Japanese Pick Up Lines 😉 28 Ways To Raise Your Japanese Rizz

Japanese Pick Up Lines ❤️ Let’s Rate Your Japanese Rizz

So you want to educate yourself on Japanese pick up lines?

Got a Japanese girlfriend/boyfriend, fancy a Japanese colleague or fellow student, or just want to go out in Akihabura and (try to) impress some of the locals?!


Well, we have quite the list of Japanese pick up lines for you.

Before you read up too much on Japanese pick up lines, it might be a good idea to read up on dating in Japan; the dos, the don’ts, the maybes; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Aside from staying clued up on Japanese dating culture, it’s a good idea to be generally clued up on Japanese culture, too.

In any culture, it’s pretty easy to offend when using cheesy pick up lines – but Japanese culture has a lot of rules and it’s pretty easy to get things wrong.

Use these Japanese pick up lines with caution and don’t blame us if you get a drink thrown back in your face.

Japanese Pick Up Lines || Using Japanese Pick Up Lines

Japanese Pick Up Lines || Keeping it Chill

Japanese Pick Up Lines || The Romantic

Japanese Pick Up Lines || Getting Cheesy

Japanese Pick Up Lines || X-Rated

Japanese Pick Up Lines || Utterly Ridiculous

Japanese Pick Up Lines || FAQs

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Using Japanese Pick Up Lines

Firstly, a quick look into dating in Japan.

Here are some rules, and when you should and should not use these Japanese pick up lines.

  • Dating in Japan is probably slower than you’re used to. Try to accept this and embrace a new way of doing things.
  • Go easy on the PDAs. A Japanese person may not even want to hold your hand in public.
  • Get to know your crush first! Before you make the confession…
  • Be confident.
  • Be mindful of personal space and don’t rush things.
  • Be mindful of politeness levels in Japanese. Don’t go full-out formal, but don’t be too polite too quickly, either. Follow their lead. Make sure to use correct names (i.e. add ‘san’ to their name) and use correct verb endings etc. If you don’t know them too well, use forms ます・です・さん (masu, desu, san).

One of the most important things when using Japanese pick up lines is to know

1. Your audience

2. The meaning, and IMPLIED meaning of the pick up line

What is meant by that is the strength of the pick up line, and the reaction – or offence – it might cause.

So we’ve put together a list of Japanese pick up lines for you that ranges from the sweet to the saucy to the… something you should never say in any language.

It also ranges from Japanese language novice to Japanese language expert, with some English ones thrown in there too! So you can choose your show-off level.

Let’s go!

Japanese Pick Up Lines || Keeping it Chill

  • [きれいですね。もしかしてモデルさんですか?]
    • Kireidesu ne. Moshikashite moderu-sandesu ka?
    • You look beautiful. Are you a model?
  • [つきあってくれる]
    • Tsukiatte kureru
    • Will you go out with me?
  • [もしよかったら、のみに いきませんか]
    • Moshi yokattara, nomi ni ikimasen ka
    • Would you like to grab a drink with me?
  • [あそびに いこう!]
    • Asobi ni ikou!
    • Let’s hang out!
  • [ハグしよう]
    • Hagushiyō
    • Let’s hug.
  • [キスしたい]
    • Kisushitai
    • I want to kiss you.

Japanese Pick Up Lines || The Romantic

Let the hopeless romantic in you out with these pretty cute, romantic Japanese pick up lines that will charm any man or lady!

  • [すきです] / [ (だいすきです]
    • Sukidesu / Daisukidesu
    • I like you / I REALLY like you, I love you.*
  • [けっこん してくれる?]
    • Kekkon shite kureru?
    • Will you marry me?
  • [きみのこといがいはかんがえられない]
    • Kimi no koto igai wa kangae rarenai
    • I can’t get you out of my head.
  • [ぼくのめをみて]
    • Boku no me o mite
    • Look into my eyes
  • [にあってるね]
    • Ni atteru ne
    • It suits you!
  • [えがおがすてきだね]
    • Egao ga sutekidane
    • You have a beautiful smile
  • [(すごく)かわいいね]
    • (Sugoku) kawaī ne
    • You’re (so) cute
  • [きれいだね]
    • Kireida ne
    • You’re pretty

* There are three levels of “love” in Japanese. すきです (sukidesu) can mean like or love. だいすきです (daisukidesu) is closer to “love” but still literally means “like” or “like a lot”.

It can however be interpreted as ‘love’, just as sukidesu can too, but a slightly higher degree than sukidesu and slightly lower than this next one… あいしてる (aishiteru) which means “I love you” and uses the verb “to love” in Japanese.

