HeyKorea Review (2022) // A Full App Review

Learn Basic Korean | HeyKorea Review📱A Good App to Learn Korean?

Hello dear readers and welcome to our review on the app known as Learn Basic Korean – Hey Korea!

We already did a review of the best apps to learn Korean but we didn’t mention Learn Basic Korean – HeyKorea.

That’s because we’ve only recently stumbled upon this one.

In this review, we’ll be taking a deep look at the app to see if it’s worth using and if we can learn a good level of Korean with it.

With its cute Jindo dog as a mascot, the app is really easy to recognize.

Let’s go and check out the app in more detail!

HeyKorea Review | Introduction

HeyKorea Review | Lessons and Exercises

HeyKorea Review | All the Benefits of the App

HeyKorea Review | Should I Use This App ?

BONUS | Hey Japan

HeyKorea Review | FAQ’s

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Introduction to Learn Basic Korean – HeyKorea

Learn Basic Korean – HeyKorea (also called Hey Korea), as its name suggests is an app where you can learn Korean.

Hey Korea is a good app to learn the language because you can improve your writing and reading skills but not only that, you can also improve your listening and speaking skills.

We will see how further down in the review.

HeyKorea Review | Subscription

HeyKorea is a free app, with the possibility to become a premium member through a 6 month or lifetime subscription.

With the free version, you can access everything BUT you have to finish a lesson before starting another.

If you don’t pay a subscription fee, you’ll get ads at the end of each lesson and it will not be possible to use the application without an internet connection.

If you sign up to a subscription you will have access to all the lessons, you won’t have ads and finally, you can use the app offline, without an internet connection.

HeyKorea outlined the difference between the free and paid version:

Alright then, time to get more specific!

HeyKorea Review | Interface


The interface of HeyKorea is very easy to navigate and simple to use.

The background is not super intrusive and blends in nicely also.

The interface looks a bit like that of Duolingo with lessons in separate small circles.

The lessons are well separated and it’s easy to understand what the lesson is about.

You gradually scroll down the screen as you complete more lessons, just as you would on Duolingo also!

Notice there is a menu bar at the bottom also? This is where we can jump between different parts of HeyKorea.

The 4 main parts to the app you need to know about are:

  • Home: where you can find all the lessons
  • Profile: where you can see your progress, your trophies and there is also a part for learning tips
  • Subscription: where you can sign up
  • Settings: you can switch the app to dark mode, and create notifications to remind you to study…

HeyKorea Review | Lessons & Exercises

Now let’s move on to the most important part: the lessons and exercises.

You’ll see that the lessons are divided into different categories such as: alphabet, who I am, family, animals etc

Things then get a little harder with categories like emotions, experience, honourifics, contrasts etc.

When you’re in the Home tab you can choose a lesson. The lesson is divided into several units.

You always have the theory, the vocabulary, then a speaking practice and to finish, a review of everything.

From time to time, you’ll also have a writing unit where you can practice your Korean writing skills.

The very first lesson is about the Korean alphabet: Hangul.

If you already know how to read it you can pass the lesson and start the next one.

The Korean Alphabet | A Complete and Definitive Guide to Hangul 한글 Thumbnail

The Korean Alphabet | A Complete and Definitive Guide to Hangul 한글

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Each lesson is divided into various exercises, and you work your way through them.

The exercises include:

  • Select the word/image
  • Select the right translation
  • Listen and fill in the blanks
  • Put words in order

There is an exercise I particularly like, it’s the record one. You can record yourself and the AI will correct you and show your mistakes with pronunciation.

Some vocabulary or exercises will be repeated, and it may seem boring, but you should know that repetition is the key to memorization.

A lesson lasts about 20 minutes.

Each unit lasts a few minutes which can be useful when you don’t have time to do a full lesson.

In the Home tab, you will find the pronunciation lessons.

The exercises in these lessons are similar to the exercises in the other lessons.

However some of them will ask you how to pronounce a word (because some words are not pronounced the way they are written).

HeyKorea Review | Benefits of the App

Login & Statistics

When we log in we can have access to our profile so we can look at our progression and achievements.

Along with this HeyKorea provide a nice set of statistics which include some of the following:

  • Weekly practice progress – your total learning time and number of days learning Korean in a row
  • Trophies – trophies you already have and the achieved goals
  • Trophies going achieve – goals you have to achieve
  • Learning tips – tips that help you learn Korean

The Recorded Exercises

The must-have feature for a language learning app.

When we learn a foreign language the most difficult aspect to make progress in is our speaking abilities and pronunciation. We don’t have the chance to talk all that much (unless we have a native speaking teacher or friend at hand).

So these little exercises really help to improve our speaking skills.

Small Units

I really like the small units because they allow you to learn a language little by little.

For example, if you are short on time, you can still learn something in just a few minutes.

It’s good to know that repetition helps memorization.

Thus, it is better to study for a short time but more often, than to study for 3 hours but only once a week.

Notification Reminder

This truly helps me when learning a language. Push notifications can make the world of difference.

Once the notification is activated, I’ll receive a small notification at the requested time, nothing too intrusive, just a reminder to encourage me to study.

I’m convinced that without the notifications, I would often forget to log in!

Should I Use HeyKorea?

When using Learn Basic Korean – HeyKorea for the first time it’s easy to see how well the app is designed.

The navigation in the application is easy, thanks to the intuitive and simple interface. It is neatly designed and not overwhelming in any way.

The colours and the interface make you want to stay on the app (but let’s be frank, the little Jindo dog is the reason I stick around)!!

The lessons are well organised and complete, you learn some key grammar points and you can learn a lot of vocabulary, all at the same time.

Vocabulary lists, grammar, listening, speaking, writing, studying tips order, and pronunciation exercises.

Learn Basic Korean – HeyKorea has it all.

The only downside would be the ads, but Hey Korea allows you to learn Korean for free, so a little advertising from time to time doesn’t stop you from learning.

So yes, if the interface of the app and the type of exercises it offers interest you, download the app and try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Learn Basic Korean – HeyKorea is available on Google PlayStore.

Learn Basic Korean – HeyKorea Score 9/10

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Hey Japan

For people who also want to learn Japanese, the developers of Hey Korea also developed an app to learn Japanese.


You can download it here:

The interface and the exercises are the same as Hey Korea. It’d be rude not to try right?!

Have you used KeyKorea before? What did you think?

Tell us in the comments and give us your personal feedback.


Do you offer online classes?

Yes, we do!

You can book a class on our platform Flexi Classes. These are what we offer:

– Study 24/7, anytime, anywhere in small groups or individually with real, certified teachers

Complete flexibility to book, re-book and cancel classes

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Any other apps I should know about?

Yes, there are a lot of apps to learn Korean.

We have prepared a list of the 12 best apps to learn Korean here.

Do you offer classes in Korea?


We now offer Korean classes in Korea, more precisely in Seoul.

We offer individual or group courses.

We hope to see you there soon!

Where can I download Learn Basic Korean – Hey Korea?

You can download it here:

Google PlayStore

Apple App Store

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