Keep Running Season 4 – A Popular Chinese TV show in 2020

Keep Running Season 4 – Chinese Outdoor Sports Reality Show

Keep Running Season 4: The Logo

Keep Running Season 4

Keep Running Season 4 has been released. It is an Outdoor-sports reality show.

What I like most about the show is their logo which is yellow and blue, just like us at LTL!

Keep Running Season 4 is made by Zhejiang Satellite TV.

When it was first released in 2014 it was called Running Man.

It is a spin off from the SBS South Korean TV show Running Man.

Zhejiang Satelite TV bought the rights from SBS and had to cooperate with them about the name.

keep running IV
Keep Running Season 4

In 2017, Zhejiang Satellite TV changed the name to Keep Running.

And now in 2020 we are already at Keep Running Season 4. This is season eight of the series overall with the first four seasons being called Running Man.

The Chinese name for Keep Running is 奔跑吧 (bēnpǎo ba).

Keep Running Season 4: Hosts

Keep Running Season 4
Keep Running Season 4 – Li Chen

Li Chen (李晨 lǐ chén) has participated in every season of Running Man and Keep Running from 2014 to 2020.

Li Chen was engaged to famous Chinese actress Fan Bingbing (范冰冰 Fàn bīngbīng).

On May 29, 2015, Li Chen published a photo with Fan Bingbing and accompanied the photo simply with the text “we”, admitting that they were together.

Two years after that, he proposed to her and she accepted.

However, in 2019 the couple announced their separation. Li Chen also has a small role in the movie Love Is Not Blind.

Check our blog and find out more about this movie.

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Keep Running Season 4 - Angelababy
Keep Running Season 4 – Angelababy

Angelababy (杨颖 yáng yǐng) is hugely famous and one of the highest paid actresses in China!

She is considered one of the most beautiful Asian actresses by foreigners.

Angelababy has also participated in every season of Running Man and Keep Running.

Although in 2017 she did miss some episodes because she had just given birth to her new baby.

Taking part in this TV show helped her become more famous.

Keep Running Season 4 - Zheng Kai
Keep Running Season 4 – Zheng Kai

Zheng Kai (郑恺 zhèng kǎi) has also participated in every season of Running Man and Keep Running.

He posted a photo of him and his wife on 21st May 2020 with the caption “we’re married” (我们结婚啦 wǒmen jiéhūn la).

In Keep Running Season 4, he was “flagged” to lose 10 kilos.

Let’s just wait and see whether he can do it.

立(lì) flag is an internet saying. which means you say something you wish for or say something in a jokey way, but don’t end up sticking to what you’ve said. It’s a bit like making an unrealistic bet.

Sha yi (沙溢 shā yì) is a Chinese actor and became famous for his leading role in the comedy series My Own Swordsman.

He joined Keep Running Season 2 as a guide.

Now he is a host in this season.

The other hosts like to jokingly remind him that he is the oldest one.

Cai xukun (蔡徐坤 cài xúkūn), has become hugely famous over the past few years.


Well for one, being really handsome, and the other being a great singer.

He has joined Keep Running for season 4… but famously participated in the reality TV show Idol Producer.

Check below for his beautiful voice in this video below!

Not enough? Check our blog for more about him.

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Keep Running Season 4 - Guo Qi Lin
Keep Running Season 4 – Guo Qi Lin

Guo Qilin (郭麒麟 guō qílín) participated in Keep Running for the first time this season.

He is really popular in China and I am a great fan also!

He is my idol and is the reason I started to watch the show.

Believe me, after watching the show, you will find out how interesting he is… I hope anyway!

Keep Running Season Ⅳ: Games

Rip the nameplate(撕名牌sī míngpái) is a very famous game through all these seasons.

The original game one is from the Korean version of Running Man.

The participant has their name stuck to their back and the other players have to rip the “nameplate” off without hurting them.

The TV show has changed it a little bit and make it harder. I think it is a good game to play outside with your friends, it could even be a good thing to do for a team building.

They also have lots of challenges and other great games during the show.

Leave us a comment below which one you like best.

Keep Running Season Ⅳ: Watch Online

You can go to Zhejiang Satellite TV’s official channel on YouTube to watch the show.

Keep Running Season Ⅳ: Reason to Watch

  • It has Guo Qilin as a host!
keep running IV Lucas &Yuqi
Keep Running Season 4: Reasons to watch
  • You will get to see lots of different celebrities who join the show, all of them are particularly good looking! The games are really fun to watch and it takes place in different cities so you get to see lots of lovely scenery.
  • There are also two other hosts who will join later on in the season (see the picture)
  • English subtitles aren’t available for the show so it will enable you to put your Chinese to the test and have some intensive listening practice!

Edited by Katie Coy

Keep Running Season Ⅳ: FAQ’s

How many seasons does Keep Running have?

So far Keep Running (奔跑吧bēnpǎo ba) has four seasons. and Running Man (奔跑吧兄弟bēnpǎo ba xiōngdì), as it was formerly known, also had four seasons. Making a total of eight seasons altogether!

What’s the differences between Running Man and Keep Running?

They are the same program, the only difference is that Zhejiang Satellite TV changed the name from Running Man (奔跑吧兄弟bēnpǎo ba xiōngdì) to Keep Running (奔跑吧bēnpǎo ba).

When was Keep Running Season 4 released?

Keep Running Season 4 was released 29th May 2020.

Where can I watch previous seasons of Keep Running ?

You can watch previous seasons of Keep Running on Zhejiang Satellite TV’s official YouTube official channel.

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