Love Is Not Blind – Chinese Movie Review

Learn Chinese with the Romantic Comedy Love Is Not Blind

For Chinese learners who love a romantic comedy the movie Love Is Not Blind is a great choice!

It’s good for both learning Chinese and for learning about love in China.

When we are in love, the last thing we want is to breakup. Sometimes the breakup is amicable, sometimes the breakup is messy with lots of arguments, but what happens after the breakup?

Will you fight through the sorrow or you just wallow in it?

Love is not blind
Love is not blind

Try to learn some vocabulary through the movie Love Is Not Blind 失恋三十三天 (shīliàn sānshísān tiān), it is also a good chance to see how the female lead gets through the breakup.

The Chinese name for the film Love Is Not Blind is 失恋三十三天 (shīliàn sānshísān tiān) which literally translates to thirty-three days of breakup.

Love Is Not blind | Plot

Love Is Not blind | Cast

Love Is Not blind | Where to watch

Love Is Not blind | Words to know

Love Is Not blind | Popular lines to learn

Love Is Not blind | FAQ’s

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Love Is Not Blind: Plot

What’s the relationship with your best friend and your boyfriend like?

Xiaoxian Huang (黄小仙 huángxiǎoxiān), who lives in Beijing, has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 7 years.

She feels very happy, not only because she has a dreamy boyfriend, but also she has a best friend who she shared everything with.

However, things start to change when she finds out that her boyfriend kissed her best friend.

Trailer – Love is not Blind

She decides to break up with him. But afterwards she feels so heartbroken that it even effects her work.

Her personality is like every typical Beijing girl who will speak very directly, but has a soft heart. She is lucky because she has a good boss and a caring colleague who helps her heal at last.

Love Is Not Blind: Cast

  • Xiaoxian Huang (黄小仙 huáng xiǎoxiān)

Played by Baihe Bai (白百合Báibǎihé), one of the highest paid actresses in China!

  • “Bitch” Wang (王小贱 wáng xiǎo jiàn)

Played by Zhang Wen (文章wénzhāng), a Chinese actor and director.

You may wonder why he is called Bitch Wang by Xiaoxian, but I’m pretty sure you will find out when you see his appearance.

INTERESTING SIDE NOTE – Both of these two leading actors are both divorced in real life after being exposed for having separate affairs.

Zhang Wen was caught having an affair with another actress while his wife was pregnant. The actress he had an affair with and his former wife are also both in this movie!

Baihe Bai was caught frolicking with a male model and accused of cheating until her husband came to her defence and said they had already been secretly divorced for two year.

Her former husband also acts in this film!

The plots of the film are intertwined with their lives… quite remarkable!

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Love Is Not Blind: Where to watch

  • Love is not Blind is available to watch on iQiyi, but you can’t watch it with English subtitles.
  • Love is not Blind is also available on Netflix in some regions such as Hong Kong.
  • Otherwise you can also find the movie for free on YouTube with English subtitles.

Have you seen this film? Are you planning to? Let us know in the comments 👇

Love Is Not Blind: Words to Know

分手 Fēnshǒu To break up
失恋 Shīliàn To be dumped or jilted
奇葩 Qípā Weirdo
吵架 Chǎojià To quarrel
约会 Yuēhuì To go on a date
承诺 Chéngnuò Promise

Love Is Not Blind: Popular lines to learn

忘了我吧 Wàngle wǒ ba Forget me
我做不到,对我来说太难了 wǒ zuò bù dào, duì wǒ lái shuō tài nánle I can’t, it’s too difficult
因为我从来就没记得过你 yīnwèi wǒ cónglái jiù méi jìdéguò nǐ Because you were never on my mind
说句俗的啊,时间能治愈一切 shuō jù sú de a, shíjiān néng zhìyù yīqiè As the old saying goes, time heals
虽然我无法告诉你这时间有多长 suīrán wǒ wúfǎ gàosù nǐ zhè shíjiān yǒu duō cháng Although, I can’t tell you how much time it’s going to take
出了问题就修嘛 Chūle wèntí jiù xiū ma Whenever there is a problem, fix it
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Love Is Not Blind: FAQ’s

Can I learn Chinese through Love Is Not Blind?

Yes, you can learn a lot of Chinese through watching Love Is not Blind and it’s a good way to get used to the Beijing accent.

Along with picking up some Chinese from the film you can also see some famous places in Beijing like Sanlitun.

What Chinese level do I need to have to watch Love Is Not Blind?

There is no specific Chinese level needed to watch Love Is Not Blind.

Beginner and elementary learners of Chinese will need English subtitles to understand what is going on, but more advanced learners should try watching the film with only Chinese subtitles.

How do you say break up in Chinese?

In Chinese the word for break up is 分手 (fēnshǒu), 分 means to separate or divide and 手 means hand. So together it literally translates to “separate hands”.

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