoshima as one of his paintings colections, “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji” (富嶽三十六景).

If you are interested in Japanese arts or you want to get inspired, a day in Enoshima would be a perfect moment for you 😎

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And there you have it. Now you know why Enoshima Island makes such a wonderful day trip from Tokyo! Have you been before or wish to go? Let us know in the comments below.

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Trip to Enoshima Island || FAQs

Where is Enoshima Island located?

Enoshima Island is located in Kanagawa Prefecture. The Prefecture is right next to Tokyo.

How can I get to Enoshima Island?

The most convenient way to get to Enoshima is to take the Odakyu Railway from Shinjuku Station, which is located in the center of Tokyo, to Katase-Enoshima Station, which is located just a short walk from Enoshima’s popular attractions.

What are must-try dishes in Enoshima?

As Enoshima is located in Sagami-Bay, seafood dishes are highly recommended!

Especially, Enoshima-don (江ノ島丼) and Shirasu-don (しらす丼) are signature dishes of Enoshima and well-loved for many years by both locals and visitors:)

What is the best season to visit Enoshima?

You can enjoy Enoshima throughout the year.

Summer might be the best season if you want to spend more time in beaches but if you want to experience the illumination event in Enoshima, winter is the best season.

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