Japanese TV Shows (On Netflix) 📺 Ten TV Shows To Binge On

10 Japanese TV Shows You Should Really Be Watching

Today you are going to discover the best Japanese TV Shows you need to watch now. The great thing is every single one of these is available on Netflix for you to enjoy!

Learning a new language takes some time. You need patience, but it’s not all textbooks and formal learning in this day and age.

One word – Netflix!!

Now you can throw your notebook to one side, jump on the couch and chill, whilst still learning Japanese!

These 10 TV shows are some of the best Japanese Shows on Netflix and we wholeheartedly recommend you binge on these over the coming weeks!

Japanese TV Shows #1 – Terrace House テラスハウス

Japanese TV Shows #2 – Erased 僕だけがいない街

Japanese TV Shows #3 – Ossan’s Love おっさんずラブ

Japanese TV Shows #4 – Samurai Gourmet 野武士のグルメ

Japanese TV Shows #5 – Alice in Borderland 今際の国のアリス

Japanese TV Shows #6 – The Many Faces of Ito 伊藤くん A to E

Japanese TV Shows #7 – Switched 宇宙を駆けるよだか

Japanese TV Shows #8 – Hibana: Spark 火花

Japanese TV Shows #9 – Million Yen Women 100万円の女たち

Japanese TV Shows #10 – Followers

Japanese TV ShowsFAQ’s

Listen to our Japanese friend Layla talk all things TV in Japan

Japanese TV Shows on Netflix – Terrace House

In Japanese | テラスハウス (Terasuhausu)

This is one of the most popular Japanese TV Shows you’ll likely come across.

The story is simple: 3 men and 3 women, unknown to each other, are put in a house to live together.

Think Big Brother – but much better!

The people often fall in love, have some form of conflict, build friendships and grow as people.

The cast members of all the series of Terrace House

Terrace House is totally unscripted. That is why everything that happens in Terrace House is so realistic, fun and attractive for the audience.

There are always 6 people in the house and they can choose to leave at any time – to then be replaced by someone else.

Another way Terrace House differs from Big Brother is that the people actually go about their daily lives, going to work, dating, shopping etc. They are not locked away from the world.

In between scenes a panel discuss the events that just occurred which is also superb viewing as opinions differ and favourites emerge.

Additive viewing, trust us!

Sadly the show ended in controversy after one of the house members, Hana tragically took her own life after a spate of online bullying from her time on the show. Terrace House was mid series at the time of her death and has been halted ever since.

Terrace House even went to Ha’waii for one series

Japanese TV Shows on Netflix – Erased

In Japanese | 僕だけがいない街 (Boku dake ga inai machi)

This translates to “A City Without Me”

Erased is a suspense and mystery series.

A young man, who has a special ability called “Revival” (allowing him to go back in time several minutes before) found his mother murdered.

He was then sent back 18 years to search for the person who killed his mother, in order to change the future.

Learn Japanese Online

Despite the normally complex nature of suspense TV shows, this one does not have too many characters and is comparatively easy to understand.

This makes it a perfect Japanese TV show to learn Japanese!

The trailer for Erased

Japanese TV Shows on Netflix – Ossan’s Love

In Japanese | おっさんずラブ (Ossanzu rabui)

This is a romantic comedy about 3 men in an office.

The main character is straight but things aren’t as simple as they seem.

At first, he becomes confused, but through a number of events that transpire, things start to change.

In fact, the awareness of LGBT is still low in Japan. This show does a great job in helping make some noise about LGBT and is an enjoyable watch.

Japanese TV Shows on Netflix – Samurai Gourmet

In Japanese | 野武士のグルメ (Nobushi no gurume)

If you are foodie and also enjoy comedy, this Japanese TV Show is definitely for you.

In a nutshell this is about a retired guy who drinks and pigs out on whatever he wants.

He comes across humble and calm, but his real character is much more wilder than one expects!

In the story, the real him comes out, hence the name “samurai”.

He is encouraged to stop caring about what other people think about him, and enjoy this life with great food as he likes.

We highly recommend you DO NOT watch Samurai Gourmet at night. You’ll end up so hungry you’ll need to pig out before bedtime!

Episode 2 from Series 1 is all about Instant Ramen. Here is an extract from the series.

Japanese TV Shows on Netflix – Alice in Borderland

Japanese | 今際の国のアリス (Imawa no kuni no Arisu)

In contrast to our previous Japanese TV series, this one ticks the action, horror and suspense boxes!

A group of young boys suddenly get transported to “Borderland” and participate in a number of “death games”.

There are a lot of scenes with battles and death so if this isn’t your thing, you’d best avoid this Japanese series!

However, the story is well organized, and you cannot take your eyes away from the hard action scenes.

