Japanese Cooking || Our Top 5 Youtube Channels for Learning to Cook Japanese Cuisine

Learn How to Cook Japanese Food from the Best of the Best Japanese Youtubers

Do you love to eat Japanese food?

Want to learn how to cook it yourself, enjoy watching other people cook on YouTube, or even practice Japanese?

Then this is the perfect article for you!

Today we’ll cover 5 YouTube channels run by Japanese people who have a variety of recipes and filming styles.

We see your mouths watering already, let’s get started!

Japanese Cooking YouTube Channels | BABA’S Kitchen @babagohan

Japanese Cooking YouTube Channels | Kurashiru @Kurashiru

Japanese Cooking YouTube Channels | Koh Kentetsu Kitchen @kohkentetsukitchen

Japanese Cooking YouTube Channels | 肉屋が教える肉料理 @YASUsKITCHEN

Japanese Cooking YouTube Channels | 居酒屋店長のまかない飯チャンネル @RiruKitchen

Japanese Cooking YouTube Channels | FAQ’s

Japanese Cooking Channels // BABA’S Kitchen

Baba is a Japanese cook and comedian whose “no brainer” cooking videos are very popular on YouTube. Several have over a million views!

His cooking videos are really useful, since in the description box they list – in English – the difficulty of the recipe from 1-3, the time needed to make the recipe, and the required ingredients.

Baba’s videos range from 9-12 minutes long on average. While he speaks Japanese in his videos, English, French, and Spanish subtitles are also available for international audiences.

If you want to learn how to cook simple, easy Japanese recipes from an entertaining host, check out Baba’s Kitchen!

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Japanese Cooking Channels // Kurashiru

Unlike BABA’S Kitchen, Kurashiru isn’t run by one person, but features a variety of professional chefs making recipes. The recipes range from Japanese food to other cuisines, such as Indian and Italian.

While the channel is associated with the cooking app of the same name, it’s a great place to explore over 1,000 different recipes and get cooking help.

The videos are typically 12-15 minutes long. During the video, the chef will explain the recipe and the required ingredients. They’re fun to watch and have hard-coded Japanese subtitles, but no English options are available.

If you want to test out your Japanese abilities while learning how to cook, Kurashiru is a great option!

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Japanese Cooking Channels // Koh Kentetsu Kitchen

Koh Kentetsu Kitchen is run by a Japanese chef and has over 400 recipes.

Each video description box contains an ingredient list and timestamps for each step of the cooking process, making them easy to return to while cooking. Like the previous channel, everything is in Japanese.

Koh Kentetsu’s videos are 6-8 minutes. Sometimes they have English subtitles available, but sometimes you’ll need to depend on your Japanese listening skills.

Koh is funny and relaxed, and provides helpful commentary while cooking.

If you want to cook delicious recipes like soumen and karaage, this is the channel for you!

Japanese Cooking Channels // YASUsKITCHEN

Yasu’s Kitchen is a smaller channel, with about 90 videos to choose from. His videos are pleasantly atmospheric, with only the sounds of the knife chopping up vegetables and meat sizzling in the pan.

In his description box, he provides an ingredient list, the basic steps of the recipe, and important points to remember while cooking.

The video has written commentary for each step of the process, which gives a really nice level of detail when combined with the visuals and will help you practice reading in Japanese.

Yasu’s videos are perfect for intermediate to advanced Japanese learners, since he doesn’t use any English in his videos.

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Japanese Cooking Channels // Riru Kitchen

Similar to Yasu, Riru’s videos aren’t narrated, instead using Japanese captions for each step, including helpful tips. The description box contains a list of the ingredients.

He has an excellent tamagoyaki video, linked below, as well as a delicious gyūniku recipe, among over 150 other recipes.

Riru’s videos are easy to watch due the soft, pleasant background music and the short runtime.

And there we have it – 5 YouTube channel recommendations for Japanese cooking in Japanese! Let us know your favourite in the comments section.


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Japanese Cooking Channels // FAQ’s

How can I learn to cook Japanese food?

YouTube is a great place to start! If you don’t speak any Japanese, I recommend checking out the first channel on this list, Baba’s Kitchen. If you do speak Japanese, you can try out any of the channels to see which one you like best.

Which YouTube channel has the easiest recipes?

If you want to learn how to cook tamagoyaki, the Japanese staple food, Riru Kitchen is perfect for beginners! However, all the channels on this list have many recipes, so feel free to search the recipe name to see which channel has it.

What foods can I learn to cook?

Everything from karaage to fried rice! Have a look at the above channels to see what looks appealing to you.

How to say cooking in Japanese?

The verb ‘to cook’ in Japanese is 料理をします (りょうりをします) ryōri-o shimasu.

Where can I learn to talk about cooking in Japanese?

LTL has lessons about food AND cooking in Japanese – feel free to check out our Flexi Classes!

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