It’s pretty deep and intense.

In most anime and films you’ll hear of characters using ‘すきです’ or some form of it to express their love.

Dating in Japan 💘 Everything You Need to Know Thumbnail

Dating in Japan 💘 Everything You Need to Know

Want to know what it’s like dating in Japan? Japanese dating is a very different experience to that of the west so it’s important to follow certain rules.

Japanese Pick Up Lines || Getting Cheesy

The best pick up lines we all know and love are the cheesy ones.

Keep it Japanese pick up line themed by adding in some Japanese cherry blossom to the mix!

  • [ラブホテルへいくぞ。。。!]
    • Rabuhoteru e iku zo… !
    • Let’s go to the Love Hotel*…
  • [あなたははるのいちばんのさくらよりうつくしい]
    • Anata wa Haru no ichiban no sakura yori utsukushī
    • You are more beautiful than the most beautiful cherry blossom
  • [イロッポイ!]
    • Iroppoi
    • You’re sexyyyy!

And an awful one you might want to try (or not try) if you don’t think your Japanese is quite up to scratch but are dead set on showing off with some Japanese pick up lines…

  • Well, you’re definitely Tokyo time, but it seems I’ve finally met the woman of my dreams.

We don’t take credit for this one, (and we’re OK with that)!

* A Love Hotel in Japan is a hotel where couples go for an hour, or several, to have some private time. Going here basically means… doing that. So you should be aware of when you use this one!

Japanese Pick Up Lines || X-Rated

X-Rated Japanese pick up lines that probably won’t get you very far if you use them as an opening line…


Use these with caution.

And only to people who you know well to make sure not to cause any offence to come off too strongly.

  • [ホテル行こう]
    • Hoteru ikou
    • Let’s go to the hotel.
  • [ バックシートにすわろ。]
    • Back-shiito ni suwaro.
    • Let’s get into the back seat.
  • [なにいろのしたぎをつけてるの?]
    • Nani iro no shita giwo tsuke teru no?
    • What colour is your underwear?
  • [シックスナインすき]
    • Shikkusunain suki
    • I like to 69.
  • [バックでしょう]
    • Bakkudeshou
    • Let’s do it doggy style
Swear Words in Japanese // 15 You Must Know Thumbnail

Swear Words in Japanese // 15 You Must Know

Japanese Swear Words // We teach you 15 swear words in Japanese. Swearing in Japanese is odd because there isn’t a direct translation for words like f*ck.

Japanese Pick Up Lines || Utterly Ridiculous

Don’t trust yourself to be able to say a Japanese pick up line in Japanese correctly? Or just too darn lazy to memorise it properly?

Well, we’ve got some seriously cheesy and ridiculous pick up lines for you here. We’d love to know the success rate on these ones so do let us know…

Japanese pick up lines maybe best said as jokes amongst friends… But that’s just our suggestion. We take no credit in these below, and also definitely don’t mind not having the credit for this literary genius…

(We also suggest ‘Japanties’ should NEVER be said by anyone but hey…)

  • Are you from Japan? Because I just ‘Tokyo’ heart…
  • Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Anime who?
    Are you from Japan? Because you’ve got an anime-zing body.
  • Are you from Japan? Because I’m trying to get into Japanties…
  • Were you affected by the radiation in Japan? Because you are glowing.
  • Are you from Japan? Because ‘udon’ know how much I adore you.

Want to learn more pick up lines in another language? Then check out our guide to Chinese pick up lines which also features a great video on how not to chat someone up in Chinese.

Japanese Pick Up Lines || FAQs

How do you say “I love you” in Japanese?

There are three levels of “love” in Japanese.

すきです (sukidesu) can mean like or love.

だいすきです (daisukidesu) is closer to “love” but still literally means “like” or “like a lot”.

あいしてる (aishiteru) means “I love you” and uses the verb “to love” in Japanese.

How do you say “would you like to grab a drink with me?” in Japanese?

Would you like to grab a drink with me? in Japanese is もしよかったら、のみに いきませんか?

What does rizz mean?

Rizz is a slang term that shows you have a skill in seducing a potential romantic partner.

This typically refers to verbal communication.

Japanese Rizz is therefore your ability to sweet talk a person using Japanese chat up lines!

How do you say “you’re cute” in Japanese?

You’re cute in Japanese is かわいいね.

How do you say “you’re pretty” in Japanese?

You’re pretty in Japanese is きれいだね

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