Also, if you aren’t sure what Borderland means… you best stick around and watch!

The trailer to the Japanese TV Show Alice in Borderland – do you like it?

Japanese TV Shows on Netflix – The Many Faces of Ito

Japanese | 伊藤くん A to E (Itō-kun A to E)

This is a different kind of romantic comedy.

The main character is a woman who is a screenwriter named Rio. She became famous but struggled to maintain her earlier successes.

To get back on the wagon, Rio decides to manipulate four love-sick women for their stories in return for giving them romantic advice.

However, throughout these interviews, she discovered that they are dating the same guy named “Ito”…!

This Japanese TV show on Netflix is actually based on the book “Ito-Kun A to E” by Japanese author Asako Yuzuki.

The Many Faces of Ito is on Netflix

Japanese TV Shows on Netflix – Switched

Japanese | 宇宙を駆けるよだか (Uchū o kakeru yoda ka)

This translates to “Do You Run in Space”

Another Japanese TV show on Netflix that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Switched is set in a high school. One day, a student named Ayumi saw another girl Umine from her class commit suicide.

Soon after that, she lost her consciousness. Her body had switched to Umine’s body.

These two girls have completely different appearances, so Ayumi was incredibly upset at first, but soon began to work and find the way to get her body back.

See what you think of Switched

The series covers aspects like social anxiety and depression. However, due to the nature of the show it becomes incredibly mysterious and addictive.

You will also discover how student life in Japanese high school is.

Japanese TV Shows on Netflix – Hibana: Spark 

Japanese | 火花 (Hibana)

This is a fictional Japanese TV series about two comedians.

Both were not famous in any way, but built a strong friendship through seeking the meaning of their life.

In fact, the original story of this series was written by one of the most popular Japanese comedians, so this story is so much more realistic as it’s based on his own experience.

This Japanese TV show teaches us some great lessons about how to live life and is well worth a watch!

You can watch this Japanese TV show on Netflix

Japanese TV Shows on Netflix – Million Yen Women

Japanese | 100万円の女たち (100 Man-en no on’na-tachi)

This is a story about a man and 5 women living together, but it’s a little more intriguing than that!

The man was originally living alone, but one day 5 women moved to his apartment to live with him.

The only rule in the apartment is that each of women pay a million yen a month, and in return the man takes care of all of them.

To put that cost into perspective, the million covers rent and living expenses, but is about 30x higher than normal!!

Who are they and why this situation occurs is totally unknown.

You might expect this to be a little like Terrace House at first but you’ll be surprised about what happens in this Japanese TV series!

Discover more about 100万円の女たち

Japanese TV Shows on Netflix – Followers

This fictional series is full of issues about contemporary culture.

A young actress, who has always struggled with her career and private life, suddenly becomes famous from an Instagram post.

On the contrary, the photographer who took her photo for the post was a confident individual, already boasting great success in life and career.

Based around these two women, you see how people try to gain happiness in their own ways.

The series is really vivid, and sometimes you may even feel the idea goes too far, but it’s a great Japanese TV show that allows for self reflection.

The trailer of Followers

There we have it – a handful of Japanese TV series to get your Japanese skills flying!

It is helpful for you not only to listen to the Japanese language, but also learn traditional and contemporary Japanese culture.

These aforementioned TV series are so popular in Japan as well. They would provide a great topic to talk with Japanese people.

Share your opinions about the series with your friends in Japanese!

FINAL TOP TIP – if you find your a Japanese TV series or movie you really enjoy, it is great practice to read the original books, Manga or comic books of them.

Usually Japanese reading is complicated, but with some background information known in advance, it makes your job much easier, and your Japanese skills will become even stronger! 

If you love your Japanese TV then we reckon you’ll also enjoy these:

Japanese TV Shows on Netflix – FAQ’s

Is Terrace House on Netflix?

Yes you can watch every season of Terrace House on Netflix.

Did Terrace House stop?

Sadly yes.

After the tragic death of housemate Hana, Terrace House was force to stop production in 2020.

What is the Japanese TV Show that includes death games?

This would be the popular Japanese TV Series on Netflix called Alice in Borderland.

A group of young boys suddenly get transported to “Borderland” and participate in a number of “death games”.

What is the Japanese name for the TV show “Million Yen Women”

The Japanese name for this TV show is 100万円の女たち (100 Man-en no on’na-tachi).

Are there any Japanese TV Shows that raise awareness of LGBT?

Although rare normally, there is a Japanese TV series called Ossan’s Love which focuses on a gay man and his relationships.

The Japanese name for this show is おっさんずラブ (Ossanzu rabui).

In fact this show was noted as one of the first Japanese TV shows in the male-male romance genre.

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